How to Add Contacts in Metamask Wallet? (Step by Step)

Add Contacts in Metamask Wallet

The MetaMask wallet has an option to add contacts, which saves you time when making transactions. This is a convenient and easy-to-use feature if you send payments to specific wallets frequently.

This saves time and also prevents you from entering wrong details because no more filling out all those pesky addresses again!

To add contacts, you need to login into Metamask, then go to settings and click on “CONTACTS”. Then click on “ADD CONTACT” and fill in the username and Ethereum wallet address of the contact. Click “SAVE” and the contact is added.

Below we’ve explained the whole process in detail. Let’s go through it.

Steps to Add Contacts in Metamask Extension

1. Log into MetaMask extension

The first step is to enter your password and log into your Metamask extension.

Log into MetaMask extension

2. Open Settings

Now, click on the round favicon icon in the top right corner. You’ll see a list of options including account, support, settings, etc. Click on “Settings”.

Metamask Extension Settings

3. Click on “Contacts”

After that, you’ll again see a list of options to choose from, including ‘General,’ ‘Advanced,’ Security & Privacy’, etc. Click on “Contacts”

Metamask Extension Contacts

4. Click on “Add Contact”

This is the place where you’ll see the list of your added contacts.

Since you haven’t added any contact yet, you won’t be able to see anything here as of now.

Click on the “Add Contact” button to proceed.

Metamask Extension Add Contact


5. Fill in the username and Etherium address

You’ll see 2 fields here. One is ‘Username’ and the other is ‘Ethereum Public Address’.

You’ll have to fill in the name and Ethereum public address of the contact in these fields, respectively.

It also allows you to add ENS names such as “Vitalik.eth” in the address field instead of the proper Ethereum address (0x…)

Adding contact in Metamask Extension

6. Click “Save”

Finally, tap the “Save” button, and you’ve successfully added a contact.

You can now access this contact on the Contacts page.


Steps to Add Contacts in Metamask Mobile App

1. Log into MetaMask Mobile App

Open your Metamask application and fill in your password to log in.

Log into MetaMask Mobile App

2. Open Settings

Now that you’ve logged into your Metamask wallet, you’ll be able to see a hamburger menu button “☰” in the top left corner of the screen.

Click on it, and you’ll be able to see a list of options. Go to “Settings.”

Metamask Mobile App Settings


3. Click on “Contacts”

On clicking “Settings” you can now see plenty of options such as ‘General’, ‘Advanced’, ‘Security & Privacy’, ‘Contacts’, ‘Networks’, etc.

Click on “Contacts”

Metamask Mobile App Contacts


4. Click on “Add Contact”

Now, you’ve arrived at the “Contacts” page, where you can see, add, remove, and edit all of your contacts.

Click on the “Add Contact” button.

Add Contact in Metamask Mobile App


5. Fill in the username and Etherium address

Here, you can see three fields: Name, Address, and Memo. You can either fill in Ethereum public address(0x….) or ENS name (for e.g. John.eth) in the address field. Both work absolutely fine.

The memo field should only be filled when adding a contact of an exchange account.

Your transfer will then be routed correctly and can potentially reach its destination quickly and without any hassle.

If it’s a personal wallet, you don’t need to input anything in the memo field.

Add Contact Metamask Mobile Wallet

6. Click “Add Contact”

After entering the username, address, and memo (if applicable) click on the “Add Contact” button, and you’ve added the contact successfully.

You can now view this contact on the Contacts page.

To summarize

So, this is how you can add a contact to your MetaMask wallet. Whether you use the Metamask extension on a web browser or use Metamask wallet mobile application, you can easily add a contact with the help of this guide.

We hope that this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop us an email. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Have a great day!