How to Clear Metamask Queue? (3 Ways)

How to Clear Metamask Queue

Transaction Per Second (TPS) is an important concept in transaction processing on the Ethereum blockchain.

Sometimes, you may initiate a transaction, and within seconds, it has been processed, while at other times, your transaction will be extremely slow.

There are several factors responsible for the TPS capability of a blockchain, such as blockchain network or traffic on the network at a particular time.

However, Ethereum is the most used blockchain. Therefore, users can frequently experience pending or stuck transactions.

Apart from TPS capability, a gas fee below the minimum amount required for the transaction can also cause a stuck or queue in your transaction.

On another note, the problem could also be coming from Metamask. On countless occasions, users have complained of pending transactions.

Once you initiate a transaction and it’s in the queue, just know that every other transaction you initiate will not be able to go through. You must clear the first transaction for the smooth passage of others.

However, if you have a transaction queue or pending transactions, you can clear them with the following methods:

  1. Speed up transaction
  2. In-app cancelation
  3. Nonce cancelation


1. Speed Up Transaction

Speed Up MetaMask Transaction

When your gas price is too low to process a transaction, you can automatically speed it up in Metamask.

All you need to do is open your transaction on Metamask.

There, you will find the option to either Cancel or Speed Up your transaction. Tap “Speed up” to submit your transaction again.

Before you tap it, increase your gas price as it will ensure your transaction goes through hitch-free.

This time, the transaction will be pushed up the chain and out of your queue list. However, it’s not an advisable method if you don’t have enough assets in your wallet.


Cancel Transaction

Another way to clear your Metamask queue is by canceling transactions completely.

However, you can cancel a transaction in two ways; via Metamask or nonce cancellation.

2. In-app Cancelation

In-app Cancelation in MetaMask

If you don’t want to Speed Up the transaction, you can choose the other option to cancel.

To cancel with Metamask, navigate to the pending transaction in your Metamask and tap ‘Cancel.’

However, this approach can only work when the transaction is pending on the network.


3. Nonce Cancelation

Another way to cancel your transaction is via manual nonce cancellation. Nonce cancellation is especially useful when you don’t have the option to automatically cancel your transaction within your wallet.

“Nonce” is the short form of the crypto term – Number Only Used Once. In simpler terms, it is a transaction hash for miners.

Once a transaction is initiated on the blockchain network, a nonce value is assigned to it.

The major aim this upscale intends to achieve is to stop double-spending in order for the Nonce to always keep transactions in the proper order.

Therefore, to cancel pending transactions, you need to control your gas and nonce value. To do this, you need to enable the option to customize your gas and nonce value.

Metamask Advanced settings

To do this, open your Metamask wallet settings, find and click ‘Advanced.’ In the advanced settings, navigate to CUSTOMIZE TRANSACTION NONCE.

Toggle the button to activate the option to customize your transaction nonce on the confirmation screen.

Also, toggle on the option for ADVANCED GAS CONTROLS to manipulate your transaction gas.

Customize Transaction Nonce

Now, to clear the queue, you would initiate a new transaction with the same nonce value you intend to cancel. This means you copy the pending transaction nonce value and use it to send a new transaction to your wallet address.

Firstly, find the Nonce value of the transaction you want to cancel. You can easily find this in-app in the transaction details.

Nonce Value in MetaMask

Alternatively, copy the transaction ID and scan the transaction on Towards the end of the page, tap on “Click To See more.” Your Nonce field will display your Nonce value.

Nonce Value in Etherscan

After identifying your nonce value, you will create a new transaction to push out the old transaction. Ensure you have enough gas fees for the new transaction.

In your Metamask wallet, tap SEND. Input 0 in the amount and proceed.

In the Custom Nonce field, enter the Nonce value you copied earlier and tap “Confirm.” Within a few seconds, the stuck transaction will be pushed through.

To ensure your cancellation proceeds quicker, you can increase GWEI and gas fees slightly higher than normal.



Typically, only a few wallets have the option for in-app speed up or cancellation. Nonce cancellation works for every transaction or wallet since the details are in the blockchain explorer.

Meanwhile, to avoid stuck transactions, maintaining or increasing your gas limit can ensure your transaction will be prioritized. However, if your transaction is stuck, you can easily clear or push them through with the methods above.

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