NFT Not Showing Up in Metamask? Quick Fix

NFT Not Showing Up in Metamask

One of the best ways to store NFTs is by using non-custodial wallets like Metamask. It provides a secured environment, and it also gives NFT holders full control over their assets.

Developed by Consensys, Metamask is a popular multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet that allows interaction with a blockchain network.

It enables users to control their private keys, store crypto and NFT assets, send and receive assets and securely connect to dApps.

Metamask is available for all mobile devices, including Android and iOS phones. It is also available as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox for PC devices.

Storing NFTs is available for mobile Metamask users only. Therefore, it is currently impossible to store NFT on its extension software for PC devices.

Once you acquire an NFT, its data is synced immediately with your wallet from Opensea or any other marketplace you got it from.

Although storing NFT on a mobile phone is simple with Metamask, many people have complained that their NFT is not showing in their wallets under the NFT tab.

Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks to rectify this issue and see your NFT in your wallet.


Auto-Detect NFT in Metamask

When you buy an NFT with your wallet, it can be normal if they don’t display themselves unless you turn on the Auto-Detect feature in Metamask.

The Auto-Detect feature automatically pulls any NFT metadata available in your wallet from marketplaces, especially Opensea.

Therefore, if you haven’t turned on this feature, it is possible for NFT not to show up in your wallet.

To enable this feature, you need to go to your Metamask settings and enable API and Auto Detect settings.

Here’s how to show NFT in your wallet using the Auto-Detect feature in Metamask:

Open your Metamask wallet and log in with your account password.

Once you’re in, expand the side menu by tapping on the three lines in the top left corner of your home screen.

Metamask settings

In the side menu, click on SETTINGS > SECURITY & PRIVACY.

Metamask Security & Privacy

Finally, scroll down and enable both ENABLE OPENSEA API and AUTODETECT NFTs settings.

Enable Opensea API and Autodetect NFTs

NOTE: Enabling your wallet to auto-detect NFT can potentially expose your wallet to Opensea. Therefore, your wallet can be susceptible to attack in case of attacks from Opensea.

It is, however, recommended to put off this feature if you don’t want to pull any NFT data from Opensea.


Manually Add NFT

If, after turning on the Auto-Detect settings and your NFT is still not showing up in your wallet, then you can add them manually with Contract Address and Token ID.

Here’s how to add NFT with Token ID and Contract Address in Metamask:

  1. Log in to Opensea
  2. Copy NFT Contract Address and Token ID
  3. Import NFT in Metamask wallet

1. Log in to Opensea

All information about your NFT, like contract address and Token ID, is always included in the ‘Details’ section of your NFT page in Opensea.

All you have to do is log in to your Opensea with the wallet and copy these details.

Opensea dapp Browser

To do this, go to from your in-wallet dApp browser.

On the homepage, click on the three lines in the top right corner of the homepage and tap CONNECT WALLET to log in with your wallet.

Opensea Connect Wallet

Approve the connection by signing the prompt that pops up in your wallet.

Once your wallet is connected, expand the sidebar menu by clicking on the three lines in the top right corner of Opensea. Then go to ACCOUNT > PROFILE.

Opensea Profile

2. Copy NFT Contract Address and Token ID

Typically, all NFT assets you have in your wallet will be displayed under your Opensea Profile.

NFT Contract Address and Token ID

In your Profile, click on the NFT you want to add. Scroll down to Details under the NFT page.

All you need here is the Contract Address and Token ID. Click on the blue hyperlinked strings of letters in front of CONTRACT ADDRESS to view the full Contract Address.

This should redirect you to the NFT Contract on Etherscan.

NFT Contract Address on Etherscan

In the upper part of the Contract Page in Etherscan, you’ll see the full Contract Address under ‘CONTRACT.’

Copy the address as well as the Token ID in Opensea.

3. Import NFT in Metamask wallet

Import NFT in Metamask wallet

In your Metamask wallet, switch from TOKENS to NFTs TAB and click on IMPORT NFT to add NFT with its details.

Paste the Contract Address under the ADDRESS field and input the Token ID under the ID field.

Finally, click IMPORT, and your NFT will show up in your wallet immediately.


NFTs Still Not Showing Up in Metamask

It is very much unusual for NFT not to show up in your Metamask wallet after turning on Auto-Detect settings and manually adding NFT with Contract Address and Token ID.

However, this can happen if you’re making some mistakes on your own, especially adding NFT to the wrong wallet, using Metamask wallet extension to add NFT, or using the wrong details.

Let’s look at these potential errors or mistakes:

1. Using Metamask wallet extension

Support for storing and securing NFT assets is only available on mobile Metamask wallets.

This is because the wallet extension for PC devices has not been fully developed to support ERC-721 or ERC1155 assets.

You can add any tokens, including ERC20, ERC 1155, or ERC721 assets, using their Contract Address, Symbol, ID, and Decimal in the extension wallet. However, if you add NFT (ERC721 and ERC1155) in the Custom Token tab via this method, your NFT will not show up.

Metamask is actively working on making the NFT support available in the wallet extension, and the feature will be rolled out for users soon. However, before then, you can only manage your NFT seamlessly from your mobile device.

2. Wrong NFT ID

Token ID is a unique uint256 variable identifier that distinguishes your NFT from other NFTs in the collection.

Token ID is strings of integers that are usually shown under NFT details in Etherscan or Opensea.

Therefore, if you’re using the wrong Token ID, the NFT cannot be successfully added to your wallet.

If you’re adding an NFT with the wrong Token ID, you’ll encounter the error “You’re not the owner of this NFT…,” in Metamask.

If you encounter the error, you need to verify your NFT Token ID by checking the NFT details in your Opensea Profile.


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