How to Check Rarity on Magic Eden?

How to Check Rarity on Magic Eden

Non-fungible tokens have unique attributes and characteristics that distinguish them from one another in a collection.

Just like humans have uniqueness, NFT assets have a rarity that makes them distinguishable. The rarity of an NFT simply refers to its uniqueness.

It indicates how rare or limited an NFT art is in its collection. Rarity depends on traits which can include colors, design, costume, etc. It can also depend on what the NFT art represents.

Knowing the rarity level of an NFT in a collection is important to collectors and NFT holders. Rarity determines how expensive or profitable an NFT asset is. Therefore, the more uncommon a trait is, the higher the rarity rank of the NFT.

Checking the rarity rank of an NFT is simple and easy on many marketplaces. Many of these marketplaces have third-party NFT rarity ranking tools integrated with their marketplace.

Like a typical marketplace, Magic Eden has two third-party tools integrated for checking rarity rank. They include MoonRank and HowRare.

MoonRank is a handy tool for checking the rarity of Solana NFTs. The tool provides real-time rarity indexing for any NFT based on the percentage of available traits in an NFT.

HowRare is another great NFT rarity tool for Solana NFTs. Apart from its rarity ranking service, it provides a quick overview of upcoming projects and drops.

To check the rarity on Magic Eden, you need to navigate to the website on your web browser. On the homepage, look for the NFT collection you’d like to check.

Alternatively, you can search for the collection and check rarity from the collection page or view every detail about a specific NFT from its DETAILS PAGE.

Here’s how to check the rarity of an NFT on Magic Eden:

  1. Visit Magic Eden website
  2. Explore the collections or search for a preferred collection
  3. Click on ‘Details’ button under the NFT
  4. Click on ‘R’ or ‘O’ under the NFT

1. Visit Magic Eden website

Magic Eden website

Magic Eden is Solana’s largest NFT marketplace. To view the rarity of an NFT item on Magic Eden, simply navigate to on your web browser.

On the marketplace’s homepage, check out the collection you want to explore. Alternatively, use the search bar on the top navigation bar to narrow down your search.

Enter the name of the collection you want to explore and hit ENTER.

2. Explore the collections or search for a preferred collection

Collection on Magic Eden

Once you’re on the collection page, you can view information about the collection. You can also view listed NFT items and their rarity rank right from the collection page.

It is important to note that a collection may have both MoonRank and HowRare rank, while some can have one of both.

MoonRank or Howrare rank is attached to every NFT on the collection page.

3. Click on ‘Details’ under the NFT

You’ll see a ‘Details’ button under the NFT. Click on that to view details about the NFT.

4. Click on ‘R’ or ‘O’ on NFT details page

MoonRank or Howrare rank of Magic Eden NFT

Howrare rank is represented by an ‘R’ while that of MoonRank is represented by an ‘underlined O’.

After seeing an NFT rarity rank on Magic Eden, you can double-click the rarity to view the mathematical analysis of the rarity from their respective source.



To view the rarity rank for a specific NFT, go back to the NFT collection page and type the number of the NFT in the collection’s search box.


How to view the rarity of your own NFT on Magic Eden:

Navigate to Magic Eden at on your web browser.

On the homepage, click the profile icon on the top right corner of the top navigation bar.

Tap Connect Wallet and choose the wallet that holds your NFT assets. Sign the connection to link your wallet to Magic Eden.

Go to your profile page by clicking on your wallet in the top right corner.

This should take you to your personal collection page, where you can see NFT items you own.

Click on an NFT in your collection to view its details and rarity.



Checking the rarity rank of an NFT is important, especially if you’re a collector. Collecting rare pieces from an NFT collection means you can attack higher value and a higher price when selling the piece.

Meanwhile, it also helps NFT sellers attach a fair price to their rare piece before selling it off in the marketplace.

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