How to Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance?

How To Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance

Have you searched for the easiest way to transfer BUSD from your MetaMask wallet to your Binance wallet? The quest concludes here. This guide is your easiest-to-understand handbook on the Internet, packed with all the necessary details.

Sending BUSD from MetaMask to Binance is a straightforward process. You simply need your Binance wallet address to transfer BUSD from your Metatask wallet.

However, the most important consideration is that you must connect your MetaMask wallet to the Binance Smart Chain Network.

MetaMask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet that gives users total control over their funds. MetaMask facilitates all crypto-related transactions, including the sale of cryptocurrency and the completion of requested transfers.

MetaMask assures that operating on a Binance-based stable currency, BUSD, is as simple as any other coin. Follow along as we reveal how.

Step by Step Guide on Transferring BUSD From MetaMask to Binance

Having gathered sufficient information, let’s discuss the easiest approach for moving BUSD from MetaMask to Binance. The whole procedure is not as difficult as people believe, and our list of detailed steps will make everything straightforward for you.

Although nearly similar, certain elements differ when the steps for desktop and smartphone users are considered. Don’t worry; we’ll offer distinct guides ensuring that sending BUSD from MetaMask happens in a breeze irrespective of your preferred medium.

Transferring BUSD: Guide For Desktop Users

Step 1: Launch Binance and Head Over to the Fiat and Spot Wallet

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 1

Kick off the transaction process by logging into your Binance account. As there are no desktop compatible apps as of now, you’ll need to open a browser and access the official website.

While you’re inside your Binance profile, locate and click on the “Wallet” button. It usually sits on the top-right menu.

Walk through the list options and click on the one that says “Fiat and Spot.” It will help you access your Binance crypto wallet.


Step 2: Click on the Deposit Button

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 2

As you start browsing your Fiat and Spot wallet, you’ll notice a list of cryptocurrencies alongside their respective balances. From here, hover over to the top of the page and hit the “Deposit” option.


Step 3: Copy the Crypto Address

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 3

Clicking on the “Deposit” button will again land you on a page with several more options to choose from. You’ll need to specify and pick the cryptocurrency you’re after and receive the corresponding network address.

Search and hit the option that says “Coin” and specify the desired cryptocurrency from the dropdown menu.

Remember that it is crucial to use the same network on which your MetaMask operates. As we’re concerned about receiving BUSD here, pick “BEP20” and proceed.

After that, copy the crypto address by clicking the “copy” icon located next to it.

Step 4: Visit MetaMask And Pick Your BUSD

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 3

Have you grabbed the crypto address already? If yes, head over to your MetaMask profile. In case you’re using Chrome for this purpose and have an extension, click on it. Alternatively, you can visit the official website of MetaMask and sort the installation part right away.

The list of other supported browsers includes Firefox, Edge, and Brave.

Once done, use the credentials and log yourself in.

From the home page, click open “Assets,” followed by selecting BUSD.

Step 5: Paste the Copied Crypto Address

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 4

Here you’ll employ the copied crypto address and use it to initiate transfers from MetaMask.

Find and open the “Add Recipient” page, navigate to the search bar and paste the crypto address.

Step 6: Input the Desired Amount

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 5

In this step, you will need to specify the BUSD amount that you want to transfer. Needless to say, it is essential you enter a value that’s within your available resources.

Alongside that, keeping “Gas Fees” under notice is important. The value is automatically set by MetaMask and has a limit per transaction.

Do you have everything sorted already? Cool, click on the “Next” button.

Step 7: Authorize the Transaction

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 6

Clicking on the “Next” button will pop-open a page in the top left corner. It loads up with transaction details covering information like your specified amount, calculated gas fee, and the subtotal amount.

Click Confirm, and wait for the process to conclude.


Transferring BUSD: Guide For Smartphone Users

Step 1: Launch the MetaMask App

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 7

Accessing your MetaMask profile is the first step. Whether you are using an Android or iOS device, go to the application dock, locate Metatask, and open it.

Use the required credentials to log into your profile.

Step 2: Open Binance Mobile App

After that, head over to your device’s app list and look for Binance. Tap to open it and get yourself logged in.

Step 3: Click on the Wallet Icon

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 8

As the main screen loads, find and click the wallet icon. Typically, it resides in the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Hit Deposit

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 9

Next, you’ll come across two options: “Deposit” and “Buy With Cash.” Select Deposit, and proceed.

Step 5: Find BUSD

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 10

When you click the Deposit option, the application will take you to a new page with a long range of options. Next, switch to the Crypto tab. You can now search for BUSD. You can either browse the complete list or use the search bar, enter BUSD, and choose BUSD from the search results.

Step 6: Choose Your BUSD Network

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 11

After selecting BUSD from the list, selecting the matching network will be the next step. Choose the option that says “BNB Smart Chain (BEP20).”

Step 7: Copy Your Wallet’s Digital Address

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 12

You’ll then see a page displaying information about your BUSD deposit account. The same will be used to complete the transaction. However, for doing that grabbing the deposit address is crucial. Simply, click the copy icon positioned directly next to the address and you’re good to go.

Step 8: Head Over and Relaunch the MetaMask App

After copying the address, temporarily quit the Binance app and open MetaMask. From there you’ll continue dealing with the next set of instructions.

Step 9: Locate and Click BUSD

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 13

Within the MetaMask application, locate the BUSD option and click on it. A quick reminder: you must connect your MetaMask to the Binance Smart chain network.

Select “Send” from the BUSD menu before proceeding.

Step 10: Paste the Copied Address

Send BUSD From MetaMask to Binance 14

Paste the Binance wallet address that you previously copied into the offered section followed by clicking the “Next” button.

Step 11: Pick the Desired Amount

You will be reminded to choose the amount you want to transfer on the subsequent page. A balance indicator just below it will inform you of the available balance. Click Next after you’re pleased with all your inputs.

Note: Each transaction requires a certain amount of BNB as a gas fee. So it is crucial to make sure that you’ve got enough BNB left after picking the desired amount so that the translation takes place with no hassle whatsoever.

Step 12: Click on the Send Button

After verifying all the data, touch the Send button. It is located at the bottom of the screen. Wait for the procedure to complete, and you’re done.

Well, that’s how simple it is to transfer BUSD from MetaMask to Binance. But before you close the curtain, it is always wise to confirm that everything went as planned. Examine your existing BUSD balance on your MetaMask profile to see if it has changed the way it should.

Next up, browse the wallet area inside the Binance app. The portfolio should show the transferred amount. You’re good to go if it does, and the process is now completed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send BUSD to Binance? The answer is an obvious yes. Once you have access to the wallet address, sending BUSD to Binance is straightforward. However, before initiating the transfer, you should confirm that the platform in question is compatible with the Binance Smart Chain Network.

How to Check the Transaction Status When you Send BUSD from MetaMask to Binance? The good thing about BUSD transaction status is that these are usually easy to monitor. Once you’ve initiated the transfer, head over to the “Activity” section on MetaMask to view the history. Moreover, launching the Binance app and navigating the “Wallet” menu under Fiat and Spot option will easily help you access the “Transaction History”.

How Long Does It Take To Transfer BUSD from MetaMask to Binance? Due to Metamask’s network traffic, it is difficult to determine the time required to transfer BUSD from MetaMask to Binance. The transaction is likely to get processed within an hour the majority of the time. However, the time required may vary depending on the traffic volume.


Wrapping Up

And that concluded the BUSD transfer details. If you’ve taken the time to read this article, you’re already aware that transferring BUSD from MetaMask to Binance is a piece of cake. Once you have a copy of the link to your Binance wallet, you may use it to complete transactions in minutes.

BUSD transfers do feature seamless flexibility, allowing you to choose the required amount. However, given the current cost structure, you mustn’t empty your wallet, or else you will not meet the fee requirements, and the transaction will decline.

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