How to Breed Rare Shoes in RunBlox? (Step-by-Step)

How to Breed Rare Shoes in RunBlox?

RunBlox is a great move-to-earn fitness app built on the Avalanche blockchain. The game was built in OpenBlox, a digital world where users can catch, collect, breed, and explore different in-game characters. The EVM-based magical world was created to host titles of NFT gaming experiences.

Set in Bloxverse, an immersive fictional fantasy world of exciting possibilities, RunBlox was created to connect users with their real world.

The app tracks users’ physical activities in the real world and converts their experiences to a gamified web3 experience so that they can earn token rewards.

Like Stepn and other move-to-earn apps, the aim is to motivate people worldwide to engage in physical activities, stay healthy and earn rewards.

Creating immersive experiences and rewarding users for physical exercise – that’s the basic concept behind RunBlox. To get started, users have to buy NFT Sneakers to earn various rewards after jogging, walking, or running.

How RunBlox Works?

RunBlox has several exciting and interactive features to keep its users glued to the app and produce enjoyable and top-notch experiences. It also features real-life elements that make gaming experiences more real.

For instance, shoes can wear out when you perform physical activities. Therefore, the more frequently you wear them, the more worn out they get.

Like many other fitness apps, RunBlox works by tracking data of users’ activities via their GPS- enabled devices. RunBlox is a mobile-first app; therefore, it is only available for Android or iOS devices.

Getting started, users can perform physical activities with their NFT Sneakers, a uniquely generated digital footwear. Each user has their energy. Like in real life, energy limits users’ physical activities once they are expended.

Different types of NFT sneakers are suited for different physical activities at specific speeds. They include:

  • Walk Green Layer: Flower or Insect – 2 to 7 km/h
  • Jog Water Layer: Shark or Hardshell – 5 to 11 km/h
  • Run Fire Layer: Techno or Dragon – 7 to 20 km/h

These sneakers also differ in their attributes. Essentially, the right combination of sneakers attributes gives players an extra in-game advantage. These attributes are:

  1. Attack: Attack directly influences the amount of RUX tokens a player earns. The higher the Attack, the higher the RUX earned per energy spent.
  2. HP (Hit Points) influences your shoe’s durability. The higher the HP, the higher its resilience and durability. Therefore, a shoe with higher Hit Points has slower decay and usually fewer decays.
  3. Luck determines how frequently a player will win in-game perks like LootBoxes. The higher the luck, the higher the chances of receiving LootBox drops.
  4. Speed is the last attribute and is still in development.

Aside from the attributes, a shoe’s price and return on investment depend on its rarity level. There are five rarity levels, each with its definitive supply. The levels are:

  1. Common: 10,000 supply
  2. Rare: 276 supply
  3. Epic: 0
  4. Hero: 0
  5. Legendary: 0

RunBlox Economy

RunBlox features a dual token economy powered by the OpenBlox token ($OBX) and RunBlox token ($RUX). OBX token is the native token of the game since it is built on OpenBlox. It is useful to gain various perks like voting rights and staking rewards.

On the other hand, RUX is the in-game token of the game. It is used to facilitate economic activities with RunBlox as well as NFT minting, breeding, leveling, and enchantment. It is also used to repair your shoes and recharge their energy.


  • Token name: RunBlox
  • Ticker: RUX
  • Blockchain: Avalanche Network
  • Token standard: ARC 20
  • Contract: 0xa1afcc973d44ce1c65a21d9e644cb82489d26503
  • Circulating supply: 4,000,010.00 RUX

A unique feature of RunBlox’s economy is the hyper deflationary mechanism set in place to limit the token supply. This is ensured via shoe minting, leveling up, repair and breeding.

Meanwhile, the non-fungible assets of the game will also be bought back in a mechanism called NFT Buyback & Burn. This, in turn, promotes a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable ecosystem within RunBlox.

RunBlox Breeding Mechanism and Genetics

As indicated earlier, common shoes have the highest supply on Runblox. However, users can breed rare shoes from their common shoes.

The breeding mechanism of shoes in RunBlox closely follows that of other OpenBlox web3 games. Simply, anyone can breed new shoes that will inherit the looks, skills, and attributes of their parent shoes (GENE MECHANISM).

You can predict how your new shoe will look using the gene mechanism. Each shoe has three genes that determine the chances of the parent shoes passing it down to their offspring. They include:

  • Dominant: 40%
  • Recessive: 7%
  • Minor gene: 3%

In the RunBlox breeding mechanism, each shoe can breed up to 6 times. Meanwhile, the breeding fee depends on the types, rarity, level, and attributes of the shoes they want to mint.

Steps to Breed Rare Shoes on RunBlox

Breeding rare shoes on Runblox can be really expensive. Meanwhile, it may not be expensive for avid gamers and investors because the returns are worth it.

For instance, breeding common shoes can be worth up to $200. In the end, the rare shoe produced can be worth up to $1,800, about ninefold returns.

Therefore, while it may be a capital-intensive process, it is a great way to fully utilize the potential of RunBlox’s move-to-earn mechanism and boost your income.

Aside from their value, rare shoes simply mean more earnings. As expected, you will earn more rewards than COMMON shoe holders. You can also use them for other mints.

To mint a rare shoe, you need two shoes that have been minted up to 7 times. You can also use two rare shoes – the outcome is a purebred virgin rare shoe of mixed traits.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to mint a rare shoe on Runblox:

  1. Buy AVAX on Binance or Coinbase
  2. Transfer AVAX to your crypto wallet
  3. Connect your wallet to TraderJoe
  4. Swap AVAX for RUX and OBX token
  5. Mint rare shoes

1. Buy AVAX on Binance or Coinbase

Buy AVAX on Binance

Before getting started, fund your crypto wallet with enough OBX and RUX tokens. As mentioned earlier, the amount of tokens you’ll need solely depends on the rarity and traits of the parent shoes.

You can swap AVAX for OBX and RUX at Avalanche-based DEX, TraderJoe. Therefore, you must fund your wallet with AVAX from any reputable crypto exchange platform like Binance, Coinbase, etc.

Buy crypto on Binance

To do this, log in to your Binance or Coinbase account. Navigate to the BUY CRYPTO section and select AVAX.

Specify the amount of AVAX you want to buy and select the preferred payment method. Complete the transaction by supplying your payment details. Complete 2FA verifications to confirm your purchase.

2. Transfer AVAX to your crypto wallet

After buying AVAX on your preferred CEX, it’s time to transfer them to your crypto wallet.

Fiat and Spot Binance

Go to your SPOT WALLET on Binance and click WITHDRAW in front of your AVAX assets. Open your crypto wallet and copy your AVAX deposit address.

Withdraw AVAX from Binance

Paste the crypto deposit address in the field provided. Ensure you select Avalanche as the network.

Input the withdrawal amount and confirm the withdrawal. Complete 2FA verifications to confirm your withdrawal.

3. Connect your wallet to TraderJoe

Connect your wallet to TraderJoe

After funding your wallet with enough AVAX, go to on your internet-enabled web browser.

On the homepage, click on TRADE to go to TraderJoe’s swap. In the swap, tap CONNECT WALLET and select the WALLETCONNECT option.

Select your preferred AVAX wallet and sign the connection.

4. Swap AVAX for RUX and OBX token

Swap AVAX for RUX

After connecting your wallet, you will be automatically redirected back to the swap.

Select AVAX as the token in the first field labeled SWAP. In the second field labeled TO, select RUX token.

Input the amount of AVAX you want to swap to RUX and click on SWAP. Sign the transaction in the prompt that pops up in your wallet.

Confirm token approval afterward to complete the swap. Repeat the same process for the OBX token, and you’re good to go.

5. Mint rare shoes

Mint rare shoes in RunBlox app

After funding your wallet with both RUX and OBX tokens, log in to your RunBlox app.

Mint Shoes in RunBlox app

On the home screen, click on any shoe you want as the parent shoe. In the lower navigation bar, click on the MINT button.

In the mint section, click on the + (plus) button in the second box to add a new shoe. Meanwhile, ensure that each of these shoes has been minted 7 times or has a RARE level rarity.

Minting Rare Shoes in RunBlox app

Once you tap +, a new window where you can select your preferred shoe will pop up. Click on any of the available shoes to add to the mint.

Finally, the mint fee will be calculated in RUX and OBX. If, after swapping, you still don’t have enough to pay for the minting fee, you can repeat the swapping process for any of the tokens.

Click on MINT to breed a new rare shoe. Once the mint is complete, you will be given a shoebox containing your rare shoe. Now, you have a rare RunBlox shoe.

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