How To Delete NFT from Phantom Wallet? (4 Ways)

Delete NFT from Phantom Wallet

To get rid of NFTs in the Phantom Wallet, you can send them to a burner wallet, a third-party incinerator, or back to the owner.

Phantom Wallet is the most popular/used wallet on the Solana blockchain. Just like its contemporaries, it is used to manage crypto assets.

It is the most used and most popular Solana-based NFT wallet. It allows for storage, trading, swapping, and access to dApps on the Solana blockchain. Apart from this, Phantom Wallet provides support for NFT collectibles.

However, reports of mysterious wallet-draining NFTs popping up is one issue facing several Phantom Wallet users.

Few reviews of some users have shown that unwanted NFTs keep popping up in their wallets, and they find it hard to get rid of them. Customers don’t want these NFTs, nor do they want to click on them for fear of the unknown.

One problem is that you cannot delete an NFT. NFTs are immutable on blockchain technology. Once created or minted, they cannot be deleted from their blockchain.

Not to worry, you can easily get rid of these NFTs via various means. In this guide, we will show you how to delete NFTs (whether wanted or unwanted) from your wallet once and for all.

Here are various ways to get rid of any NFT on the Phantom Wallet.

  1. Sending back to the owner
  2. Using a burner wallet
  3. Burning with a third part incinerator
  4. Sending to trash wallet

Method 1: Sending back to the owner

The first way to get rid of an unwanted NFT is by sending it back to the owner.

To do this, you need to locate the transaction on Solana explorer, then copy the SPL token address of the NFT.

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Copy your wallet address from Phantom
  2. Navigate to
  3. Identify the NFT transaction and copy the sender’s address
  4. Send NFT back to the sender address in your Phantom Wallet

1. Copy your wallet address from Phantom

Copy wallet address from Phantom Wallet

Open the Phantom Wallet where you want to get rid of the unwanted NFT.

On the top bar of your wallet, tap on your wallet address to copy it.

Afterward, open Solscan in a browser to check your wallet transaction.

2. Navigate to

Every blockchain has its own blockchain explorer where you can check every transaction to or from a wallet.

Once you receive any NFT token in your wallet, a transaction will be initiated, and records will be kept in the explorer.

To access the transaction record for the unwanted NFT, navigate to on your browser.

3. Identify the NFT transaction and copy the sender’s address

Copy the sender's address

In the search bar, paste your public wallet address and click search.

A new window detailing all your wallet information, including transactions, will appear.

Navigate to your transactions and identify the NFT transaction.

Under the section that indicates ‘BY,’ copy the wallet address. This section indicates the wallet address of the sender.

4. Send NFT back to the sender address in your Phantom Wallet

Click Four Squares Button In Phantom Wallet

Now it’s time to send the unwanted NFT back to its owner or sender.

Go back to your Phantom wallet and navigate to the NFT section represented by four squares in your wallet.

Sending NFT from Phantom Wallet

Click on the NFT and tap send. Input the sender’s wallet address and maximum number of NFTs.

Click Next and finalize the transaction by approving the gas fee.


Method 2: Using a burner wallet

If you are finding it difficult to locate the sender address in your explorer, you can easily create a burner wallet in your Phantom and send it there.

A burner wallet is a secondary or temporary wallet that is useful for short-term use only. They are useful to protect your main wallet and its assets from attacks or drain.

After using the burner wallet, you can then delete it from your wallet forever.

To do this:

  1. Add a burner wallet and copy its address
  2. Send the NFT from the main wallet to burner wallet
  3. Delete burner wallet


1. Add a burner wallet and copy its address

A burner wallet is essentially like a normal wallet. The difference is the duration of usage. Unlike the main wallet, burner wallets are used only for a short period of time.

To add a burner wallet, open your Phantom Wallet.

On the top left corner of the wallet, tap your circular-shaped wallet icon to go to your wallet settings.

Once you’re in the settings, click the first option to view your wallets or add a new wallet.

Add a New Wallet in Phantom

In the bottom bar, click Add or Connect Wallet > Create a New Wallet. A second wallet that will serve as a burner wallet will appear.

Second wallet in Phantom

Copy the public wallet address of your burner wallet on the top part of your dashboard.

2. Send the NFT from the main wallet to burner wallet

NFT Transaction in Phantom Wallet

After copying the wallet address, switch your wallet by tapping the icon in the top right corner again.

Click the first option that indicates your Wallet to view other wallets.

Switch to the main wallet and go to NFT collectibles in the second segment of the wallet.

Choose the NFT you want to get rid of. Click send and paste the wallet address of your burner wallet. Indicate the number of NFTs you want to get rid of. Finally, tap next and confirm the transaction.

3. Delete burner wallet

Remove Wallet in Phantom

For the final part, delete the burner wallet to finally get rid of unwanted NFTs.

Navigate to your wallet settings by tapping on the icon in the top left corner. Choose the burner wallet and tap on wallet options via the three dots.

Finally, click Remove Wallet. Next, tap Confirm Remove Wallet to finally delete the burner wallet.


Method 3: Sending to a third part incinerator

Another way to get rid of unwanted NFT assets is by burning them in a third-party NFT incinerator.

There are many third-party incinerators for Solana NFTs. Some of them are:

  1. Mortuary Inc (
  2. Sol Incinerator (

Mortuary Inc

One perk about using incinerators is that they reward you for burning NFTs. However, Mortuary Inc only allows two burns per day. Still, you will earn 1 $ASH token for getting rid of unwanted NFTs on Mortuary Inc.

Sol Incinerator

On the other hand, there are no restrictions on Sol Incinerator. Another perk is that you get your wallet cleaned up of the unwanted NFT, then you earn 0.02 SOL.

Meanwhile, they all work in a similar way. All you need to do is connect your wallet via dApps browser, then get rid of the NFTs.

Here’s how to get rid of unwanted NFTs using incinerators:

  1. Go to your dApp browser by tapping on the browser icon in the bottom right corner of your Phantom wallet.
  2. Visit your preferred incinerator (Mortuary Inc or Sol Incinerator).
  3. Connect your wallet to the website. You should see your token and NFT assets.
  4. Choose the unwanted NFT, then burn.


Method 4: Sending to trash wallet

Trash wallets are Solana wallets where you can send your unwanted Solana assets. To use trash wallet:

Open your Phantom Wallet. Click on the second button at the bottom of your homepage to view your NFT assets.

Choose the unwanted wallet and click on Send.

A recipient address field would pop up. Type in “Trash.Sol” It’s a trash wallet to dump asset junks like unwanted NFTs.

Complete the transaction by approving the transfer, and voila, the unwanted NFT is out of your wallet.



Getting rid of unwanted or spam NFT is important for the safety of your wallet and its assets. Clicking on scam NFTs poses certain dangers, including wiping out your entire wallet.

Ensure you don’t click on these NFTs or the spam links embedded in them. Simply follow the steps above to safeguard your wallet and get rid of unwanted NFTs.

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