How To Add ApeCoin (APE) To MetaMask?

MetaMask supports a plethora of tokens that you can add to your wallet. It can be Ethereum, USDT, Fantom, or ApeCoin that you wish to add. All you need to do is copy the contract address of the required cryptocurrency and import it as a custom token. It will help you to send and receive the token of your choice.

The article will help you describe how to add APE (ApeCoin) to your MetaMask wallet. Remember that ApeCoin is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, and therefore, you need to ensure that ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ is selected.

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 utility and governance token of the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. It empowers and incentivizes a decentralized community where holders of APE can govern themselves via the decentralized governance framework controlling the ApeCoin DAO.

Follow the below steps to add APE (ApeCoin) to your MetaMask wallet:

1. Copy the APE contract address

MetaMask doesn’t automatically add the token to your wallet, and hence you need to add the APE (ApeCoin) by copying the address and importing it as a custom token.

While there are plenty of sources to check for the APE contract address, we will visit the CoinMarketCap website for its contract address.

After opening the website, search for “APE,” or you can directly go to the APE token page by clicking here. Then Navigate to ‘Contracts’ and click on the copy icon as shown below.

Add Ape to MetaMask 1

It will help you to copy the contract address to your clipboard.


2. Login to your MetaMask wallet

After copying the APE contract address, you can now proceed to import it to MetaMask.

Click on the MetaMask extension you have added before and enter your password or import it using your secret recovery phase to unlock your wallet.

Add APE To MetaMask 2

If you do not have MetaMask, you can install it on Chrome and create a new wallet.


3. Click on “import tokens”

Ensure you have selected the ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ network for adding ApeCoin. If any other network is selected, click on the network dropdown box and select the same.

Add Ape to MetaMask 3

It is time to import the APE token to your MetaMask wallet. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “import tokens” to start importing APE as a custom token.


4. Paste the APE contract address

After clicking on the ‘import tokens’ tab, you will witness two options, ‘Search’ and ‘Custom Token’ for adding a token to your MetaMask wallet.

Add APE To MetaMask 4

Choose the “Custom Token” option and paste the APE contract address in the field of ‘Token Contract Address.’ After pasting the address, the other two fields (Token Symbol and Token Decimal) will be auto-populated.

Click on “Add Custom Token” to finally add APE to your MetaMask wallet.


5. Send or Receive APE

After following the above steps, MetaMask will automatically add the APE token to your wallet. You can see the token under the “Assets” tab, and now you can send or receive APE.

Add Ape to MetaMask 5

Select the APE token and click on ‘Send’ to send an APE token to anyone on the Internet. Similarly, to receive an APE token, you need to copy your wallet address by clicking on the documents icon under “Account 1” and sharing it with the sender.



So, these were the steps required to add APE coins to your Metamask wallet. You can also choose an easy way to add APE to MetaMask by visiting the ApeCoin page on CoinMarketCap. Click on the MetaMask icon, which is present under ‘Contracts.’

It will drop a notification from MetaMask. Click on “Add Token” to add APE to your MetaMask wallet. Alternatively, you can also add APE by navigating to your MetaMask wallet, going to import tokens, searching for APE, and then importing the ApeCoin token to your MetaMask wallet.

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