How to Level Up STEPN NFT Sneakers?

How to Level Up STEPN Sneakers

Incentivizing human behavior has been an important concept boosting the adoption of blockchain and blockchain technology.

The rush to adopt NFT-based games has paved the way for the development of other use cases for blockchain-based rewards like move to earn.

Move to earn apps like Stepn allows users to earn crypto rewards by participating in various lifestyle and fitness activities.

Essentially, Stepn is a Solana-based Fitness-Fi app that rewards its users with tokens for participating in the move-to-earn concept.

Stepn features a blend of Game-Fi components with Fitness-Fi that provides an innovative gamified experience for participating in daily fitness activities. Therefore, by running, jogging, or walking, STEPN rewards you with money.

However, before earning anything from Stepn, users must buy a Sneaker to participate in these activities. These Sneakers are uniquely created Solana-based NFT assets that act as a pass to exploring Stepn.

You can also level up these NFT sneakers which increase your chances to earn more. Before we go through the guide for leveling up your Sneakers, it is important to know the types and classes of Sneakers available in Stepn.

Sneakers in Stepn

There are different categories of Sneakers in Stepn. Meanwhile, they differ in their types, attributes, and rarity level. The higher the attributes are, the better the sneakers.

Different attributes of Stepn sneakers include:

1. Efficiency: It is an integral part of improving the GST token earning of a player per energy spent in Solo mode. However, in marathon mode, it enables a player to gain more leaderboard points.

2. Luck: It increases the player’s chance of acquiring common and exclusive Mystery Box drops. Therefore, the more Luck point, the higher the chances of getting these boxes.

3. Comfortability: It enhances the ability of a player to achieve in-game goals hassle-free. It also provides extra in-game advantages over other players.

4. Resilience: It shows how your sneakers can withstand hard conditions during physical activities. It determines the durability of a sneaker. Meanwhile, the higher the quality of your sneaker, the higher the repair cost.

Ensure you check these attributes when choosing your Sneakers. You can start with a sneaker with high efficiency and resilience, then level up later in the game.

Apart from the attributes, there are four main types of sneakers that work for different types of exercises or activity levels. They include:

1. Walkers: These types of sneakers support a max speed of 1-6 km/hr. Users can earn 4 GST tokens for each energy used up.

2. Joggers: They can support up to 4-10 km/hr. Therefore, users that can move faster than walking can buy joggers and earn 5 GST for each energy spent.

3. Runners: These are basically for running. Users must maintain a speed of 8-20 km/hr. Users will earn 6 GST per energy used.

4. Trainers: They provide a wider speed range than other ones. Users must maintain a speed of 1-20 km/hr to earn 4-6 GST tokens for each energy they spend.

According to rarity level, Stepn Sneakers can be categorized as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

The cost of Sneakers depends on their rarity. The higher the rarity level, the costlier the sneaker, and the higher the in-game reward.

Levels and Leveling Up a Sneaker in Stepn

Each sneaker in Stepn has its level, which is a combination of different attributes and traits of the sneaker. However, irrespective of the level, sneakers can reach up to level 30.

Leveling up a sneaker increases its attributes and the amount of GST tokens the owner earns per activity daily. Also, when you level up your Sneakers, you unlock some perks that give you in-game advantages.

When you level up your sneakers, you collect Attribute Points in exchange for the GST tokens you burn. You can then add these Attribute Points to any of your Sneaker’s attributes.

When distributing your points, it is good to focus on Resilience and Comfort because, the higher the level, the higher the cost of repair. Therefore, you’ll want your shoes to be resilient.

Steps to Level Up STEPN Sneakers

The cost of leveling up a sneaker increases with an increase in upgrade level. Meanwhile, so also is the time required.

Leveling up a sneaker from the lowest level 0 to 1 costs only 1 GST (about $0.13 at current market price) and can go up to 100 GMT + 100 GST for upgrading from level 29 to 30.

Typically, players upgrade their sneakers with GST tokens. However, for levels attached to a milestone event, players must unlock them with both GST and GMT tokens.

To level up your Sneaker in Stepn, choose the Sneaker and tap ‘Level Up’ from the available options.

Once leveling up is done, distribute your Attribute Points.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on Leveling Up your STEPN Sneakers.

  1. Go to your Stepn Sneaker collection and choose the Sneaker you want to level up
  2. Click ‘Level Up’ and approve the upgrade process
  3. Calculate point allocation with Stepn Guide
  4. Distribute Attribute Points to your Sneaker

1. Go to your Stepn Sneaker collection and choose the Sneaker you want to level up

To level up your Sneakers, navigate to your Stepn App and log in with your email address and password.

Log in to Stepn App

You can also log in with a verification code instead of a password using the Verification Login. Input your email address and tap ‘SEND CODE’.

Copy and paste the verification code from your email inbox to the field provided. Then tap ‘LOGIN’.

In your Stepn App, tap the ‘SNEAKER ICON’ in the lower navigation bar to go to your Stepn Sneaker collection.

Stepn Sneaker

Under SNEAKERS, click on any Sneaker you want to Level Up.

2. Click ‘Level Up’ and approve the upgrade process

After selecting the Sneaker, it should open up detailed information about it. This includes its current level, attributes, and rarity level.

Level Up Stepn Sneaker

In the lower navigation bar, tap ‘LEVEL UP’. A new prompt showing details of your upgrade, including the amount of GST you need to burn for the process and the time needed to complete the process.

Stepn Sneaker Level Up Confirm

Tap ‘CONFIRM’ to approve your upgrade.

If you think the duration of leveling up is too high, you can simply boost the process with some extra GST tokens.

Boost Stepn Sneaker Level Up

Note that boosting is always expensive, about 6x the leveling cost. So, you can just wait till the process is complete.

Stepn Level Up Boost Cost

3. Calculate point allocation with Stepn Guide

After your leveling-up process is complete, you will receive Attributes Points that you can use to improve your Sneakers attributes.

The number of Attribute Points you receive on your Sneakers depends on their rarity level. You can check the table below for the attribute point per rarity.

Common 4
Uncommon 6
Rare 8
Epic 10
Legendary 12

The best attributes you can dedicate your point to are Resilience and Comfort. Upgrading both of these attributes gives you the best max GST earning per day.

Although leveling up will also increase your repair cost, it may be insignificant since you’re aiming for maximum GST output.

Knowing the exact point to dedicate to each attribute can be hard. In fact, doing it manually may take a lot of time.

Fortunately, there is a STEPN ATTRIBUTE POINT guide to help users distribute their points for maximum GST earning.

STEPN Earn Calculator

To use Stepn Attribute Point Guide, simply go to In the guide, select your Sneaker Rarity, type, daily energy, and the level you’re upgrading to.

Finally, input your base attributes and tap ‘OPTIMIZE’. You will see the total points you can allocate to each Attribute to get the max GST daily income.

4. Distribute Attribute Points to your Sneaker

Once the Earn Calculator in Stepn Guide has optimized the point for allocation, you can go ahead and distribute them in your Sneaker’s attributes.

In your STEPN App, click on the Sneakers you want to level up and tap the +POINTS to add the points.

Add Points to Stepn Sneaker

Plug in the values from the Stepn Guide and tap CONFIRM.


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