How to Connect Phantom Wallet to Magic Eden?

How to Connect Phantom Wallet to Magic Eden

Magic Eden has been championed as the most popular and the most used Solana native NFT marketplace. Since its launch in 2022, Magic Eden has boasted numerous ingenious NFT trading features while growing astronomically in in-platform development.

Magic Eden provides permissionless and decentralized access to some of the most creative digital assets, allowing users to mint, trade, and create NFTs. Using Magic Eden on any smart device is easy. The platform’s focus on an intuitive and user-focused interface made it an excellent choice for new and experienced NFT enthusiasts and traders.

Getting started with Magic Eden is super easy. All you have to do is connect a Solana native wallet like Phantom, Solflare, Sollet, Solong, or any other Solana-based wallet supported by Magic Eden.

To do this, download Phantom Wallet on your mobile device or PC. Set up a new wallet or import your existing SPL (Solana Program Library) wallet, and finally, click the CONNECT WALLET button from the top right corner.

That’s it! No need to create an account. Once connected, you can seamlessly use Magic Eden, explore its plethora of amazing NFT collections, and trade your first Solana NFT on the platform.

This article will take you through how to connect Phantom Wallet, one of the most used Solana native wallets, to Magic Eden on your PC or mobile smart device. Let’s get to it.

Steps to Connect Phantom Wallet to Magic Eden on PC

Here’s a step-by-step guide on connecting your Phantom wallet to Magic Eden on a PC:

  1. Install the Phantom Wallet extension
  2. Set up Phantom wallet
  3. Visit Magic Eden
  4. Connect Phantom wallet

Install the Phantom Wallet extension

Phantom Wallet extension

To get started with using Phantom Wallet on your desktop, visit and select your browser.

This should redirect you to your browser’s extension store, where you can install the wallet.

For Chrome, simply click on ADD TO CHROME to start the installation. Once the download is complete, select Phantom wallet extension from the extension menu in the top navigation bar of your browser to begin setting up.

Set up Phantom wallet

Set up Phantom wallet

Open the Phantom wallet and click on CREATE A NEW WALLET if you’re a new user. Create a strong password to secure your account. Then click on CONTINUE.

After setting up your password, your 12-word secret recovery phrase will be generated. Ensure you store the phrase safely because they are your private keys that serve as your web3 identity.

Secret Recovery Phrase

Also, if you lose access to the phrase, you may lose access to your assets forever since the recovery phrase is the only way to restore your wallet.

Once you’ve saved the password and securely stored your recovery phrase, tap CONTINUE to finalize the setup.

For existing users, on the home screen, click on I ALREADY HAVE A WALLET and enter your secret recovery phrase. This way, you can restore your wallet and the assets in it.

Confirm the seed phrase

Confirm the seed phrase and set the wallet password. Then tap CONTINUE to finish importing your wallet.

Visit Magic Eden website

After setting up your browser wallet on Chrome or Firefox, go to in your web browser.

Connect Phantom wallet

Connect Wallet on MagicEden

On the homepage’s top right corner, click SELECT WALLET to add your Phantom wallet.

Connect Phantom Wallet

Select Phantom Wallet from available wallet options by tapping “VIEW OPTIONS.”

Connect Phantom Wallet with MagicEden

Input your wallet password to log in to Phantom Wallet and click on CONNECT from the wallet approval prompt that pops up in your wallet, and that’s all. You’re all set to start using Magic Eden.

Steps to Connect Phantom Wallet to Magic Eden on Android/iOS

Here’s a step-by-step guide on connecting your Phantom wallet to Magic Eden on Android/iOS:

  1. Download Phantom wallet
  2. Set up Phantom wallet
  3. Connect to Magic Eden

Download Phantom wallet

Download Phantom Wallet App

On your mobile phone, navigate to your app store, Google Play Store for Android devices, and App Store for iOS devices.

Using the search bar, look for PHANTOM WALLET and click on PHANTOM WALLET from the search results.

On the app page, tap DOWNLOAD to install the Phantom Wallet mobile app on your phone.

Set up Phantom wallet

After downloading the wallet, open the app from your app menu to begin setting up.

  • New Users

Create a New Phantom Wallet

If you’re a new user, click CREATE A NEW WALLER from the home screen to set up a new Phantom wallet.

Your 12-word mnemonic phrase will be automatically generated on the next page. Ensure you securely save the seed recovery phrase if you lose access to your Phantom wallet.

To do this, click on COPY TO CLIPBOARD. Then, save it somewhere. Meanwhile, ensure no one has access to the seed recovery phrase to avoid unauthorized access to your assets.

Secret Recovery Phrase

After saving, tap “OK, I SAVED IT SOMEWHERE” to continue. Finally, agree to the terms of service to finish setting up.

To further strengthen your wallet security, go to settings by clicking the settings icon from the top left corner of the Phantom Wallet dashboard.

In your settings, go to SECURITY AND PRIVACY and enable FACE ID/FINGERPRINT authentication. This way, only you can log in, move funds or interact with any protocol within your wallet.

  • Existing Users

I Already Have a Wallet Phantom Wallet

Alternatively, you can import your SPL (Solana Program Library) wallet into Phantom wallet by clicking “I ALREADY HAVE A WALLET.”

On the next page, ensure you enable biometric authentication with your Face ID or fingerprint to secure your wallet.

Then, enter your secret seed recovery phrase and click on GET STARTED to start using Phantom Wallet.

Connect to Magic Eden

Phantom Wallet Browser Button

Once you’ve set up your wallet, it’s time to connect it to Magic Eden. Click on the browser icon in the bottom left corner of the lower navigation bar to open the in-app dApp browser and to

Phantom Wallet Hamburger Menu

On Magic Eden’s home page, click the HAMBURGER MENU in the top left corner to open the side menu.

Connect Phantom Wallet

To connect your wallet, click on CONNECT WALLET and select PHANTOM WALLET from the available options for Solana native wallets.

Approve the action by tapping CONNECT from the wallet prompt that pops up after that. That’s it; you’re now connected to Magic Eden.


Connecting your Phantom wallet is simple and easy. It is a step to unraveling the marvel of digital artistry that lurks in Magic Eden’s marketplace.

Whether you’re accessing the marketplace on PC or mobile devices, all you have to do is set up a wallet, take a path down to Magic Eden’s decentralized wonderland, and explore Solana NFT’s imaginative NFT Collections.

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