How To Stake $JUNO? (3 Ways)

How To Stake JUNO

Juno is a decentralized public blockchain that provides support for the development and deployment of cross-chain smart contracts on Cosmos.

It is an open smart contract hub that allows developers to develop, execute, deploy or control smart contract projects.

Juno is a community-driven platform that allows users with different roles to connect and deploy interoperable smart contracts.

Meanwhile, it also serves as a solution to the problems of deploying smart contracts on layer one by improving scalability simplicity and decreasing gas fee.

Juno also features a native token, the $JUNO token. It functions as collateral when deploying smart contracts. It also secures the Juno network and serves as the governance token.

Users can also earn passively by staking the JUNO token. By locking JUNO, users can improve the security of the Juno Network. It will also give them the power to make voting and governance decisions.

In return, staker will earn rewards from revenue, including transaction fees and newly distributed tokens within Juno.

There are different ways to stake JUNO tokens. However, before staking the token, it is important to set up a crypto wallet that supports the token.


Add Keplr Wallet Chrome Extension

Set up your crypto wallet by downloading the Keplr Wallet extension for Chrome Browser.

You can go to the Keplr website at Clicking on the pop-up that appears on the homepage will redirect you to the Keplr Chrome Extension app. Click ADD TO CHROME to install.

Alternatively, you can go to the Chrome Extension store at Search for Keplr wallet and add it to Chrome.


Set Up Keplr Wallet

Set Up Keplr Wallet

After adding the extension, it’s time to set up a new Keplr wallet. Click on the Keplr extension to go to its web page.

On the web page, create a new account. A 12-word mnemonic phrase will appear. Ensure you don’t lose or share your seed phrase, as it is the key to your whole asset on Keplr. Back it up somewhere safe so that you won’t lose your asset if you lose your wallet.

Once you’ve secured the seed phrases, input an account name and a strong password. Then tap NEXT.

On the next page, you must input your seed phrases in the right order. Then tap REGISTER to finish the setup.

If you already have a Keplr account, you can simply log in via email address or Import Existing Account with your seed phrase.


Buying JUNO Token

If your wallet is funded with JUNO tokens, you’re good to go with staking the token. However, if you’ve not funded your account with JUNO, you can easily do that on Osmosis DEX.

However, you need ATOM tokens before you can get JUNO on Osmosis. Here’s how to buy JUNO tokens on Osmosis:

  1. Buy USDT on Binance
  2. Swap USDT to ATOM tokens
  3. Send ATOM to Keplr wallet
  4. Swap ATOM for JUNO on Osmosis

1. Buy USDT on Binance

You can easily buy ATOM tokens with USDT on the Binance exchange. To do this, simply log in to your Binance account.

On the top navigation bar, click BUY CRYPTO, then choose a preferred payment method.

On the purchase interface, choose USDT from the token list and enter the amount of USDT you want to buy.

Fill in your payment details and complete your purchase. Once your payment is complete, an equivalent amount of USDT will be deposited in your wallet.

2. Swap USDT to ATOM tokens

Swap USDT to ATOM tokens

After funding your wallet with USDT, you can now swap them to ATOM via Binance Convert.

On the top navigation bar, click TRADE > Binance Convert. This will take you to where you can swap tokens.

Choose USDT in the first field tagged ‘From’ and ATOM for the second field. Input the amount of USDT you want to swap to ATOM.

Finally, preview the conversion and Approve afterward.

Once the swap is complete, you should have your ATOM in your Spot Wallet.

3. Send ATOM to Keplr wallet

Send ATOM to Keplr wallet

Once you have ATOM tokens, you can fund your Keplr wallet and use them to buy JUNO tokens.

In your Keplr wallet, copy your ATOM deposit address from your wallet dashboard. You can easily see this under Cosmos Hub.

Go back to Binance and click Wallet > Fiat and Spot from the top navigation bar.

In your wallet, ATOM should appear as the first token. In the options in front of your ATOM tokens, click withdraw.

On the withdrawal page, paste your Cosmos Hub deposit address. Select COSMOS as Network and input the amount of ATOM you want to transfer.

Finally, click withdraw and wait for the transaction to reflect in your Keplr wallet.

4. Swap ATOM for JUNO on Osmosis

To swap your ATOM token to JUNO, you need to go to Osmosis DEX. Navigate to on your browser.

You can manually input ATOM in the first field and JUNO in the second one.

Now, tap CONNECT WALLET to link your Keplr wallet to the exchange.

Connect Keplr wallet to Osmosis

Approve connection notification in your Keplr wallet to continue.

Once your Keplr wallet has been approved, you should see your ATOM balance. Input the amount of ATOM you want to convert to JUNO.

Click SWAP and Approve the transaction in your Keplr wallet.

How To Stake JUNO?

Now that you have $JUNO in your Keplr wallet, it’s time to stake it. This article will cover three ways you can stake your JUNO tokens. They include:

  1. Staking JUNO on Omniflix UI
  2. On Keplr wallet
  3. With SteakWallet

1. Staking JUNO on Omniflix UI

The first way to stake your JUNO token is via the Omniflix UI. Here’s how to stake JUNO tokens with Omniflix UI.

  • Navigate To Omniflix UI and Connect your wallet
  • Select Preferred Validator
  • Delegate your token

1. Navigate To Omniflix UI and Connect your wallet

Simply navigate to


If you’re using the Omniflix for the first time, you must connect your Keplr wallet. On the homepage, just click CONNECT WITH KEPLR.

A popup will appear where you can sign and confirm the connection.

Confirm the connection on Omniflix

Click approve in your wallet to continue.

Once you’re connected, you’ll see your wallet details in the Omniflix dashboard.

2. Select Preferred Validator

Select Preferred Validator on Omniflix

After connecting your wallet, you must select validators to continue staking.

There are many validators where you can delegate your JUNO token before staking.

However, there are some points to consider when choosing a suitable validator. This is important, especially for the security of your asset and returns.

To choose a validator, you must consider the following:

  1. The first way to choose a good validator is by looking at how decentralized it is. The higher the token staked to a validator, the less decentralized it is. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a validator with moderate staked tokens.
  2. Another way is by checking the reputation of the validator on social media or via Juno explorers like or
  3. Apart from these, check if the validator takes a commission or adds extra rewards for the validator. Also check reachability, any slash history, or downtime history.

All these tips will protect your funds and your earnings.

To choose a validator, check the list of All Validators available. Click DELEGATE to choose a preferred validator you’d like to delegate your token.

3. Delegate your token

Delegate your token

A new window will pop up. Here, you can specify the amount of JUNO you want to delegate. Click DELEGATE and approve the transaction in your Keplr wallet.

Approve Delegate Juno in Keplr wallet

Once the transaction is executed, a new notification will appear to confirm that your delegation is successful. Click DONE.

You can view your staked validators in the Omniflix UI dashboard. All information about your staking will also appear in the dashboard.

You can redelegate your tokens to another validator or undelegate them. If you’re undelegating them, that means you’re unstaking your tokens.

However, unstaking JUNO from the node takes 28 days. Unclaimed rewards will be automatically added to your rewards and will be available for use in the next 28 days after unstaking.


2. Staking JUNO on Keplr Wallet

Another way to stake JUNO is through the Keplr wallet’s staking option.

To stake your token on Keplr, go to Keplr at

Connect to the dashboard with your Keplr wallet to the website.

On the drop-down menu, scroll down and select JUNO. Expand the options and select STAKE.

Staking JUNO on Keplr Wallet

This should take you to where you can choose validators. Pick a preferred validator from Active Validators and click on MANAGE.

Pick validator on Keplr Wallet

Another window where you can delegate the validator you chose will pop up.

Click DELEGATE and input the preferred amount of the token you want to delegate. You can click MAX to delegate all your JUNO tokens. Click on DELEGATE again.

Approve delegate in Keplr wallet

Finally, approve the transaction in your Keplr wallet. Voila!


3. Staking JUNO on SteakWallet

The previous options for staking JUNO are easy and simple on PC devices. However, Steakwallet is a mobile-first noncustodial crypto wallet that allows you to stake your JUNO token on mobile Android or iOS devices.

Steakwallet provides multi-support for storing, trading, and staking crypto assets.

Here is how to stake JUNO tokens on Steakwallet:

  1. Set up Steakwallet
  2. Stake Juno

1. Set up Steakwallet

Steakwallet App

To stake with this wallet, you need it up by going to its official download page at This will redirect you to your app store, where you can download the app.

Setting up Steakwallet is almost similar to that of the Keplr wallet.

After installing the Steakwallet app, open the app and create a new wallet.

Create a new Steakwallet

To create a new wallet, click CREATE A NEW STEAKWALLET. Continue by accepting Legal Notices.

Back up your 12-word recovery phrase somewhere safe. Ensure you don’t share it with anyone else, as this can compromise your assets.

2. Stake Juno

Stake Juno on SteakWallet

Once you’re done setting up your wallet, explore the token list in your wallet and look for JUNO.

Click on JUNO to proceed to its staking interface. If you have enough balance, you can continue staking by clicking STAKE.

Confirm Stake on SteakWallet

In the next window, indicate the amount of JUNO you want to stake. Click PREVIEW STAKE and then CONFIRM STAKE to finally delegate your token.

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