How To Get Free Matic? (5 Easy Ways)

How To Get Free Matic

Polygon is a layer two solution based on Ethereum. However, to get people onboard, Polygon or other providers provide faucets that help new users complete transactions.

A faucet is a cryptocurrency-based website that gives a meagre amount of tokens to traders for free. These faucets distribute a very small fraction of a token, especially for users to pay gas fees. Therefore, to get free Matic, you need a faucet.

There are quite a number of faucets where you can get free Matic. However, these faucets do run out of MATIC tokens. Therefore, if one is not working, you can try another.

Before using a faucet, ensure you set up your Polygon-enabled cryptocurrency wallet. Metamask users need to configure their wallets by adding the Polygon network.

There are two ways to connect your Metamask to the Polygon network. Here’s a quick overview of both methods.

Using website

Add Polygon Network to Metamask

Once you have installed your Metamask wallet for PC or mobile phone, navigate to

Scroll to the bottom of the website’s front page and click on ‘ADD POLYGON NETWORK.’

A confirmation notification will pop up on your Metamask. Click APPROVE to enable the Polygon network.

Alternatively, you can manually add the Polygon network via your Metamask network settings.

Adding Polygon network via Metamask network settings

Adding Polygon Network to Metamask

Click ‘ADD A NETWORK’ and complete the fields as follows:


Here are 4 ways you can get free matic with faucets.

  1. Submitting Wallet on Official Polygon Faucet
  2. Connecting to Freebird Finance
  3. Via Mac N Cheese Finance Faucet
  4. Via PearZap faucet


1. Submitting Wallet on Official Polygon Faucet

Polygon Faucet

The official Polygon faucet is sponsored by the Polygon team. It gives 0.0005 free MATIC tokens. However, users can use this method only thrice daily.

To use this faucet, navigate to the in your dApp or wallet browser.

Connect to the faucet by clicking the CONNECT button. Complete connection by checking the CAPTCHA box.

Once your wallet is connected, tap the RECEIVE button to fund your wallet with free MATIC.

If the faucet is not working, that means it has run out of MATIC tokens. However, the team may restock it for further use.


2. Connecting to Freebird Finance

Freebird Finance Faucet

Freebird Finance works in a similar way as the native Polygon faucet. It is a Polygon-based DeFi project that offers DeFi opportunities like farming, staking, and trading.

It also provides a Polygon faucet service that gives users free 0.001 MATIC token.

To use this faucet, navigate to

Complete CAPTCHA and proceed by connecting your Polygon wallet.

Once the faucet has imported your wallet address, click RECEIVE to complete the transfer.


3. Via Mac N Cheese Finance Faucet

Mac N Cheese Finance Faucet

MacNCheese Finance is another Polygon-based DeFi project. It features a sustainable ecosystem economy powered by the XVMC token. It also has a DAO system, staking platform, and Polygon faucet.

To use MacNCheese, navigate to the website at on your dApp browser.

On the top navigation bar of the homepage, click on Resources > Matic Faucet.

On the faucet page, copy your Polygon Mainnet wallet address and input it into the MacNCheese faucet page.

Click on SEND 0.001 MATIC TO MY ADDRESS to receive free Matic. It will reflect in your wallet within a few seconds.


4. Via PearZap Faucet

PearZap Faucet

Another option for getting free Polygon is via the PearZap faucet. PearZap is a multichain DeFi project based on Polygon, BNB Chain, and Fantom Chain.

It features a high-yield farm where users can stake and farm in liquidity pools.

PearZap aims to offer free access to the Polygon chain through its faucet program. They offer up to 0.0005 MATIC for their users.

To use the PearZap faucet, navigate to the faucet at

Tap CONNECT to link your Metamask wallet.

Complete the CAPTCHA check and tap RECEIVE to complete the transaction.

You will receive 0.0005 MATIC once the transaction is complete.
Tokens from faucets are usually almost insignificant as they can only be used as gas fees. However, you can earn a significant amount of MATIC via the Coinbase Earn Program.


5. Coinbase Earn Program

Coinbase Earn Free Matic Program

Coinbase Earn Program allows newbies to earn cryptocurrencies while learning about crypto and crypto space. Here, you earn for learning educational content about cryptocurrency.

The program features educational tutorial videos and simple quizzes to test your knowledge about crypto.

With this program, you can earn a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including BAT, XLM, MATIC, and many others.

To get started with the Coinbase Earn Program, navigate to Coinbase and register a new account.

Complete registration by verifying your identity with a valid identity card.

Once you’re done, apply for the Coinbase Earn Program at You will receive an email guide if you’re eligible for the program.



Coinbase Earn Program is a cool way to get a substantial amount of MATIC tokens for free. Typically, beneficiaries earn $1-$12 with this program. If this seems like a long process, you can get free Matic for free via faucets. However, they can only be used as gas fees to complete transactions.

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