How to Sell NFT on Opensea Without Paying Gas?

How to Sell NFT on Opensea Without Paying Gas

To create and sell an NFT on the Opensea marketplace without paying gas, you need to mint your NFT art under Polygon blockchain.

Polygon is a layer two Ethereum solution for smart contracts and NFTs. The blockchain network was created to overcome the Ethereum blockchain’s Proof of Work limitations and high gas fees.

Although Ethereum is an excellent blockchain with several use cases, its PoW consensus mechanism is not energy efficient, fast, or cost-effective for many of its use cases.

On the other hand, Polygon is an eco-friendly blockchain with a fast transaction time and little to no gas fee. This is why many people opt-in for gasless NFT trading on Opensea.

In this guide, you’ll learn about Opensea and how to sell NFT on Opensea without paying any gas fees.

Steps to Sell NFT on Opensea Without Paying Gas

In the last few years, blockchain technology gave rise to non-fungible tokens, a type of digital art. NFTs became a huge trend, especially in 2021.

Meanwhile, the need for NFT marketplaces like Opensea saw a huge rise during this period. Opensea is a centralized NFT marketplace that allows creators, traders, collectors, and holders to trade NFTs.

Launched in 2017, Opensea is the first and largest NFT marketplace, and it allows users to mint, buy, sell and trade any digital asset.

Although many people complain about the high transaction fee of trading Ethereum NFTs, there is provision for free and gasless NFT trading with Polygon on Opensea.

All you have to do is mint an art under the Polygon blockchain and list it for sale.

Here’s how to sell an NFT without paying gas fees on Opensea

  1. Set up your Crypto wallet
  2. Connect your wallet to Opensea
  3. Create a Collection on Opensea
  4. Pick Blockchain
  5. List NFT item for sale

1. Set up your Crypto wallet

Before minting or selling your NFTs on Opensea, you must set up an Ethereum wallet. This can be Metamask or Coinbase wallet.

However, since it is better to do this on a PC, the Metamask wallet works perfectly.

To set up a new Metamask wallet, visit and tap Install Metamask for Chrome. This should redirect you to the Metamask wallet Chrome extension.

Create MetaMask Wallet

In the store, tap ADD TO CHROME, and Metamask download will start. After installing the wallet in your Chrome, open it from the Chrome navigation bar.

As a new user, you need to Create a New Wallet. Continue by choosing a strong password and back up your mnemonic phrase.

After backing up your phrases, you can now access your wallet.

2. Connect your wallet to Opensea

Once your wallet is set up, you can head to the Opensea marketplace at However, before selling an NFT, you must first mint it to your profile.

Meanwhile, you do not need to have any cryptocurrency in your wallet since you’re not paying for gas fees. All you have to do is connect your wallet to set up an Opensea profile.

Connect wallet on Opensea

On Opensea’s homepage, click the Wallet icon and tap ‘CONNECT WALLET’.

A connection prompt will pop up for you to approve. After approving the prompt, your wallet will connect to Opensea so that you can start minting.

3. Create a Collection on Opensea

After setting up your Opensea profile, go back to your profile by clicking the profile icon on the top right corner of the homepage.

In your Profile, tap MY COLLECTION > CREATE to create an NFT item.

Create NFT on Opensea

On the ‘CREATE’ page, you must upload the item you want to mint and sell. It can be an image, logo, banner, video, or audio file.

Create NFT on Opensea 2

After uploading the item, you need to complete the following fields:

  • Name of the item
  • External link source, which can include the item’s website, source, discord link, Twitter profile link, or any other relevant links.
  • Description of the item. This can be an explanation of what the item stands for. Descriptions should not exceed 1000 characters.
  • Details of the collection: This includes the collection name, properties, and numerical value of the item you want to sell.
  • Number of items

While setting up the item for sale, you can also set the Royalty fee you get from each resale. Royalty fee simply refers to the extra earnings you get when another person sells the item on Opensea.

4. Pick Blockchain

For the important part of the task, choose blockchain as Polygon since you don’t want to pay any fee.

Pick Blockchain to create NFT on Opensea

Typically, the blockchain is set as Ethereum. From the options provided, pick Polygon for zero gas NFT trading.

Finally, tap CREATE. Confirm the action in your Metamask wallet to create your NFT.

5. List NFT item for sale

After creating your NFT item on Opensea, go back to your collections and click on the NFT you just created.

List NFT for Sale on Opensea

Click SELL and input the price you’d like to sell your NFT in ETH. Also, indicate the number of days you want the listing to last.

Listing NFT for Sale on Opensea

Review fees and royalties and tap COMPLETE LISTING.

Listing NFT for Sale on Opensea 2

To complete the listing, click SIGN and approve the action in your Metamask wallet. Now you’ve put your NFT item for sale without paying any gas fee.



So we have successfully minted our NFT and listed it for sale without paying any gas fee. By following this method you don’t need to write any smart contract because in the backend we were using Opensea’s smart contract.

But even though it is free, there are some disadvantages of directly creating NFT via Opensea or any other NFT marketplace. If we use their smart contract then the NFT that we have created will always abide by the rules of the smart contract written by them and it’s a bit risky. And for that particular reason, it’s always advisable to write your own smart contract and mint your nft.