How To Stake XCAD Tokens? (3 Ways)

How To Stake XCAD

Using YouTube for content creation and monetization can be hard to rely on, especially with its ever-changing algorithms that creators need to learn.

However, platforms like XCAD have proven to be extremely beneficial in allowing content creators to pull huge engagement and monetize their content.

XCAD is a decentralized monetization platform for content creators. The platform provides extra revenue-generating opportunities to help content creators grow their channels. XCAD offers several products and innovative solutions to help both growing and established creators connect better with their audience.

In addition to this, it gives them the opportunity to empower themselves and their audience with additional monetization opportunities.

XCAD also offers educational programs to help upcoming creators efficiently craft the best way to stand out and succeed.

The platform has an ERC-20 and ZRC-2 native token, the XCAD token. The token is useful as an asset of exchange in the XCAD ecosystem. It also serves as the main governance token that users can use for decision-making processes.

On top of this, users and creators in the Xcad program can earn passive income by locking their XCAD tokens in liquidity farms or by staking them in pools.

To earn passively by staking XCAD tokens, first, you must fund your wallet with XCAD tokens.

XCAD is available on Centralized exchanges like Huobi, Hotbit, or Kucoin. It is also available on Decentralised exchanges like Pancakeswap or Uniswap. Therefore, if you have ETH or BNB coins, you can quickly swap them for XCAD on DEXes.

If you have a verified CEX account with Kucoin or Hotbit, you can easily fund your wallet with USDT from P2P exchanges or via Credit/debit cards. Then swap the USDT for XCAD.

How to Buy XCAD?

Before you can stake your XCAD tokens with Tokensfarm, you must fund your Metamask wallet with the token. You can get the token from CEXes and then stake it on Tokensfarm.

Here’s how to fund your Metamask wallet with XCAD tokens:

  1. Buy USDT
  2. Swap USDT with XCAD tokens
  3. Add XCAD to Metamask wallet and copy the deposit address
  4. Send XCAD to Metamask


To buy XCAD with Kucoin, open your app and log in to your account.

On the homepage, click BUY CRYPTO. Select USDT as the token you want to buy.

Input the amount of token you want to buy and tap BUY USDT.

Input your card details and verify your details to confirm the transaction.

Alternatively, you can use the P2P options for a wider range of payment options.

Swap USDT with XCAD tokens

Swap USDT with XCAD tokens on Kucoin

Once you’ve funded your wallet with USDT tokens, go to Trade Spot Trading on the top navigation bar. From the asset dropdown, search for XCAD and USDT trading pairs (XCAD/USDT).

Choose XCAD/USDT from the results. This should take you to the XCAD’s price chart.

Below the price chart, click BUY. On the purchase page, change the order from LIMIT to MARKET. Input the amount of USDT you want to swap to XCAD and click BUY XCAD.

Once the transaction has been executed, your wallet will be funded with XCAD tokens.

Add XCAD to Metamask wallet and copy the deposit address

After funding your Kucoin with XCAD, you can now send it to your Metamask wallet.

Usually, XCAD is not available in your Metamask wallet. However, you can easily add the token by importing it with its Contract Address.

To do this, visit on your web browser.

Coinmarketcap XCAD

Search for XCAD in the upper search bar. Click XCAD from the results. Scroll down to the CONTRACTS and expand the option to copy the XCAD ETH Contract Address.

XCAD ETH Contract Address

Go back to your Metamask wallet and import XCAD with the contract address you copied from Coinmarketcap.

In your Metamask wallet, click IMPORT TOKENS. Switch to custom tokens and paste the XCAD contract address.

Import XCAD Token in MetaMask

Other details, including ‘symbol’ and ‘token of precision,’ will come up automatically. Then click IMPORT.

Send XCAD to Metamask

After importing your XCAD token, click Receive and copy the deposit address in MetaMask.

In your Kucoin app, go to Assets > Withdraw. Search for XCAD from the search bar.

From the results, click XCAD and paste your deposit address in the space provided for WALLET ADDRESS.

Enter withdrawal amount and finally click WITHDRAW.

Withdraw XCAD from Kucoin

Complete verifications to approve the withdrawal. Once the transaction has been executed, the equivalent value of XCAD will reflect in your Metamask wallet.

After funding your wallet, there are different platforms where you can stake your XCAD tokens. They include:

  1. Tokensfarm
  2. NFTrade
  3. XCAD DEX platform


3 Ways to Stake XCAD Tokens

1. Staking XCAD on Tokensfarm

Staking XCAD on Tokensfarm

To stake your XCAD tokens on Tokensfarm, visit

Click CONNECT WALLET and choose your preferred wallet. For Metamask users, pick the WalletConnect option and connect your wallet.

Once your wallet is connected, review the staking program details and input the amount of XCAD tokens you want to stake.

Finally, confirm staking and approve the transaction in your wallet.

2. Staking XCAD on NFTrade

Staking XCAD on NFTrade

Another way to stake XCAD tokens is through NFTrade. It is a decentralized NFT trading platform for several blockchains.

The platform provides support for staking ERC-20 XCAD tokens.

To stake your XCAD tokens with NFTrade, simply go to

Connect your Metamask wallet.

Click STAKE on the XCAD staking page. Enter the amount and approve the Terms and Conditions.

Tap Continue to confirm your staking.

Once the staking has been confirmed, stakers will earn nXCAD tokens daily. They can claim the nXCAD tokens to buy NFT on the platform.

3. Staking XCAD Tokens on XCAD Network DEX

Staking XCAD on Tokensfarm and NFTrade is only available for ERC-20, BEP-20, and Polygon tokens.

However, XCAD network DEX allows only the Zilliqa-based version of the token. Therefore, to stake with the official XCAD DEX, you need a Zilliqa-based wallet called Zilpay.

Zilpay is available on mobile app stores and as a Chrome extension. After downloading your Zilpay wallet, open the wallet and create a new account.

Backup and restore your 12-word seed phrase. Finally, input the preferred password and finish the setup.

Before you can buy XCAD on Zilpay wallet, you need to fund your wallet with ZIL tokens. ZIL tokens are available on Binance exchange.

Therefore, you need to fund your wallet with ZIL from Binance, then swap it to XCAD before staking it.

Here’s how to stake XCAD on its DEX platform with Zilpay wallet.

  1. Buy ZIL on Binance
  2. Transfer ZIL to Zilpay wallet
  3. Swap ZIL for XCAD
  4. Stake XCAD on XCAD DEX platform

1. Buy ZIL on Binance

Buy ZIL on Binance

Open and log in to your Binance app.

Switch to Binance Lite by tapping the profile icon in the top left corner of your app.

Once you’re in Binance Lite, search for ZIL from the search bar.

Tap ZIL from the result. This should load up its price chart. Below the price chart, tap BUY.

Indicate the amount of ZIL you’d like to buy. Choose your preferred payment method and tap CONFIRM.

In the next window, input your payment details and the billing address. Double-check your information and confirm purchase.

Your purchase will be executed once payment details have been confirmed.

2. Transfer ZIL to Zilpay wallet

After funding your Binance with ZIL, go to your Zilpay wallet and copy your ZIL deposit address to transfer the tokens to your wallet.

Transfer ZIL to Zilpay wallet

Open your Zilpay wallet and click RECEIVE in your dashboard and copy the address.

Go back to your Binance app and tap the wallet icon in the bottom right corner.

Tap WITHDRAW and search for ZIL under crypto assets.

Withdraw ZIL from Binance

On ZIL’s withdrawal page, paste your deposit address. This should automatically load up the network. You can also manually choose Zilliqa as the network.

Finally, enter the amount of ZIL you want to withdraw and confirm your withdrawal. Complete verifications to execute your transaction.

Your transfer should reflect in your Zilpay wallet within 5-10 minutes.

3. Swap ZIL for XCAD

Swap ZIL for XCAD

After confirming the transfer in your Zilpay wallet, go to Zilliqa DEX at in your dApp browser.

Choose ZIL in the first field and XCAD as the token you are swapping to. Then tap CONNECT WALLET to link your Zilpay wallet.

Input the amount of ZIL you want to swap to XCAD. Tap SWAP and confirm the transaction.

4. Stake XCAD on the XCAD DEX platform

To stake your XCAD in XCAD DEX, go to on your Zilpay dApp browser.

On the staking page, tap connect and link your Zilpay wallet.

Stake XCAD on the XCAD DEX platform

Change the staking option from LP FARMS to SINGLE ASSETS. Choose a preferred staking pool from the ones available.

Input the amount of XCAD you’d like to stake and tap ENABLE XCAD. Once you approve the prompt, confirm the transaction to stake your XCAD tokens.



XCAD network allows content creators to launch their Content Creator Token to reward their fans. They can also include NFT collectibles of anything, including iconic moments or videos, to reward followers and gain more audience.

Meanwhile, fans will be able to receive these rewards by engaging in almost all content from creators.

By engaging with the content, creators will earn higher from high view time and positive comments. Meanwhile, fans can trade their Content Creator Tokens for XCAD tokens on DEXes.

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