How to Set NFT as Profile Picture on Twitter?

How to Set NFT as Profile Picture on Twitter

NFTs are no new things in every technological realm globally. Fortunately, social media has provided a community for different crypto and NFT enthusiasts to connect and share their interests.

Social media continues to make moves toward supporting the spread and adoption of innovative developments in blockchain technology. One of the platforms hosting the largest crypto communities is Twitter.

In its recent development, Twitter developed a special subscription-based development that allows its users to use their PFP NFTs as a profile picture.

Since its development, PFP NFTs, also known as Profile Picture NFTs, have become more popular than ever, especially among Twitter users.

If you want to use your NFT as a profile picture, all you have to do is subscribe to Twitter Blue and link your wallet. Read on to learn more about PFP NFTs and how you can use them as your Twitter profile picture.

What are PFP NFTs?

NFTs are unique tradeable but non-interchangeable assets stored on the blockchain. Each NFT has special attributes that make it unique and different from any other.

However, PFP NFTs are simply non-fungible tokens specially designed to be used as profile pictures. Basically, they fit in perfectly as avatars and hence, their use as profile pictures.

PFP NFTs usually contain pictures that represent a common theme. The only differences are some mods and added traits.

These types of NFTs became popular with top NFT collections like CryptoPunks NFT projects. CryptoPunks is a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated pixelated characters.

CryptoPunks was initially sold as a free mint. However, within a few years, it enjoyed a meteoric rise to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

After CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club came out as another top PFP NFT collection, and it is one of the top NFT projects on the Ethereum blockchain today. The collection features 10,000 uniquely created ape characters.

Other collections like Meebits, Azuki, Hashmasks, and others led to the popularization of Profile Picture NFTs, which led to its integration on Twitter.

Steps to Set NFT as Profile Picture on Twitter

As mentioned earlier, if you want to use NFT as a profile picture on Twitter, you must be a member of a subscription-based Twitter service called Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue provides exclusive access to premium features on Twitter at a meager monthly fee of $4.99.

Twitter Blue lets its subscribers enjoy access to unreleased, and special Twitter features like the ability to Undo tweets, edit published tweets, enjoy ad-free news articles, bookmark folders, unlimited access to themes, and experimental Twitter features.

One of the experimental services offered by Twitter Blue is the NFT Profile Picture which allows iOS users to use NFTs as their profile pictures by connecting their wallets.

Twitter Blue is only available in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Therefore, if you’re not in these countries, you can enjoy the feature when it is fully implemented for the public.

Here is how to set NFT as Profile Picture on Twitter:

  • Subscribe to Twitter Blue
  • Go to Edit Profile
  • Connect wallet
  • Select NFT to use as Profile Picture

1. Subscribe to Twitter Blue

As mentioned earlier, Twitter Blue is only available for iOS phone users in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Also, before you start the process, ensure you have enough money in your App Store to cover the purchase.

You can manually link your card or fund your App Store wallet with an iTunes card.

To subscribe to Twitter Blue, open and log in to Twitter on your mobile iOS device.

Profile Icon Twitter

Once you’re in, tap the profile icon at the top left corner to expand your Twitter Profile Menu.

You should find Twitter Blue in the options provided via the menu.

Twitter Blue Option

Click on Twitter Blue to go to its subscription page. On the subscription page, you’ll see details about the feature, its subscription, and what you can get by subscribing to the feature.

Subscribe to Twitter Blue

Once you’re done going through the details, click on the SUBSCRIBE button in the low part of the subscription page.

This will open up the iPhone App Store purchase pop-up on your screen. Double click the side button and complete Face ID verification to confirm the purchase.

Once the subscription has been processed, you’ll get “Your Purchase Was Successful” pop up on your screen.

2. Go to Edit Profile

Twitter Profile

Once you’ve subscribed for Twitter Blue, go back to your Twitter home screen and expand the Profile menu.

Edit Profile Twitter

In the Profile menu, click on PROFILE > Edit Profile.

Choose NFT as Profile Pic

On the EDIT PROFILE page, click on the + button on your profile picture to add a new one. In the options provided, click on CHOOSE NFT.

3. Connect wallet

Connect Wallet with Twitter Blue

To select an NFT, you need to connect the wallet holding your NFT to Twitter.

Connect wallet on Twitter Blue

To do this, click on CONNECT WALLET and choose the preferred option to redirect you to the signing page of the wallet.

Sign wallet to connect on Twitter Blue

Sign the connection in your wallet to approve the linking.

4. Select NFT to use as Profile Picture

Select NFT to use as PFP on Twitter

Once your wallet has been connected, select a supported NFT from your wallet.

Save NFT as profile pic on Twitter

Ensure you adjust the NFT, then tap DONE to upload the NFT to your profile picture. Voila! You’ve added NFT as Profile Picture.


Why are People Using an NFT as a Profile Picture on Twitter?

Buying and holding an NFT automatically makes a holder a member of the collection’s social community.

For instance, if a Twitter user buys a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, he can showcase his identity by setting the NFT as his profile picture. This way, holders can connect with other members and teams of the project.

Additionally, using a high-value NFT as a profile picture is classy. It’s just like wearing an Audemars watch or driving an expensive car. Therefore, using expensive NFTs as PFP makes the holder sort of unique.

It is also a step close to incorporating decentralization to freedom of expression.



NFTs, especially the PFP ones, have become a blue chip and a great investment that earns holders a lot of money. Meanwhile, the trend of using PFP NFTs has grown so wide that almost all NFT enthusiasts want to show off their NFTs as a sense of belongingness in public forms.

This has also paved the way for quicker and broader adoption of more PFP NFT collections like BAYC, Meebits, World of Women, and others.

Meanwhile, this will eventually pave the way for a new way of expressing and supporting art, expression, and media in public forums and social media.

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