How to Contact Magic Eden?

How to Contact Magic Eden

Are you having any issues using the Magic Eden NFT marketplace? Perhaps there is a bug or glitch you want to report; you can easily do this by contacting Magic Eden via their contact channels.

Magic Eden is the biggest Solana NFT marketplace where users can mint and trade their NFTs seamlessly on the Solana blockchain.

Launched in 2019, Magic Eden has been leading the forefront as the most notable NFT marketplace, particularly on Solana.

It houses more than 4,000 NFT collections and over 10 million users every month. Meanwhile, its sales stand at over $1 billion in trading volume.

Therefore, experiencing issues, glitches, bugs, or concerns can be common with Magic Eden.

Meanwhile, it also supports a launchpad for new and upcoming NFT collections on the Solana blockchain.

If you are an artist or designer willing to list a collection on NFT, you can easily contact Magic Eden and feature your collection in the marketplace.

Ways to Contact Magic Eden

Magic Eden is a well-established marketplace with adequate and proper contact channels in place to address users’ concerns.

If you’re having any issues with the marketplace, you can easily go through the Help Desk for an instant and swift solution.

You can also contact Magic Eden on their official Twitter Channel or via email. Meanwhile, there is currently no phone or live chat support due to the high volume of users.

Here are different ways to contact Magic Eden:

  1. Via their official Twitter channel
  2. Contact Email Address

1. Contacting Magic Eden via their official Twitter channel

The fastest way to contact Magic Eden is through their official Twitter handle, @MagicEden.

Magic Eden Twitter

It provides 24/7 support for users by swiftly addressing concerns and contacts. All you have to do is log in to your Twitter account by navigating to on your PC web browser or via the official Twitter mobile app.

Follow Magic Eden on Twitter

Then search and follow @MagicEden.

DM Magic Eden on Twitter

To contact, click on the mail icon on the upper part of Magic Eden’s profile. Then type your message in their DM.

Message Magic Eden on Twitter

The reply may take a while. However, be rest assured your concerns will be taken care of.

Another way to contact Magic Eden via Twitter is by pinging and tagging their Twitter handle.

To do this, click on the + button in your mobile Twitter app to create a tweet about your issues or concerns. Then, tag Magic Eden’s handle by adding @MagicEden to the tweet.

You can also add a tweet at the upper part of your home screen on Twitter for PC browsers.

2. Contact Email Address

Another way to contact Magic Eden is via their official contact address:

Email Magic Eden

You can send an email detailing your issues and concerns to the address. You can also attach videos, screenshots, and pictures that can give better insight into the issue with the mail.

Finally, hit the send button and wait for a reply. Meanwhile, responses via email can take hours to days due to the large user volume.


Good user support set in place by Magic Eden continues to be one of their most unique features. They have proven to be a reliable community-driven marketplace that aims to provide innovative solutions for NFT trading.

Meanwhile, the marketplace continues to enjoy unstoppable growth from its loyal users and community despite Opensea’s Solana NFT integration in April.

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