How to Transfer ENS Domain to a New Wallet?

How to Transfer ENS Domain to a New Wallet

As technology continues to advance and blockchain technology’s application and use cases become wider, there is a need to simplify user experience with innovative solutions.

ENS domain name has provided a lasting solution to improving user experience with wallet addresses, one of the most basic parts of blockchain technology.

Wallet addresses are an important part of interacting with blockchain and smart contracts. It is the medium by which users can receive or send their assets across different wallets.

Conventionally, wallet addresses are composed of 42 strings of machine-readable characters. As such, there is a higher chance of making mistakes during transactions.

Apart from this, it generally affects users’ experience, especially when users have to deal with a non-memorable string of characters.

However, with Ethereum Name Service, you can easily map the machine-readable characters to a human-readable name.

ENS further simplifies the concept of identity and makes interacting with blockchain and smart contracts more efficient and easier since you can easily remember the name assigned.

It also improves user experience and reduces the tendency for errors during transactions while creating an avenue to promote one’s identity.

When you have an ENS name, you can easily execute transactions without having to provide or memorize your wallet address.

After securing and buying an ENS name, it is important to set the owner and controllers of the ENS name via the Domain Manager.

Before going into full details on transferring an ENS domain from one wallet address to another, it is important to know some useful terms associated with owning an ENS name.

  1. Registrant: The Registrant is the ultimate controller and owner of the ENS registration. In other words, the registrant address is the address that registered and paid for the ENS name. After securing the name, the Registrant can set the Controller and owner. They can also assign and reclaim ownership of the name.
  2. Owner: The Owner is the wallet address that occupies the registry’s owner field. They can reassign ownership, set a resolver, and create subdomains.
  3. Controller: The controller acts like a third wheel for controlling operations on the ENS name. The Controller can edit records within the domain.

When you buy an ENS name, you automatically become the Registrant. Afterward, you can set the owner and controller address.

Therefore, before you can transfer an ENS name to another wallet, you must log in to ENS Domain Manager as the Registrant or Owner. Then, change the Controller address before transferring Ownership to the new wallet.

Steps to transfer your ENS domain to a new wallet

Here’s how to transfer your ENS domain to a new wallet:

  1. Go to ENS Domain Manager and log in with your wallet
  2. Go to ‘My Account’ and change the Controller
  3. Change the Registrant address to the new wallet address

1. Go to ENS Domain Manager and log in with your wallet

To transfer an ENS domain ownership to another user, you need to go to ENS Domain Manager and log in with the wallet holding your ENS name.

Connect Wallet with ENS Domain Manager

To do this, go to on your web browser. On the top left corner of the homepage, click on CONNECT to log in with your crypto wallet.

Choose the appropriate wallet option and sign the connection in your wallet.

2. Go to ‘My Account’ and change the Controller

After logging in with your wallet, click on ‘MY ACCOUNT’ in the top right corner of the home screen.

ENS Domain Details

In your account, you can view and manage ENS domains available in your wallet. To view details about wallet addresses associated with your ENS name, simply click on the ENS Name.

In the details, you will see the Registrant and Controller wallet addresses attached to the ENS domain. You will also see the expiration date and time for the domain.

Set Controller for ENS Domain

To begin the transfer, you must reassign the CONTROLLER address to the new one before transferring the Registrant to a new wallet.

Change Controller Address for ENS Domain

To do this, tap SET in front of the CONTROLLER address. Copy and paste the new wallet address in the field provided and click on SET again.

Confirm Popup for ENS domain controller change

A warning message will notify you of the change you want to make. Tap ‘CONFIRM’ to continue the process, and then approve the transaction in your Metamask wallet.

3. Change the Registrant address to the new wallet address

Once the Controller has been assigned to the new wallet, you can transfer the Registrant address to the new wallet.

Transfer Registrant for ENS Domain

To do the transfer, tap TRANSFER in front of the REGISTRANT address. In the field provided for entering the Ethereum address, copy and paste the new wallet address.

Change Registrant Address for ENS Domain

Finally, tap TRANSFER again to confirm your action.

Confirm Popup for Registrant Address Change in ENS Domain

A small dialogue box notifying you of the change will pop up. Click ‘CONFIRM’ on the dialogue box and APPROVE the transaction in your wallet.

Wait for a few seconds for the transaction to go through on the blockchain. Once it is completed, the ENS domain will be fully transferred to the new wallet address.

To view the ENS domain, log in to ENS Manager with the new wallet address.