How to Resolve Opensea Stuck on Sign Message? (Quick Fix)

How to Resolve Opensea Stuck on Sign Message

Do you get stuck on Sign message when trying to complete a transaction on Opensea? You can simply resolve the problem by going through the solutions provided in this guide.

Opensea is the largest peer-to-peer NFT marketplace. Also, the first NFT marketplace, Opensea is a premier platform for buying, selling, and minting various forms of digital art, collectible, and gaming items.

However, the rise in the adoption of nonfungible tokens has led to several reported periodic unexpected technical problems on Opensea.

Due to its popularity, it’s normal to encounter issues when trying to process transactions.

Although some problems can arise from server upgrade issues from Opensea, which users cannot control, others require a few tips and hacks to get back up and running.


Ways to Resolve Opensea Stuck on Sign Message

If you’re stuck on sign message when trying to complete an Opensea transaction, you can check the Opensea Status website in case there’s downtime or maintenance going on in Opensea.

Opensea Status

To do this, go to to check for operational downtime or maintenance updates.

However, if there is no maintenance or downtime going on, you might try these few ways to get rid of the problem:

  1. Refresh funds in Opensea
  2. Clear website cache and cookies
  3. Switch a new web browser

1. Refresh funds in Opensea

When you log in to your Opensea account, your wallet balance is automatically synced to the marketplace.

However, if your wallet balance is not updated before you carry out a transaction on Opensea, you might get stuck on Sign message.

Therefore, if you encounter this problem, simply click on the wallet icon in the top right corner of the Opensea website to display your Opensea wallet.

Opensea Refresh Funds

In your Opensea wallet, on MY WALLETS, and tap REFRESH FUND. Sign the process in your wallet to complete fund refresh.

Wait for the update to complete before going back to your transaction.

2. Clear website cache and cookies

Browser cookies and cache are another reason why you might get stuck on the sign message on Opensea.

Cache serves as storage for web files. When you visit a webpage, they are stored as cache files so that you can easily access them whenever you need them.

This makes it faster for web page retrieval or loading if you visit the page again.

However, there are many times that when you return to a webpage, the cache file might not update.

This will result in your browser loading an outdated version of the cached website, especially its cookies and script files.

To get rid of this problem, you need to clear your cookies and cache within your website.

Browser Settings

To do this, open your Chrome browser and click on the three dots in your browser’s navigation bar to open browser options.

Browser Privacy and Security


Clear Browsing Data

Mark ‘Cookies and other site data and ‘Cached images and files.’ Set the time range as ALL TIME and tap CLEAR DATA.

Clear Cookies and Cache

Go back to your web browser and try the transaction again.

3. Update or switch your web browser

Finally, you can also try to update your browser or use a new browser if the problem still persists.

An outdated browser can harbor bugs that may affect your site data. Therefore, you need to update your browser periodically.

To update your Chrome browser, go to and click on DOWNLOAD CHROME, or I WANT TO UPDATE CHROME to install a newer version.

Once you’re done, sign back in and continue using Opensea.

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