How to Set ENS Name on Metamask? (7 Steps)

How to Set ENS Name on Metamask

Simply, an ENS or Ethereum Name Service is a decentralized naming and lookup system on the Ethereum blockchain.

An ENS provides an enabling platform for the use of human-readable names and addresses instead of the complicated long strings of characters in regular crypto addresses.

It acts like a nickname generator that maps public Ethereum addresses to a personal name. The aim is to improve the convenience of crypto trading.

Therefore, instead of sending your 42 hexadecimal strings of character to your friends, you can just share your simple ENS (For e.g. John.eth), which is linked to your ETH crypto address.

Apart from this, the ENS domain name works exactly like the machine-readable public address, and it connects users to web3. Under a single name, ENS can connect wallet, metadata, hashes, websites, and all other applications.

How does ENS work?

The integral component of an ENS system comprises two Ethereum-based smart contracts; the ENS registry and the resolver.

An ENS registry serves as a register that records all names registered on the ENS. It records the owner of the domain sorted by the public address, the resolver of the name, and the caching time.

After binding the ENS with a public address, the resolver maps the ENS domain names to the machine-readable 42-Hexa character public address. The work of the resolver is to link a name to its public address.

Steps to Set Up your ENS Name on Metamask

Setting up an ENS name on Metamask is simple. However, it is important to know that there are some fees you’ll pay before registering an ENS name.

Also, ENS domains are limited; therefore, it may take some time to find and secure your own.

To create an ENS name, just head over to the ENS domain name manager and search if your ENS nick is available. Once you find one, you must pay at least a year’s fee for registering the ENS name.

Afterward, you can start connecting your ENS to websites and wallets. You can also create subdomains within your ENS.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up your ENS name on Metamask:

  1. Create a Metamask wallet
  2. Get ETH for fees
  3. Go to ENS Manager
  4. Look for your ENS name
  5. Choose the registration period click ‘Request to Register’
  6. Click ‘Register’ and approve transaction in your wallet popup
  7. Resolve ENS to Metamask wallet address

1. Create a Metamask wallet

Download and set up a Metamask wallet on your PC or mobile devices. Metamask is available in mobile app stores for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Create MetaMask Wallet

It is also available as a Chrome Extension on Google Webstore. All you have to do is go to the Chrome Extension store at

Search for Metamask and simply tap ‘ADD TO CHROME’. Once the download is complete, tap the wallet extension from your Chrome navigation bar to begin setup.

If you have an existing wallet, you can import it with your 12-word mnemonic phrases. Otherwise, tap ‘CREATE A NEW WALLET’ to set up a new Metamask wallet.

Choose a strong password and backup your mnemonic phrases before accessing the wallet.

You can also use Coinbase or Trust wallet to register your ENS name.

2. Get ETH for fees

Before you start setting up your ENS name, ensure you have enough ETH tokens to cover payment and gas fees.

You can buy Ether tokens on any CEX exchange with your credit/debit card. Copy your Metamask deposit address and use it to withdraw ETH from the exchange.

Once your wallet has been funded, you’re good to go.

3. Go to the ENS manager

ENS manager

In your web browser or wallet DApp browser, navigate to ENS domain manager at

You might want to bookmark the page so you can manage your domain names easily on the go on your browser.

4. Look for your ENS name

Check ENS name availability

Search for your preferred nickname in the SEARCH BAR provided on the homepage.

To look for a name, type the name in the search field and include .eth at the end. For instance, “getensname.eth”. Then hit the search button.

If the ENS name you search for has been registered by someone else, you will get a page notifying you that the name has been registered already.

However, if the name is available, a page where you can register the new ENS name will pop up.

5. Choose the registration period click ‘Request to Register’

To register a new available ENS name, set the registration period for the domain name. You can toggle between the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ sign to add or subtract from the registration year.

The registration fee is around $5 yearly. Meanwhile, you can extend your registration period at any time before it runs out.

To start registration, scroll down and tap CONNECT. Sign the Metamask prompt that appears to link your wallet.

Request to Register ENS name

Once your wallet is connected to the Domain Manager, click on REQUEST TO REGISTER. A pop-up will appear for you to confirm the transaction. Tap CONFIRM to continue.

6. Click ‘Register’ and approve transaction in your wallet popup

Request to Register ENS name 2

After requesting to register, wait for another one minute to ensure no one else is trying to register for the same ENS name.

Once the one-minute time is over, a notification saying “Click register to move to the 3rd step” will appear.

Request to Register ENS name 3

Continue by clicking on REGISTER to review your registration details and pay your registration fee. Once you’re satisfied with everything, tap CONFIRM to register the ENS name.

Once the transaction is complete, your registration status will change from TX PENDING to ‘Your Name is Registered.’

7. Resolve ENS to Metamask wallet address

Manage ENS name

After registering your ENS name, you have to link it to your personal wallet address before you can start using it in Metamask and other places.

To do this, click on MANAGE NAME. Under domain manager, go to RESOLVER and tap SET to link your personal address to the ENS name.

Resolve ENS Name

In the box that appears, paste your Metamask address and tap save. Your address will be linked to the name instantly.

Resolve ENS name to Metamask wallet address



Buying and owning an ENS name is important because it simplifies the complex nature of a blockchain address.

Therefore, you don’t need to start running around trying to find your immemorable blockchain address when you can use your simple ENS name to receive payment on the go.

Meanwhile, instead of creating multiple blockchain addresses for your smart contract, you can simply create sub-domains and link your smart contracts to them, making it more user-friendly and easier.

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