“Personal Address Detected. Input The Collectible Contract Address” Error

Personal Address Detected. Input The Collectible Contract Address

NFTs’ adoption is growing at an extremely fast rate, and almost every crypto-centric individual has one.

However, storing and securing your NFT is another important part of investing in NFTs. One way to store your NFT is with Metamask crypto wallet.

Metamask is the most popular non-custodial Ethereum crypto wallet that allows the storage, transfer, buying, and selling of cryptocurrency assets.

One of the perks of using the Metamask wallet is its accessibility and availability. Metamask is available as an add-on or extension on PC browsers. It is also available on Google Play Store for Androids or App Store on mobile iOS devices.

It supports more than 450,000 tokens across the most important blockchains, including BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, and many others.

Apart from these, it allows users to collect and transfer non-fungible tokens within the wallet. Metamask provides a safe, secured, and non-custodial environment for storing crypto assets, making it a preferred option for storing NFTs.

Using Metamask for NFTs

NFTs have been around for some years, and everyone seems to want to ape into the trend and earn a few bucks.

Storing NFT on Metamask provides a non-custodial and decentralized way of safeguarding your asset for free.

However, NFTs are only compatible with mobile Metamask for Android and iOS users. Nonetheless, Metamask announced that the feature would be available on the PC browser Metamask extension soon.

Managing your crypto assets with the Metamask wallet is a seamless way to store and retrieve them hassle-free. However, when it comes to NFTs, it can be overwhelming, especially for newbies.

Therefore, whether you’re an experienced or a new NFT investor, it is possible to encounter issues while storing your NFTs on Metamask.

Metamask supports multi-chain NFTs, i.e., it supports ETH-based NFTs as well as NFTs from other supported chains, including Polygon, Avalanche, or even BNB Chain.

When you’re using Metamask to store an NFT, it pulls the data of all NFTs present in your wallet using Opensea and IPFS. This automatically lets your NFT appear in your Metamask wallet.

However, if your NFT does not appear in your wallet, you can manually add them using the IMPORT NFTs option in your Metamask wallet.

With this, you can add NFTs with their token ID and contract address from Opensea.

Unfortunately, many times, when trying to add an NFT to your wallet, you can encounter “personal address detected. Input the collectible address.”

This error usually happens when Metamask detects the NFT contract address as a personal wallet address. As a result, it restricts users from adding their NFTs to the wallet.


How to Solve ‘Personal Address Detected Input the Collectible Address’ Error

‘Personal address detected input the collectible address’ can be caused by two main things:

  1. Incorrect contract address
  2. Incorrect NFT blockchain

1. Incorrect contract address

One of the most common reasons for this error is if you’re adding NFT with the wrong contract address or a personal address.

Contract address and token ID are unique to every NFT.

A contract address usually refers to a blockchain address hosting the code for the NFT smart contract.

Contract addresses are always formed when a smart contract is deployed on the blockchain. Therefore, when an NFT collection is created, the address holding the smart contract is the contract address.

Meanwhile, the token ID is a set of unsigned integer 256 variables assigned to a particular NFT in its collection.

The contract address and the token ID both form the unique global identifier for an NFT

Therefore, if you’re getting this error, you need to check the right contract address in your Opensea.

Here’s how to find the right contract address in Opensea:

  1. Log in to your profile on Opensea
  2. Copy Contract Address from Etherscan

1. Log in to your Opensea profile

All details about your NFT are always available in your Opensea account.

All you have to do is log in and check the DETAILS section of your NFT page.

Connect Wallet on Opensea

Go to Opensea.io on your dApp browser. Tap the three lines to open the side menu. In the menu, click on CONNECT WALLET.

Choose Metamask as the preferred wallet and sign the connection in the wallet prompt that pops up.

2. Copy Contract Address from Etherscan

Opensea Profile

Once you’re connected, click on the three lines again to open the side menu. Then tap ACCOUNT > PROFILE to go to your profile.

NFT collection on Opensea

In your profile, select the NFT you wish to add to your Metamask to open its details. Scroll down to the DETAILS section of your NFT page.

NFT details

Here, the Contract Address is always shown as the first NFT details.

However, the Contract Address is always hyperlinked to an explorer (Etherscan for Ethereum NFT or Polygonscan for Polygon NFT).

NFT Contract Address

Click on the hyperlinked address to go to the NFT page on its blockchain explorer.

The contract address is always at the top of the NFT Contract Page in the explorer.

NFT contract address on Etherscan

Copy the address and replace the wrong one you’ve been using.

Input the token ID alongside the address in your wallet and tap IMPORT.


2. Incorrect NFT blockchain

Another reason for the ‘Personal address detected input the collectible address’ issue is if you’re adding the NFT on the wrong blockchain network.

For example, if the NFT was minted on the Polygon network and you’re adding it on the Ethereum blockchain on Metamask, you’ll surely encounter the issue.

However, you can verify the blockchain of your NFT by checking its details on Opensea.

Go to Opensea.io on your Metamask dApp browser and log in by tapping CONNECT WALLET in the side menu.

Once you’re logged in, go to ACCOUNT > PROFILE. Choose a preferred NFT and scroll down to the DETAILS section. Here, you will see the Blockchain network it was minted on and also the NFT Token Standard.

NFT Token Standard

If you’re using the wrong blockchain, you can simply add the right network via Chainlist.

Via your dApp browser, go to Chainlist.org and click on ‘CONNECT WALLET’ to automatically connect your Metamask wallet to the chainlist.


Once you’re connected, search for the right blockchain network or select it from the Network List provided.

Chainlist Add To Metamask

Finally, tap ‘ADD TO METAMASK’ to add the network to your wallet.

Approve the process and tap ‘SWITCH NETWORK’ to change your Metamask network.

Import NFT on Metamask

Finally, go back to the NFT section in your Metamask wallet, then tap IMPORT NFT to add your NFT to the right blockchain network.

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