How to Register a .BNB Domain Name?

How to Register a .BNB Domain Name

One of the most important .bnb name issuers is Space ID. The protocol is a decentralized platform to generate your unique and human-readable blockchain domain names.

The influx of people into blockchain name services can be seen with Binance’s BNB Chain. In less than 24 hours, Space ID got up to 200,000 registrations from 55,000 users.

This article will teach you how to seamlessly register your .bnb name with Space ID and another alternative.

BNB Name Services

With the popularity of web3 and the development of blockchain technology, using multiple machine-readable blockchain addresses has always been a lingering problem.

In fact, users are getting more and more overwhelmed with multiple addresses, making it almost impossible to track their financial activities.

BNB Chain makes things easier by cutting off the need for a machine-readable address. You can buy an easy and human-readable domain that you can connect across different addresses and chains.

Unlike conventional addresses, which cannot be recognized, anyone can easily register for their crypto address and enjoy multi-chain asset management.

Registering a .bnb Domain Name

Like the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), BNB Name Services are emerging as a viable contender with the Ethereum chain. Today, BNB domain names are the next blue-chip investment for many ENS enthusiasts.

Remember, notable ENS domains like paradigm.eth sold for up to $2 million. The ENS has racked up more than $100 million in trading volume and more than 520,000 holders globally.

The success of ENS has kickstarted the development of ENS-like dApp designed for registering blockchain name services on the BNB Chain.

The main aim of these protocols is to promote unique identification, interoperability, flexibility, and efficiency. Essentially, your .bnb name will be more than just a name. It is your identity on the BNB Chain and all its DeFi and web3 ecosystems.

Today, multiple protocols allow BNB Chain users to register their .bnb domain name. One of them is Space ID – a universal name service on the BNB Chain.

Method 1: Steps to register a .bnb Domain with Space ID

Space ID protocol enables users to seamlessly connect with decentralized apps, trade currency, and interact with other users with their chain agnostic, open source, and decentralized naming service.

The groundbreaking feature of Space ID is that it allows you to have an immutable unique ID over different chains. It has a multi-chain name aggregator that encompasses varieties of DeFi ecosystems.

To register for your .bnb domain on Space ID, go to the Space ID domain registration page and connect your BNB Chain wallet. Search for any name you want and review the transaction fees.

Meanwhile, before the whole process, ensure you fund your wallet with enough BNB coins to cover yearly subscription and gas fees.

The amount of BNB you’ll need to buy a domain on Space ID depends on the uniqueness of the name and year of subscription.

Typically, the lesser the letter in your domain name, the more unique it is and the more expensive it will be. However, common names with more than 4 letters cost 0.02 BNB per year, excluding gas fees.

Complete the transaction on Space ID, and you’re officially the owner of the domain name.

Here’s how to register for a .bnb domain on Space ID:

  1. Buy BNB on Binance
  2. Transfer BNB to a crypto wallet
  3. Go to the Space ID Registration Page
  4. Register for your .bnb domain name

1. Buy BNB on Binance

As mentioned earlier, you need to fund your wallet with enough BNB to cover all fees. This includes yearly subscription fees and gas fees.

Binance Login

You can fund your wallet with BNB from any centralized exchange like Binance. To do this, go to On the homepage, click on LOG IN to access your Binance account.

Sign in with your email address and password. Complete 2FA verification to confirm your sign-in.

If you’re a new user, simply click on REGISTER to sign up for a new account with your email address and password.

Ensure you complete email verification and identity verification before you buy BNB. Alternatively, you can use other reliable CEX like Coinbase, Kucoin, Kraken, etc.

Buy Crypto on Binance

After accessing your account, click on BUY CRYPTO from the top right corner of the home screen and select any preferred payment method.

Buy BNB on Binance

Choose BNB as the coin you want to buy. Input the amount of BNB you want to buy and proceed by supplying your payment details to finalize the transaction.

2. Transfer BNB to a crypto wallet

Withdraw BNB from Binance

After buying BNB, go to your Fiat and Spot Wallet to transfer the asset to your crypto wallet. Click on WALLETS > FIAT AND SPOT from the top left corner of the navigation bar.

In your wallet, click on WITHDRAW and select BNB as the asset you want to withdraw. Ensure you copy your crypto wallet’s deposit address.

Paste the address in the field tagged ADDRESS in the BNB withdrawal form. Select network as BNB Chain, then input the amount of BNB you want to withdraw.

Finally, click on WITHDRAW and complete 2FA verifications.

3. Go to the Space ID Registration Page

After funding your crypto wallet with BNB, navigate to the Space ID domain registration page at

Connect Wallet to Space ID

On the homepage, click on CONNECT from the top right corner to link your crypto wallet to the platform. Sign the connection in the prompt that pops up in your wallet.

As noted earlier, Space ID is a BNB Chain protocol. Therefore, your wallet must be in the BNB Chain.

4. Register for your .bnb domain name

Register a .bnb domain name on Space ID

After connecting your wallet, input the name you want to register in the search bar and click on SEARCH.

If anyone else has not registered the name, you will see AVAILABLE in the results. However, if the name has been registered before, you will see “UNAVAILABLE, VIEW.”

Registering a .bnb name on SpaceID app

If the name is available, click REGISTER to proceed to the registration page. Select at least a one-year duration of registration on the registration page.

Review all fees and click on REQUEST to protect the domain name from other users willing to register the same name simultaneously. Requesting a name may take up to 30 seconds.

Finally, click on REGISTER to proceed to the second stage. Confirm token approval and sign the prompt that pops up.

If you do not complete the second registration step within 7 days, the name will be forfeited, and you may have to start again.

Once the registration is successful, click on MANAGE PROFILE in your Space ID account to configure and manage the name.


Method 2: Steps to register a .bnb Domain Name with Canasta Domains

Canasta Domains is another decentralized naming solution on the BNB Chain. Like Space ID, all you need to do is fund your wallet and search for your preferred name. Then register the name.

1. Visit and connect your wallet

Connect wallet with Canasta Domains app

To transfer for a new name with Canasta Domains, go to Click on CONNECT from the top navigation bar to link your crypto wallet to the platform.

2. Search for the desired name and click “Search”

Search for domain name on Canasta Domains app

After connecting your wallet, look for the preferred name using the search bar and click on SEARCH. Ensure that the name has at least three characters. If the domain is available, you will have the option to request it.

Most long-word names cost $5. However, the shorter the domain, the more expensive it will become.

3. Click on “REGISTRATION REQUEST” and approve the confirmation popup

Registration Request Canasta Domains App

To start registration, click on REGISTRATION REQUEST. Continue by confirming token approval and signing the prompt that pops up in your wallet.

Once the transaction is complete, you can resolve the name to your public address. You can manage all domains in the MY DOMAIN section of Canasta Domains.


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