Unknown ENS Name Error: What is it, and How to Resolve It?

Unknown ENS Name Error

Ethereum Name Service is an Ethereum-based lookup and naming system. It provides a secure and decentralized platform to secure public addresses by linking and masking them with personal names.

It decodes machine-readable characters of blockchain addresses into human-readable names via a distributed domain provider.

Therefore, instead of interacting with the blockchain using your wallet address, you can simply use your name.

This way, users can securely and privately process transactions and interact with smart contracts.

You can manage your ENS name easily from ENS Domain Manager at manager.ens.domains. You can also list your ENS name for sale on the Opensea marketplace.

However, after buying an ENS name and linking your public wallet address to it, you may encounter an Unknown ENS name error after listing on Opensea.

The problem usually arises after a major metadata update from ENS Metadata Service.

ENS Metadata Service (EMS) allows users to access a wider range of data while using their ENS name. It also allows owners to control and contribute to their ENS metadata.

Therefore, an ‘unknown ENS name’ error may arise if ENS metadata is not correctly refreshed after any Metadata Service update.

It can also happen when ENS name metadata is not correctly synced to Opensea. To fix this error, simply input the ENS name manually or refresh the ENS name metadata on Opensea.

However, if these methods don’t work or you don’t know the ENS name, scan the ENS hash on Etherscan to reveal the corresponding ENS name, then input it manually in Opensea.

Ways to fix Unknown ENS Name Error:

  1. By refreshing metadata on Opensea
  2. By manually inputting the ENS name

1. By refreshing metadata on Opensea

The simplest way to get rid of the ‘Unknown ENS name’ error is by refreshing metadata on Opensea.

To get rid of the error, navigate to the ENS name on Opensea.

Unknown ENS name error on Opensea

Click on the refresh icon on the top right corner of the ENS name page to refresh its metadata to manually refresh your metadata instead of waiting for Opensea to refresh after implementing the update.

2. By manually inputting the ENS name

Unknown ENS name error can also occur when the provided name does not match the ENS asset.

In other words, the listing name does not match the name in the ENS manager. Therefore, if it’s your own, you can manually input the correct ENS name.

To do this, tap ‘I know the name’ on the ENS name collection page on Opensea.

I know the name on Opensea

In the field provided for manual ENS entry, enter the ENS name and tap SUBMIT. The ENS asset will sync to the name instantly.

Manual ENS entry

However, if you don’t know the ENS name, you can scan the hash attached to the name on Etherscan to reveal the ENS name.

To do this,

  1. Scan ENS hash on Etherscan
  2. Decode transaction data
  3. Input name on Opensea

1. Scan ENS hash on Etherscan

You can copy the ENS hash in its description on Opensea.

Scan ENS hash on Etherscan

Navigate to Etherscan’s ENS Lookup Service at etherscan.io/enslookup on your web browser.

Alternatively, you can go to Etherscan.io. From the top navigation bar, go to More > ENS Lookup.

ENS Lookup

On the Lookup page, paste the ENS hash in the search bar and tap the LOOKUP button.

Afterward, open transactions under the ENS hash by clicking on the transaction under ‘Related Tnxs.’

ENS Hash on ENS Lookup

Scroll down and click on ‘Click to See More’ to show more details about the transaction.

Click to See More ENS Lookup

2. Decode transaction data

Decode transaction data

After expanding transaction details, go to the ‘Input Data’ section, and click ‘DECODE INPUT DATA’ to decode transaction data into a simpler tabular form.

ENS Name on ENS Lookup

The ENS name of the hash will come up in the first row of the data table.

3. Input name on Opensea

Manual ENS entry

Copy the name and go back to the ENS page on Opensea. Tap ‘I know the name’ to manually enter the ENS name.

Matching ENS name on Opensea

ENS name on Opensea

In the field provided, paste the ENS name, and click on SUBMIT to verify the name. The name will successfully link to the ENS asset once matching is complete.

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