Coinbase Error “Unable To Determine Fee Try Again Later” Fix

Coinbase Error "Unable To Determine Fee Try Again Later"

Encountering transaction errors or difficulty while trying to process your crypto transaction can be utterly frustrating.

If you encounter an “unable to determine fee tey again later” error while trying to complete a transaction in your Coinbase wallet, you can use a few tips mentioned in this article and resolve the problem within minutes.

Meanwhile, it is very much unlikely for a well-known and reliable crypto wallet like Coinbase wallet to have a transfer issue. In fact, the least of them all; is not being able to calculate transaction fees.

However, a few things are responsible for this glitch.

While the Coinbase wallet is a top non-custodial wallet that gives free control over your asset for permissionless trading, processing transaction requires transaction fees, just like with any other wallet.

Therefore, if Coinbase wallet cannot determine the fee for a transaction, there is no way you can process or complete the transaction.

This guide will take you through different reasons why the wallet determines your fee and how to fix them.

Reasons and Solutions for “Unable To Determine Fee Try Again Later” Error in Coinbase Wallet

Unable to Determine Fee in Coinbase Wallet

Although not a common problem, the inability of the Coinbase wallet rarely stems from in-app glitches or bugs.

However, it is mostly due to insufficient balance to cover gas fees.

1. Insufficient Balance

The most common reason why you can encounter this problem is if you don’t have enough funds to cover gas fees.

Gas fees or miners fees are important for validating and approving your transaction on the blockchain.

The type of cryptocurrency you would pay for gas fees depends on the blockchain you’re using.

Therefore, you need to fund your wallet with extra cryptocurrencies to cover gas fees.

Fortunately, you can easily get this from your Coinbase account or other CEXes like Binance. Therefore, if you’re using the Ethereum blockchain, you need to deposit extra Ether tokens. For Polygon, you need MATIC. For Solana, you need SOL, etc.

The fee you pay is rewarded to miners who validate, maintain, and confirm your transaction on the blockchain.

2. Bugs and Glitches

Encountering bugs and glitches is normal for every software and app.

However, if they cause disruption in transaction activities, it is very much likely that Coinbase has detected and fixed the error in a newer update.

Therefore, all you need to do is update the Coinbase wallet in your mobile app store.

Update Coinbase Wallet

To do this, simply go to your mobile app store and tap UPDATE on your Coinbase wallet store page.

Once the update is complete, open the app and retry the transaction.

Alternatively, you can just clear the app cache to remove all cached data that might have caused glitches.

3. Use Coinbase Web Wallet

Another way to resolve the issue is by using the web version of the Coinbase wallet on the Chrome browser.

This is important if the bug disturbing your mobile Coinbase wallet app is running loose in your mobile device.

Coinbase Web Wallet

All you have to do is go to the Coinbase wallet website at and click on DOWNLOAD WALLET from the homepage.

Coinbase Chrome Extension

This should redirect you to the Coinbase Wallet Extension on Chrome Web Store. Tap on ADD TO CHROME.

Once the installation is complete, open the wallet and restore your mobile Coinbase wallet on the extension.

Import Coinbase Wallet

Start by choosing ‘I already have a wallet,’ then enter your 12-word recovery phrase and click on IMPORT.

Import Coinbase Wallet 1

Finally, supply your username and password and click SUBMIT.

Import Coinbase Wallet 2

Afterward, you can try the transaction again on your PC device.



Coinbase wallet is one of the best crypto wallets, especially for mobile devices. Therefore, the odds of encountering the “unable to determine fee try again later” is low.

Yet, if you do, ensure you check your balance or adjust your transaction amount to cover gas fees.

If you have enough assets and you’re still getting the same error when trying to complete a transaction, simply update the app or clear your app cache.

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