How to Convert GST to GMT in STEPN App? (Step By Step)

How to Convert GST to GMT in STEPN App

Stepn is a Solana-based move-to-earn fitness app with Game-Fi elements. This web3 lifestyle app allows its users to earn incentives for participating in various daily physical activities with their sneakers NFTs.

With the sneakers, players can earn tokens for jogging, walking, or running. Users can also interact within the Stepn ecosystem with its Social-Fi features.

How Does STEPN Work?

STEPN is a free and open web3 Fitness-Fi game that allows everyone to earn by completing some exercise tasks.

Essentially, users use fitness trackers to track their progress while working out and spending their time and energy. Meanwhile, the platform validates users’ data with its integrated GPS system and anti-cheating AI tech.

The app also has an inbuilt wallet, a peer-to-peer token and NFT marketplace, a rental system, and an easy-to-use interface that can help beginners get started hassle-free.

Getting Started with Earning on STEPN

Getting onboard with monetizing your fitness activities with STEPN is easy. All you have to do is download the Stepn app from your mobile app store.

Create an account by following on-screen prompts, then purchase your Sneaker NFT and start running.

Choosing suitable NFT Sneakers that can bring you a substantial income depends on the type, attribute, and rarity of the sneakers. Fortunately, you can level up your Sneaker to earn better.

Steps to Convert GST to GMT in Stepn App

Stepn’s ecosystem economy is powered by a dual tokens system that features both GMT and GST tokens.

GMT is the native and utility token of the game. It also has a limited total supply of 6 million units. Meanwhile, to ensure balance in the game’s economy, there is a hyper-deflationary mechanism for the GST token.

GST (Green Satoshi Token) is the in-game reward token. It has an unlimited supply, and it is useful for minting, leveling up, repairing shoes, and unlocking sockets. All players receive GST for participating in gaming activities.

After earning GST, you can easily move your earnings between Stepn and Stepn wallet, where you can swap them for other tokens, including GMT, SOL, or USDC.

To convert your GST to GMT tokens, all you need to do is transfer GST to the Stepn wallet, then trade them in the Wallet SWAP with GMT tokens.

Here’s how to convert GST to GMT in Stepn App:

  1. Log in to Stepn App
  2. Transfer GST from Stepn App to Stepn Wallet
  3. Click ‘Trade’ to Enter the Trade Section of the STEPN Wallet
  4. Select ‘GST’ in the ‘From’ Field and ‘GMT’ in the ‘To’ Field
  5. Enter the Amount of GST You Want to Convert and Click ‘Confirm’

1. Log in to Stepn App

Before you can access your GST earnings to trade or transfer them, open your Stepn App and log in with your email address.

Log in to Stepn App

Tap SEND CODE to send login verification codes of your account to your email address.

Copy and paste the verification code from your email inbox to the field assigned for the code on your login page.

2. Transfer GST from Stepn App to Stepn Wallet

After logging into Stepn, click on your account from the top part of your home screen.

Stepn app Balance

This should take you to your Spending Account and Stepn wallet.

STEPN Spending Account Fund Transfer

From the Spending Account, you can see the overview of the token balance for GMT, GST, and SOL. In the Spending Account, scroll down, and click TRANSFER.

Enter your account password to go to the TRANSFER section. To transfer GST tokens, choose Spending as the account you are sending from and WALLET as the destination wallet.

Choose GST from the token list as the token you want to transfer.

GST Transfer from Spending to Stepn Wallet

Enter the amount of GST you want to transfer and tap CONFIRM TRANSFER. Click on CONFIRM on the confirmation page to submit your transaction.

You can monitor the transfer by switching to your Stepn wallet and checking the client.

3. Click ‘Trade’ to Enter the Trade Section of the STEPN Wallet

Converting tokens is only possible via the Stepn wallet. From your Account section, switch to WALLET to view your transferred GST tokens.

Stepn wallet

Once the GST reflects in your account, tap TRADE. The TRADE section of the Stepn App works like a DEX platform.

4. Select ‘GST’ in the ‘From’ Field and ‘GMT’ in the ‘To’ Field

STEPN Wallet Trade

All you have to do is select GST in the first field and GMT as the token you’re changing to in the second field.

5. Enter the Amount of GST You Want to Convert and Click ‘Confirm’

Input the amount of GST you want to trade for GMT.

If you’re trading all your GST tokens, click MAX and tap TRADE. Finally, click CONFIRM to approve your swap.

Once the transaction has been executed, a confirmation notification will pop up.



Move to earn concept is an excellent application of blockchain-based reward, and it has helped in the significant adoption of blockchain technology this year.

Meanwhile, Stepn has gained traction as a major title with this concept. Providing incentives through Stepn and other move-to-earn apps will further motivate people to prioritize sound body and mind.

Stepn has more than 300,000 daily users worldwide, and this number doesn’t seem to go lower with thousands of people getting on the train every day.

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