Metamask Transaction Not Showing on Etherscan (Solution)

Metamask Transaction Not Showing on Etherscan

Have you encountered an issue where your Metamask transaction is not showing on Etherscan explorer?

Like everything else, blockchain technology and blockchain network have their limits and limitations. When it comes to transaction processing, the Ethereum blockchain can only handle a few transactions per second.

However, when there are too many transactions being executed simultaneously on the Ethereum blockchain, it can subsequently lead to unprocessed and pending transactions.

In turn, pending transactions can result in a lot of issues, especially transactions not showing up in Etherscan after it has been processed in the Metamask wallet.

Usually, when you execute a transaction in your wallet and it is completed, a transaction hash will be assigned to the transaction.

A transaction hash or Txnhash is a string of unique and random characters assigned to a transaction on a blockchain.

It is a transaction’s unique identifier that you can use to look up your transaction on an explorer.

However, if you try to look up a transaction in Etherscan, you will get the error “Unable to locate Txnhash.”

When this happens, it means your transaction is pending, and its transaction hash is not valid.

To fix this error, you need to reset your wallet. Resetting your wallet will clear up all pending transactions or any transaction that is not on Etherscan.

Ensure you secure your private keys and 12-word mnemonic phrases very well before resetting your wallet. Meanwhile, your assets and funds are completely safe when you reset your wallet.

Here’s how to reset your wallet to clear up transactions that are not showing in Etherscan.

Solution for Metamask Transaction Not Showing on Etherscan

For Metamask Extensions

Metamask Extension Settings

1. Click on the Metamask wallet extension in the navigation bar of your browser and log in with your wallet password.

2. Once you’re in, select the account you want to reset and click on the wallet icon in the top right corner of your Metamask.


Reset Metamask Account Extension

Metamask Reset Account

4. In the Advanced Settings, click on RESET ACCOUNT.


For Mobile Metamask users

1. Open your wallet app and log in with your password.

2. Click on the three vertical lines in the top left corner of your home screen.

Metamask App Settings


Metamask App Advanced Settings

Metamask App Reset Account

4. In the Advanced Settings, click on RESET ACCOUNT. Confirm your action by tapping YES, RESET.

Confirm Metamask Account Reset


Once you perform an account reset, your transactions should start going through.



Performing an account reset in your Metamask wallet is necessary to resolve a pending transaction or a transaction that doesn’t show up in Etherscan.

However, it should only be used when strictly necessary for this purpose. This is because when you reset, Metamask considers your wallet to be a fresh and clean network, especially when the history has been cleared.

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