NFT not Showing Up in Coinbase Wallet? Here’s Why

NFT not Showing Up in Coinbase Wallet

Over the years, digital representation has evolved, with NFTs at the forefront of its innovative growth. Meanwhile, as NFTs’ adoption skyrockets, the need for a reliable, secure, easy-to-use noncustodial wallet rises.

Coinbase wallet remains a top choice for many NFT traders, creators, and artists. For one, it is the native wallet of one of the most popular crypto exchanges that has proven to be an indomitable force in the crypto space. Also, it has powerful encryption and an intuitive interface.

Despite its popularity, Coinbase wallet has very limited support for NFT assets. Consequently, many users encounter errors, including NFTs not showing up in the Coinbase wallet. NFTs not showing up in Coinbase wallet is a minor issue. However, identifying the cause is important to resolving the error and recovering your NFT.

In this article, we will take you through why your NFT asset is not showing up in the Coinbase wallet and how to resolve it in a few steps. Let’s get to it.

Reasons For NFTs Not Showing Up In The Coinbase Wallet

NFTs not showing is a common issue among Coinbase wallet users, especially newbies. Unfortunately, the limited support for NFTs and poor customer service makes it difficult for many users to resolve.

Still, the error remains a trivial issue that can be caused by one or more of the following:

Syncing Delay

Logging into a new Coinbase NFT requires the wallet to access your on-chain data and assets before displaying them. However, syncing delays can occur from optimization issues or server-side caching.

In other words, NFT not showing in the Coinbase wallet can occur when your data hasn’t synced with the wallet yet, especially during network congestion.

Unsupported Chain

Although the Coinbase wallet has a lot of advantages, it only provides support for NFTs traded on the Ethereum mainnet. In other words, if your NFT is minted on other layer one or layer two networks like Polygon, Arbitrum, or Solana – you cannot see it in your Coinbase wallet.

Lazy Minted NFT

Lazy minting is a relatively new concept whereby the creator creates only the metadata of the NFT on-chain without minting the NFT itself. If an NFT is lazy minted, it will not be minted on the chain until it has been sold.

This way, the buyer pays a minting fee only when it has been sold off. Many creators do lazy minting to waive the exorbitant gas fee incurred during the creation or launch of their NFT collection.

NFT is Hidden

Using Coinbase wallet, creators and buyers can hide and unhide their NFTs since they have noncustodial access. Therefore, NFTs not appearing in the Coinbase wallet can also occur when the NFT is hidden.

Unsupported NFT Format

Coinbase NFT wallet does not support all NFT file formats, including audio-only (.mp3, .wav) and text (.txt, .doc) files.

Flagged NFT Content

If your NFT has been taken or flagged due to a violation of the marketplace rules, it may not show in your Coinbase NFT wallet. However, you still retain ownership of the NFT on-chain.

Steps to Solve NFT Not Showing Up in Coinbase Wallet

The most common solution to NFTs not showing up in Coinbase wallet is importing your wallet to an entirely new crypto wallet like Trust wallet or Metamask. This way, you can be sure your wallet supports a wide variety of blockchain networks and file formats.

You can also update your wallet to improve the syncing process or sit it out for up to an hour so that your wallet can completely sync with on-chain data.

Nevertheless, here are some of the ways to resolve NFTs not showing up in the Coinbase wallet:

  1. Wait for Syncing
  2. Try a New Wallet
  3. Unhide NFT
  4. Update Coinbase Wallet

Wait for Syncing

In many cases, the best thing to do is wait for your wallet to finish syncing, especially when you’re sure that’s the issue. This takes as much as 30 minutes to one hour.

The wait time generally depends on the server load time and bandwidth. Therefore, the better the server-side caching technology, the faster the syncing and the lower your waiting time.

Also, abnormal network congestion can result in higher waiting time. However, if you wait for up to 6 hours, syncing is definitely not the cause of the problem.

Try a New Wallet

Trying a new wallet is advisable, especially if the Coinbase wallet does not support your NFT file format or blockchain network.

All you have to do is import your Coinbase wallet into another non-custodial wallet with greater support for NFTs. These include Trust Wallet or Metamask.

Here’s how to import your wallet to Metamask or Trust wallet:

Open your Coinbase wallet and log in with your wallet password.

Coinbase Wallet Settings

Go to your wallet settings by clicking SETTINGS from the bottom navigation bar.

Coinbase Wallet Show Recovery Phrases

In settings, tap SHOW RECOVERY PHRASE. Input your wallet password. Ensure you do not share your recovery phrase with anyone, as this may result in the loss of crypto assets.

Show Recovery Phrase in Coinbase Wallet

Unhide the phrase and copy it to your clipboard.

Once you’ve got your recovery phrase, you can now import the wallet to a newly downloaded wallet.

Unhide NFT

Anyone can hide their NFTs in their collection. However, hidden NFTs can still be viewed in the HIDDEN tab.

To unhide your NFT in Coinbase wallet:

Coinbase Wallet NFT Settings

Open your Coinbase wallet and click on SETTINGS from the bottom navigation bar.

Hide Assets Coinbase Wallet

In your wallet settings, scroll down and click on HIDE ASSETS.

Unhide Assets in Coinbase Wallet

In the section for NFTs, check your available NFTs and click the EYE icon to unhide them.

Update Coinbase Wallet

Another reason why your NFTs may not be showing up is because you’re using an outdated wallet. This generally results in syncing delay and the inability to view your NFT assets within the wallet.

For mobile phone users, open your app store and search for COINBASE WALLET. On the app page, click UPDATE and wait for the update to complete.

Update Coinbase Wallet

For Google Chrome Extension users, go to the Google Chrome Extension store and search for COINBASE WALLET. Then click on UPDATE or redownload the wallet to ensure you’re using the updated version.


NFT and digital representation are rising exponentially. Unfortunately, the technology holding them up is still nascent.

Experiencing simple issues like NFTs not showing up in your wallet can be frustrating. However, with a clear understanding of the cause, it is simple and easy to resolve.

Most times, it’s a result of network congestion delaying wallet syncing. Also, unsupported networks, unsupported file formats, and lazy minted or flagged NFTs are simply why NFTs are not showing up in the Coinbase wallet.

However, by following the solutions outlined above, you can easily recover your NFT assets within your wallet.

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