How to Fix “there was an error in the approval” on Opensea?

How to Fix there was an error in the approval on Opensea

“There was an error in the approval” is a common error that comes up when using Opensea, especially when trying to complete a transaction. This error usually arises due to blocked Pop Up and Redirects in the web browser. Therefore, to resolve the issue, you need to allow Pop-Ups and Redirects in your browser.

Like every other online transaction, pop-ups and redirects are important components of a web browser that allows you to complete any transaction. And if they are blocked for some reason, it’ll prevent Opensea from showing an approval popup, and as a result, the error “There was an error in the approval, Please try again” shows up.

In this article, we’ll go through the importance of Pop-Ups and Redirects in blockchain transactions and different ways to resolve the “There was an error in the approval” issue on OpenSea.


Use of Pop-Ups and Redirects in Crypto Transactions

Pop-Ups and Redirects are useful for completing online transactions for payment gateways. This helps these gateways complete online transactions and collect payment details without disrupting active payment sessions.

Pop-Ups are also useful for interacting with a crypto wallet when executing and completing crypto transactions. Therefore, when trading on Opensea, a pop-up creates a dialog box to execute smart contracts and interact with the crypto wallet without any extension.

However, some users block Popups and Redirects to navigate and use web browsers seamlessly. This is because spammers and cyber attackers usually misuse popups & redirects to misleading users into interacting with phishing sites.

Intrusive Pop Up Ads and malware scripts are other reasons to block these features on web browsers. Therefore, many people disable popups and redirects in their browsers to stay on the safer side while navigating the internet. However, if you try to do a transaction on OpenSea while popups and redirects are disabled in your browser, you won’t be able to approve the transaction.


Ways to Fix “there was an error in the approval” on Opensea

There was an error in the approval in Opensea

To resolve the issue, navigate to your specific site settings on the Opensea page to activate and allow Pop-Ups.

Alternatively, you can also go to your browser settings to allow Pop-Ups and Redirects for all websites.

1. Allow Pop-ups and Redirects

Here’s how to fix “there was an error in the approval” on OpenSea by allowing Pop-Ups and Redirects in Chrome:

Once you’re on OpenSea, go to Opensea site settings by clicking on the LOCK icon 🔒 in your web browser search bar.

In the site setting, you can set options and preferences for Cookies, Pop-ups and Redirects, and Notifications.

Allow Popups and Redirects on Opensea

Toggle the button in front of Pop Up and Redirects to activate the feature.

After enabling Pop Up and Redirects, tap RELOAD to refresh Opensea and apply the updated settings.

Alternatively, you can activate Pop-Ups and Redirects for Opensea via browser settings.

Opensea Site Settings

To do this, click on the lock icon again and go to Site Settings.

Popups and redirects in browser settings

Finally, scroll down, find Pop-Ups and Redirects, and choose ALLOW from the options provided.

Refresh your page and continue the transaction.

2. Reset Network Settings

Reset Network Settings

If you still encounter the same problem after allowing Pop Up and Redirects settings in the Chrome browser, simply reset your Network Settings.

You can do this by disconnecting and reconnecting to your Internet devices or WiFi.

To do this, click on the network settings in the lower navigation bar of your PC devices.

Disconnect Internet Access

Tap DISCONNECT to remove internet access from your device. You can also forget WiFi networks.

Finally, connect your device to the internet or a working WiFi and try again.



Blocking Pop Up and Redirects is important for navigating the web hassle-free. This will protect you from cyber-attacks and spam ads.

However, enabling them is essential for completing various online transactions. Therefore, when you get the error “there was an error in the approval” in Opensea, enable the Pop-Ups and Redirects feature.

Alternatively, you can also reset your PC network settings to refresh your internet connection.

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