How to Delist an NFT on Magic Eden? (5 Steps)

How to Delist an NFT on Magic Eden

Magic Eden is an NFT marketplace for Solana NFTs. The marketplace is perhaps the most important Solana NFT marketplace and one of the top-ranking marketplaces by volume after Ethereum native Opensea marketplace.

Magic Eden remains a decentralized marketplace that connects NFT traders, creators, and collectors. It allows users to buy, mint, or sell NFT assets.

Magic Eden offers many services, placing it on top of the marketplace with most Solana NFT sales on the secondary market. In fact, it accrues more than $180 million in trading volume monthly.

To delist an item on Magic Eden you first need to connect your wallet holding that NFT. Then go to your Profile by clicking on your wallet address in the top right corner. After that, you need to click on “Listed items.” Then click on the NFT you want to delist and tap on “Cancel Listing.” 

Now, before we explain the NFT delisting process step by step, let’s first understand how does Magic Eden marketplace work. Let’s get started!

Using Magic Eden Marketplace

Delisting an NFT on Magic Eden means you have an NFT asset in your wallet, and you have listed the NFT on Magic Eden.

You can buy NFT on Magic Eden using any Solana-based wallet like Phantom, Solflare, or

To buy an NFT on Magic Eden, go to Magic Eden on your web browser.

If you are using Phantom wallet, sign in to your wallet and go to the dApp browser. Navigate to

On Magic Eden’s homepage, you can explore different collections, including Upcoming drops, Popular Collections, Auctions, Top Projects, Most Followed Collections, and so much more.

This will give you access to easily check curated collections of profitable projects.

On the top right corner of the homepage, connect your wallet by clicking “SELECT WALLET”. Pick your Phantom wallet or any other Solana-based wallet from the option.

Approve the connection in your wallet to sign in your wallet.

You can explore NFT collections or search for your favorite collections using the search bar at the top navigation bar.

Alternatively, you can go through other collections from the sidebar.

NFT collection on Magic Eden

Once you find a collection you want, click on the collection to get an overview of the project, including its floor price, volume, average price, and listed count.

You can use the filter to find your preferred mode of purchase or price range.

After seeing an NFT that you like, click on it to review it for purchase. The purchase page also contains important details about the NFT’s price history, royalties, and owner’s details.

Buy Now NFT on Magic Eden

Finally, click “BUY NOW” to buy the NFT at the listed price or “MAKE AN OFFER” to buy it at a different price.

A transaction prompt should pop up on your wallet. Approve the prompts to finalize the transaction.

Once the purchase is complete, the NFT will appear in your wallet. You can check it under ‘Your Collectibles’ in the second section of your wallet.

Listing an NFT on Magic Eden for Sale

After buying an NFT, you can now list it at your own price. To list an NFT on Magic Eden, connect your wallet to

Select the wallet that holds your NFT and approve the connection. After connection, the top right corner should be showing your wallet address.

On the top right corner of Magic Eden’s homepage, click “SELL”. This will take your Magic Eden dashboard and display all the NFT items in your wallet.

Under the “My Items” section, choose the NFT item you want to list on Magic Eden.

After choosing an NFT item, you will see helpful information such as price history, mint date, mint and owner addresses, fees, and royalties.

Input your preferred listing price in the box provided for “List Price”. Then tap “LIST NOW”.

Approve the transaction in your Wallet confirmation popup. Once the transaction is completed, your NFT will be listed on Magic Eden.

After listing, you can find the NFT item under “LISTED ITEMS” in your Magic Eden dashboard.

Delisting an NFT on Magic Eden is as easy as listing it.

Steps To Delist an NFT on Magic Eden

1. Visit Magic Eden Marketplace

Click here to visit Magic Eden’s marketplace. Make sure you go to their official website and not some phishing website impersonating Magic Eden.

2. Connect Wallet

Connect Wallet on Magic Eden

You need to connect your wallet by clicking on the “Connect Wallet’ button in the top right corner of Magic Eden’s homepage.

3. Go to Your Profile

Magic Eden My Profile

After connecting your wallet, you’ll be able to see your wallet address shown in the top right corner. Click on your wallet address to go to your profile.

4. Click on “Listed items”

Click on Listed items in Magic Eden

After going into your profile dashboard, you can see different options such as “My Items,” “Listed Items” “Offers Made,”  “Offers Received” and “Activities”. Tap on the “Listed Items” to see all the NFTs you’ve listed on sale.

5. Cancel Listing

Cancel Listing

Among the listed items, click on the NFT you want to delist. Click on “CANCEL LISTING” and approve the cancellation in the prompt that pops up.

Cancel Listing Wallet Approval

Once your listing has been canceled, your NFT item will be removed from “LISTED ITEMS.”

Meanwhile, you can still view it under “MY ITEMS.”

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