How to Get Stepn Activation Code? (5 Ways)

How to Get Stepn Activation Code?

Stepn is quite a popular lifestyle app, a web3 fitness game that works off the move-to-earn concept. The Solana-based lifestyle app features an immersive gamified experience that allows users to earn while performing daily physical activities.

Before earning with Stepn, interested users must register a new account. Afterward, they can buy sneakers based on their type of activity. Once users start running, jogging, or walking, they earn Green Satoshi Token ($GST), the game’s reward token.

Stepn is an invite-only app. Therefore, there are restrictions to registering for a new Stepn account. In order to successfully register for a Stepn account, new users must use the special ACTIVATION CODE.

However, getting an activation code can be tedious, confusing, and nerve-wracking for new users. This is because the activation codes are limited. Meanwhile, they are usually hard to come by.

Fortunately, this guide will take you through how to easily get an activation code for your new Stepn account. However, let’s take a quick look at how to get started with Stepn.

How does Stepn Work?

Solana has experienced the greatest development, integrations, innovations, and concepts, especially with Stepn’s move to earn mechanism.

Since its launch, Stepn has attracted a great number of users globally. At its peak, Stepn had more than 705,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU), more than 20,000 Daily Active Users, and up to 206,000 NFT Sneakers minted in a month.

As you would have imagined, there are various barriers to entry to control the influx of new users into the platform. Understandably, earning money is enough motivation to engage in physical activities.

Many people use Stepn to push up their income by monetizing their physical activity data. However, getting into Stepn is not free.

To get started, new users must register for an account by downloading Stepn app on their GPS-enabled mobile devices. This way, they can register with their details before running to earn.

Once everything is in place, you can purchase the NFT Sneakers that suit your activity level between running, jogging, and walking. This will help you maximize your return and help you earn hugely.

Meanwhile, the higher the rarity of your sneakers, the higher the cost, and the higher your returns. Similarly, the higher the activity level, the higher the reward. Although some other attributes determine the price of your sneakers, market condition and sneaker type also affects the price.

Afterward, you can start running to record your physical activity data with a GPS-enabled device. Ensure you stay within the specified limit of your NFT Sneakers to earn GST (Stepn reward token).

Once you’ve accumulated enough GST, you can upgrade or repair your sneakers, mint new NFT Sneakers with newer rarities or swap the token for USDC stablecoins.

5 Ways to Get Stepn Activation Code

Stepn Activation Code

As mentioned earlier, Stepn is an invite-only app. The ACTIVATION CODE is the most vital component of registering on Stepn as a new user. Once you input the activation code, you can fund your Stepn wallet with SOL and GMT (Stepn native token).

However, the activation code is not freely available to everyone. While getting it may be a daunting task, it is even easier if you follow the right guide.

The Activation Code is released periodically across Stepn’s social media platform. However, due to overwhelming demand and influx of new users, new activation codes are used instantly.

Fortunately, there are many ways to easily get an activation code hassle-free. If you’re stuck, here are some of the ways to get the Stepn Activation Code hassle-free:

  1. From an existing Stepn user
  2. From Stepn Discord
  3. On Stepn Telegram or other Telegram groups
  4. From any Facebook discussion channel
  5. With the Stepn Influencer Code

1. From an existing Stepn user

Activation Code for Stepn

Stepn activation code is part of the perks that any Stepn users can earn by completing challenges and participating in in-game activities.

Existing users can earn one Activation Code for every 10 ENERGY they spend. Therefore, if you have a friend using Stepn, you can use their activation code.

2. From Stepn Discord

Stepn Discord

The first and most common place to get Stepn Activation Code is Stepn’s Discord channel. In the Discord channel, 10 Activation Codes are released every 30 minutes.

  • All you have to do is join Stepn Discord at In Stepn Discord, complete CAPTCHA verification to ensure you’re human.
  • Once you’re done, go to the “activation-code” channel and copy the latest activation code. You can also check the “activation-code-share” to use other Stepn users’ activation codes.
  • Copy the code and register your Stepn account with it. In 24 hours, up to 1000 activation codes will be shared via the Discord channel. So, be on the lookout.

3. On Stepn Telegram or other Telegram groups

Stepn Telegram

Another Stepn social channel where you can get an activation code is Telegram. Go to on your desktop device or mobile.

  • In Stepn Telegram, click on JOIN to be a member of the group. Once you’ve joined the group, simply ask for an activation code from an existing user or wait for the next set of ACTIVATION CODES.
  • Like Stepn Discord Channel, up to 1000 activation codes are released on the Telegram Channel daily.

4. From any Facebook discussion channel

STEPN Facebook Community

Facebook is another social media channel where you can get a Stepn activation code. However, unlike Telegram and Discord, there is no official Stepn Facebook handle that issues activation codes.

However, there are discussion channels or groups where you can meet like-minded users and existing Stepm users.

  • Simply go to Facebook and search for any Stepn discussion group. Usually, keywords like “stepn,” “stepn group,” or “stepn discussion group” should suffice.
  • Once you’re in, request an activation code from existing members. Some groups may also schedule periodic activation code releases.

5. Applying for the Stepn Activation Code Generator

Stepn Activation Code Generator

Stepn released an activation code generator program exclusively opened to social media influencers and opinion leaders.

Therefore, you must have a large following on any social media platform, including Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, etc.

  • Before you can be eligible to participate in this program, you must have at least 1,000 followers or subscribers on your social media. Meanwhile, for every 1,000 followers or subscribers, you will receive 10 activation codes.
  • To apply for the program, fill out the airtable registration form at
  • The form allows you to apply for up to 100 codes depending on your gathering. This way, you can share those codes with new Stepn users in your community or social media.
  • Still, if you don’t have a large social media following, you can ask someone to apply for the codes and share them.



There is absolutely no doubt that the future of the move-to-earn concept is bright, especially with the likes of Stepn, Genopets, Step App, and DotMoovs in the market.

Stepn has a wide variety of innovative integration, including gaming elements, sneaker breeding, and passive earning opportunities.

Meanwhile, incentivizing people to run even makes it a more interesting concept. Therefore, while you get healthier, you earn more – this is a far more important application of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based reward than we’ve seen in many years.

Stepn records more than 5,000 new users daily via their social media platform. Unfortunately, the platform issues just 2,000 Activation Codes daily.

Therefore, there’s a high chance that many interested new users may have difficulty participating in the program.

However, there are many other ways to get an Activation Code aside from Stepn social media. You can get this from your friends who are also Stepn users.

Registering on the influencer code generator form allows you to get a code easily and even get 1,000 more for other new users.

Alternatively, you can join social media groups and communities and keep an eye on the discussion forum to get an Activation Code.

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