How to Transfer Horse from Opensea to Zed Run?

How to Transfer Horse from Opensea to Zed Run

Zed Run is a Polygon-based digital horse racing play-to-earn game. In the game, players can buy and breed their digital horses to race all over different tracks.

The game blends the use of NFT and DeFi with an immersive gaming experience and excellent graphics. In the horse racing world, players can own thoroughbred racehorses to compete with other players for in-game rewards.

It provides a sustainable ecosystem where players can freely hold monetary value with their NFT assets and compete in an exciting world of horse racing. All you have to do is create an excellent stable and build your legacy by ruling the racetrack.

Horses in Zed Run are uniquely created NFT assets with distinguishing special traits like bloodline, racetrack performance, and genotype. Meanwhile, the better your horse’s performance on the track, the greater your earnings and the higher its value.

However, you don’t have to race your horse before you earn with Zed Run. You can also wager on other people’s horses and win rewards when they win.

Zed Run Gameplay

Getting started in Zed Run is simple; all you have to do is create an account and get a racehorse. However, when getting a racehorse, take note of its bloodline and genotype.

Bloodlines include Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney, and Buterin. They determine the ability and price of the horse.

Apart from this, bloodline ranges from z1 to z268, and they can be classified into genesis, legendary, exclusive, elite, cross, and pacer breed types.

Breed types also help determine the genotype of a horse. For instance, the rarest breed type, Genesis, has genotypes z1 to z10. These breed types are the top racers of the game.

You can breed a new racehorse with a Filly, a female horse, or a Colt, a male one. Filly or Colt horses are a pure breed with no offspring yet, therefore. Your male horse can breed three times a month, while the female can do that once a month.

Combining horses of high breeding type can birth a non-genesis racehorse with super racing abilities by retaining traits from both sides of the parent.

Meanwhile, a new horse that has not raced before starts their life as Griffins. Unraced horses have base ratings which are determined by their genotype. Therefore, the first performance on the track depends on their base rating.

Once a Griffin starts to race, they proceed to higher racing classes, from class 5 as the lowest and class 1 as the highest.

Horses can improve their rating by competing and winning races and tournaments. Players can also participate in free races to gain experience and improve their horses.

Steps to Transfer Horse From Opensea to Zed Run

After getting your Horse on the Opensea marketplace, all you have to do is refresh your Zed Run stable if you used the same wallet for your Zed Run and Opensea account.

Typically, when you buy a new horse on Opensea with the same wallet you used for your Zed Run account, you don’t need to bother yourself to transfer. The NFT horse is stored in your wallet, and all you need to do is refresh your stable.

However, if you create your Zed Run account with an email address or you use a different wallet for Opensea and Zed Run accounts, you need to use your Zed Run deposit address to withdraw the horse from Opensea.

However, if you can’t find your horse or you use a different wallet, you need to copy your Zed Run deposit address and use it to deposit your Horse to Zed Run.

Here’s how to transfer your Horse from Opensea to Zed Run:

  1. Sign in to your Opensea account and go to your collection
  2. Select the item you want to send and click the Transfer icon
  3. Copy Zed Run deposit address
  4. Paste the address and click ‘TRANSFER’
  5. Refresh your stable

1. Sign in to your Opensea account and go to your collection

To transfer your horse from Opensea to Zed Run, navigate to on your web browser. On the top right corner, tap the wallet icon to connect your wallet with Opensea. Ensure you sign the connection in a prompt that pops up in your wallet.

Connect wallet on Opensea

After signing into your Opensea account, tap the profile icon in the top right corner of the homepage and go to ‘MY PROFILE’.

In your profile, you will see the horse you bought under your ‘COLLECTIONS’.

2. Select the item you want to send and click the Transfer icon

Digital Horse in Opensea Account

Select the horse you want to transfer. On the options provided beside your horse, look for the transfer button and click on it. It’ll ask you to fill in the recipient’s address.

3. Copy Zed Run deposit address

All you have to do now is copy your Zed Run deposit address from your Zed Run account.

Sign into Zed Run

Go to Zed Run at on your web browser. Tap LOGIN from the top right corner of the homepage and access your account with your sign-in details.

ZedRun Account

Once you’re in, tap the wallet icon in the top right corner of your Zed Run dashboard. On your ETH BALANCE section, click on ‘SHOW DETAILS’ to view your address.

Copy ZedRun Address

Finally, tap ‘COPY ADDRESS’ to copy your deposit address.

4. Paste the address and click ‘TRANSFER’

Go back to your Opensea collection and tap the TRANSFER icon on the horse you want to send to Zed Run.

Transfer item from Opensea

Paste your Zed Run deposit address in the space provided and tap TRANSFER. Ensure you double-check the deposit address before proceeding. Using the wrong deposit address might result in an unrecoverable loss of your horse.

Transfer Horse from Opensea

To confirm the process, click TRANSFER again and sign the transaction in a prompt that appears in your Metamask wallet.

5. Refresh your stable

ZedRun Stable

Once your transfer has been executed on Opensea, it should take about three minutes for the horse to land in your Zed Run stable.

To check your stable, go to



Zed Run provides an excellent return on investment and an alternate source of income for players. Users can earn by breeding their favorite horses and racing them in competitions and tournaments.

Apart from this, the game and its title have attracted a lot of users and investors, especially from VC firms.

Also, Zed Run has scheduled a lot of roadmap activities for the game and its ecosystem’s development. The game focused on economic and in-game development to produce nostalgic gameplay that rewards its players effectively.

Meanwhile, rental services and VR/AR integrations are part of the upcoming changes players can expect. Therefore, it is safe to say these achievements should see the game to its long-term goals.

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