How To Get Opensea API Key? (Easiest Way)

How To Get Opensea API Key

Getting an API Key from Opensea might seem like an impossible task, and if you feel like this, you’re not entirely wrong. Opensea is the world’s largest NFT marketplace, and therefore, it can be very hard to access its API.

The Opensea API is one of the most important NFT infrastructures for developers. It gives unlimited access to vast NFT data.

It allows users and developers to integrate and use to build newer and better NFT with NFT data available on Opensea.

With the API, developers can have access to unlimited metadata of all ERC721 and ERC1155 NFTs available on the marketplace. They will also access core data, including collections and their orders, events, etc.

The Opensea API Key provides access to this API. Fortunately for developers, the API Key is free. However, getting one is like the survival of the fittest. The key is free, and it is from the largest NFT marketplace in the world. Therefore, many people prefer it for their projects.

Getting an Opensea API Key might take months or never. It’s a common issue with everyone. However, we’ll take you through how to get an Opensea API Key fast and easily.

Meanwhile, if you’re having a hard time getting one, we’ll highlight some reliable API alternatives you can get for your projects immediately.

The Opensea API and API Key

As mentioned earlier, the Opensea API allows developers to access and integrate valuable NFT data into their projects, platform or applications so that their users can easily fetch the cached data.

The Opensea API is used in various wallets, analytics tools, rarity tools, aggregators, and many other websites where you can find NFT data.

The quest for getting and integrating Opensea API is understandable since it is the largest marketplace in the world. Opensea’s contribution toward seamless mainstream NFT trading and adoption cannot be overemphasized.

Apart from giving end users, investors, and collectors the ability to trade, they also develop an API infrastructure so that people can access important NFT data in aggregators, wallets, explorers, and other tools.

Opensea API is the most reliable API for accessing NFT data, metadata, and token contracts. Opensea API is read-only, and it has four main important data models:

  1. Asset Model
  2. Event Model
  3. Account Model
  4. Collection Model

Many times, the Opensea API Key is not useful if you’re developing a prototype.

If your project is still in development and you’re building a prototype, the Opensea API Key may not necessarily be useful. You can easily build prototypes with the Opensea API without its key.

Usually, an ordinary Opensea API is open and free but rate-limited. However, if you’re in a production environment, you can remove the limits in ordinary Opensea API by applying for an API Key.

Therefore, unless you have an API Key, you can’t enjoy the full potential of Opensea API in your project’s endpoint.

Opensea API is rate limited to prevent developers from abusing it since it is more accessible than the full version. If the full version is as accessible as the rate-limited version, developers will be able to build bots for various malicious means, especially front-running NFT transactions during mints.

Therefore, Opensea needs to verify and assess the authenticity of your project to ensure you are not using it for any malicious means.

If you have an excellent project, you can easily apply for an API Key in simple steps with your prototype and get API Keys within weeks.

Getting an Opensea API Key: Is it Impossible?

People always go for the best when it comes to making choices. Opensea is a reputable marketplace; therefore, it is normal to expect the best from them.

Getting an Opensea API Key is not impossible. However, it can be slower than usual due to the higher rise in requests for an API Key.

Although many developers complain bitterly about not getting an API Key, it is easy for anyone to say it is impossible. Some may not be patient enough, some projects are not worth it, and some are just not lucky.

However, in case you apply and you’ve not gotten a reply, don’t be lured into purchasing an API Key from a scalper or scammer online.

Although buying an API Key might work, it violates the Terms of Service of Opensea. Therefore, you might lose access to the key for present and future integration.


How to Apply for an Opensea API Key

If you’re working on a legitimate project with excellent use cases, your chances of getting an API Key from Opensea is higher.

However, carefully applying for an API Key can also significantly increase your chances of success. Therefore, if you have a good prototype of your product, you can successfully submit a compelling application.

Meanwhile, even if you create a compelling application, a quick turnaround time may not be feasible for most people since the API Key is high on demand.

It is also important to note that you’ll have to submit some personal info for KYC. Meanwhile, this should not be a problem if you have nothing to hide.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for an Opensea API Key:

  1. Go to API Key Request Page
  2. Fill out the Request Form

1. Go to API Key Request Page

Opensea Developer Platform

From your web browser, navigate to the request section of the Opensea API Reference page at

In the ‘REQUEST AN API KEY’ section, sign in to your Google account to complete the form.

Request An API Key on Opensea

Ensure you read the instructions and requirements to get started. Once you are done, tap NEXT to begin the application.

2. Fill out the Request Form

You will be asked many questions regarding your identity and project in the request form.

Opensea API Key Request Form

The fields that you must fill out include:

  1. Email Address: a personal email address or that of your project.
  2. Project/Company Name
  3. Project Description: A brief detail about the product you’re building that details why you need the API Key
  4. Link to Project Website: A link to what you’re developing. A GitHub link also works here.

Opensea API Key Form Questions

Other questions include:

  • How do you intend to use the OS API?
  • What best describes your project/company?
  • Discord username and wallet address

Finally, sign your wallet address and complete the form by accepting Opensea’s Terms of Service.

Opensea API Key Form Submit

Once you’re done, hit SUBMIT to send your application.

Applying for an Opensea API Key is as simple as that. Although the review process takes time, if your project is worthy, you’ll surely get the Key.

Opensea API Key Alternatives

Apart from Opensea, some other platforms and marketplaces offer good NFT APIs. However, none of these alternative platforms provides a better SDK than that of Opensea.

Some of these alternatives include:

1. Alchemy API

Alchemy is an NFT and web3 development platform, and its API provides access to important NFT data and metadata.

This API similarly works for ERC-721 and ERC-1155 as the Opensea API. Meanwhile, it also works for multiple blockchains, including Flow and Polygon. Support for Solana and Avalanche is under development.

2. NFTPort API

Another good API is that of NFTPort. NFTPort is an NFT infrastructure platform with exciting features, including multichain NFT Minting, live indexing, and deploying Opensea-compatible NFT contracts, among others.

Like Alchemy API, it provides multichain support for its API. Meanwhile, NFTPort API has more advanced features, making it a top alternative among developers.

Other API alternative sources include

  • Verily
  • Moralis
  • QuidNote



Opensea’s support for developers and their project is huge, and its API support is just one of them. The API is a full-featured, easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy support for accessing NFT data.

The marketplace is also the world’s leading provider of NFT API, allowing developers to delve into the NFT space with access to extensive read and write NFT data.

Although Opensea’s NFT API is reliable, the huge dependency on the platform has resulted in an overwhelming rise in requests. Meanwhile, since it is also the most widely used API, it will most certainly disrupt the whole NFT market if it fails at any time.

Luckily, NFT is a rapidly growing space with a wide range of innovative and sustainable growth. Therefore, there are always other excellent decentralized and centralized alternatives that developers can explore.

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