How to Transfer NFT from OpenSea to Trust Wallet? (6 Steps)

Transfer NFT from OpenSea to Trust Wallet

OpenSea is the number one go-to spot for buying, selling, minting, or trading your NFT assets.

Apart from its top-notch service in promoting the sale of NFT and web3 assets, it allows collectors and traders to transfer their assets seamlessly from the marketplace to their wallets.

Meanwhile, knowing how to transfer your NFT to non-custodial wallets like Trust Wallet from Opensea is essential to safeguarding your assets.

To transfer your NFT from Opensea to Trust Wallet, you need to set up your Trust Wallet and copy your ERC-20 deposit address. Then, log in to your Opensea and go to profile where it shows all the NFTs owned by you. Click on the NFT you want to send and tap the send button. After that, fill in the Trust Wallet deposit address and click transfer. Approve the transaction and you’ve successfully transferred the NFT.

Now, let’s go in detail and learn step by step about this process.

Steps To Transfer your NFT from Opensea to Trust wallet

1. Setup Your Trust wallet

First you need to setup your Trust Wallet in case you don’t already have it. Trust wallet is a mobile-first non-custodial multi-chain wallet. To use Trust wallet, you need to download the app on your phone.

To do this, go to your mobile app store, search for Trust wallet and download the app.

Download Trustwallet

After installing, open the app and click “CREATE A NEW WALLET”.

Follow onscreen instructions and back up your 12-word seed phrase. Finally, verify the seed phrase to access your wallet.

2. Copy Ethereum Deposit Address in Trust Wallet

Once you’re logged in your Trust Wallet, click on Ethereum > Receive. Your ETH wallet address and its QR will pop up immediately.

Ethereum Deposit Address in Trust Wallet

Copy the address and use it to withdraw your NFT from Opensea.

3. Log in to Your Opensea Account

Connect Wallet to Opensea Account

Navigate to on your web browser. To login into Opensea you need to connect it with the wallet that holds the NFT. On the homepage, it shows the option to connect to the wallet. So, click the button and connect your wallet.

4. Go to Profile

Once your wallet is connected, go to Account > Profile to view your NFTs. Here you’ll see all the items owned by you.

5. Click on the NFT You Want to Send

On your Opensea profile, click on the NFT asset you want to send. On the next page, you will see different details about the NFT asset.

6. Paste your Trust Wallet Address and Click Transfer

Transfer NFT from Opensea

After clicking on the NFT, you’ll see a send button represented by the arrow sign. Click the button. Paste your Trust wallet ETH deposit address and tap “TRANSFER”. Accept transactions in your wallet.



After sending your NFT, you can check the progress of your transfer from using the transaction hash.

Also, you can check the NFT section of your Trust wallet dashboard to see if you’ve received the NFT.

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