How to Sell Opensea NFT on Rarible?

How to Sell Opensea NFT on Rarible

Selling an NFT asset on Rarible is almost similar to selling NFT on every other NFT marketplace. All you have to do is pick the collection from your profile and list it for sale.

Choosing to sell your NFT on Rarible is a great idea, especially with the tons of perks that come with it. The marketplace is a multi-chain NFT marketplace, a close competitor to Opensea.

It features a wide range of NFT collections, and it provides a platform where traders and collectors can mint, buy, sell or transfer NFT items on Ethereum, Flow, Tezos, and Polygon.

Unlike Opensea, Rarible is missing out on Solana NFTs. However, there are plans to integrate more chains into the platform.

Although Rarible’s biggest market is the Ethereum blockchain, it allows free minting and NFT trading on all of its supported blockchain platforms.

Still, this multi-chain flexibility gives Rarible an edge over its competitors. Creators and collectors can enjoy low gas and efficient NFT minting and trading on the high scalable blockchains available on the marketplace.

Apart from this, in contrast to Opensea, which offers a royalty fee pegged at 10%, users can choose from 0-10% royalty fee on Rarible.

Steps to Sell Opensea NFT on Rarible

After buying an NFT item on the Opensea marketplace, the item stays in your wallet, and you can sell it on other marketplaces, including Rarible.

All you have to do is log in or sign up on Rarible, then connect your wallet (that you connect with Opensea) to Rarible to view your collections. Finally, choose a sale option and list your NFT.

Here’s a guide on how to list your Opensea NFT on Rarible:

  1. Connect your wallet with Rarible
  2. Go to your Rarible profile
  3. Choose sell option
  4. Confirm listing your NFT item for sale

1. Connect your wallet with Rarible

To sell your Opensea NFT on Rarible, go to the Rarible marketplace at on your web browser. You can also access the marketplace via your DApp browser if the wallet housing your NFT is a mobile wallet.

On the top navigation bar, click the CONNECT button to link your wallet to the platform.

Connect Wallet on Rarible

Choose Metamask if you’re using a Metamask wallet. For other wallets, click on WALLETCONNECT and choose your wallet from supported wallets. Sign wallet prompt to approve the connection.

If you’re using Rarible for the first time, create a new account by providing your name and email address and tap FINISH SIGN-UP.

2. Go to your Rarible profile

Rarible profile

After logging into the Rarible marketplace, go to your Rarible profile by tapping the profile icon from the top right corner of the homepage.

Under ‘My Profile,’ go to OWNED to view NFT items in your wallet.

My NFTs in Rarible

In the OWNED section, click on the asset you want to sell on Rarible. Click on the ellipsis to expand the dropdown menu for your NFT, then tap PUT ON SALE from the options available.

3. Choose the SELL option

Put NFT on sale on Rarible

After tapping the option to put your NFT on sale, you can then specify how you want to go about it.

Like other marketplaces, Rarible supports three sale options. They include Fixed Price, Open for Bid, and Timed Auction.

With the Fixed Price option, you can list your asset with a specific price. Therefore, buyers can only buy the item by paying the exact amount.

To Open your sale for bid, you can receive buyers’ proposals and bid to buy your asset at their own desired price. Once you see a price that satisfies you, you can sell off the asset.

However, for Timed Auction, you are putting your asset on sale so that buyers can freely bid within a specific period of time. The main difference between Open Bid and Timed Auction is the duration of opening.

4. Confirm listing your NFT item for sale

Selling NFT at Fixed Price on Rarible

If you choose Fixed Price, set the price you want to sell the item and tap CONFIRM. Approve the transaction in your wallet to list your NFT for sale.

Timed Auction on Rarible

For Timed Auction, input the price for the minimum bid your item can receive. Set the starting date and expiration date for the bid and hit the START AUCTION button. Approve the transaction in your wallet to list your item.

NFT Open for Bid on Rarible

For the third option, Open for Bid, just sign the message and approve the action in your wallet. You don’t need to specify the amount since it’s an Open Bid.


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