How to Log Out Of Metamask?

How to Log Out Of Metamask

Metamask is a non-custodial hot crypto wallet. What this means is that it gives you free and decentralized access to store crypto assets on different blockchain networks.

The wallet can also be used to interact with dApps and smart contracts, making it one of the most widely used crypto wallets on mobile and PC devices.

Since Metamask is a non-custodial wallet, you have total control over your asset and wallet security.

However, unlike some crypto wallets, Metamask offers various means for you to protect your wallet and its assets, and that includes your login password and recovery phrase.

Therefore, you can only access your wallet by either your login password or recovery phrase.

After using your wallet, it is important to log out. This protects your wallet from unauthorized use or exposure to attack.

Unfortunately, finding the LOG OUT button can be tricky. Many Metamask wallet users, especially newbies, often get confused when trying to log out.

This article will highlight multiple ways you can easily log out of your wallet on both Metamask mobile and the desktop extension.

Logging out of Metamask is easy and simple. However, its hidden LOG OUT button makes it somewhat difficult for some users. To log out of your Metamask account, you need to find the LOCK button, which is usually located in the account icon for the Metamask Chrome extension.

For mobile device users, it is always located in the side menu. All you have to do is expand the side menu and tap LOCK. As simple as that.

How To Logout Of Metamask Wallet Extension on Desktop?

Here’s how to log out of Metamask wallet on PC devices:

1. Using the LOCK button

One way to log out of your Metamask extension is by using the LOCK button in your account icon.

Metamask Account Icon

Once you’ve logged into your wallet, tap your circle-shaped Metamask account icon in the top right corner of your wallet.

Metamask Extension Lock

Just by the side of MY ACCOUNTS, you’ll find the LOCK button.

Click on the LOCK button to log out of your wallet. To log in, you’ll need your password.

2. Via Chrome Extension menu

Another way to easily log out of your Metamask extension is by deactivating it in your Chrome extension menu – don’t worry, this will not delete your Metamask wallet extension.

Manage Extension

To do this, go to your Metamask extension from the Chrome navigation bar on the top right cover of your browser.

Right-click on Metamask to expand available options, then tap on MANAGE EXTENSIONS.

On the next page, you can easily toggle the ON/OFF button in front of your Metamask to deactivate and activate it.

Deactivate Metamask Extension

All you have to do is turn OFF this button to deactivate the wallet. Then turn the button ON to activate the wallet. This will automatically log you out of all active sessions.

You can use this method on other browsers that support the Metamask extension, including Firefox. You can log in to your wallet using your password afterward.

3. Set Up Auto Lock Timer

Many times, you might forget to log out of your Metamask after using it. Some other important things can come up at any time, and this still leaves your wallet vulnerable to unauthorized access.

Luckily, there is an auto lock timer setting in your Metamask wallet. This automatically ends your Metamask session and logs you out once the timer duration ends.

To set an auto-lock timer in your Metamask:

Metamask Account Icon

Log in to your Metamask wallet. In your wallet, click on your account icon in the top right corner of your wallet.

In the wallet menu, click on SETTINGS > ADVANCED.

Metamask Advanced Settings

On the Advanced Settings page, scroll down and look for the AUTO-LOCK TIMER setting.

Metamask Auto-Lock Timer Settings

Set your preferred idle time in minutes and tap SAVE. Once the idle time is over, your Metamask wallet will automatically log out.


How to log out of your Metamask mobile wallet?

Using the LOCK button

Logging out of Metamask wallet for iOS and Android users is much easier and more straightforward.

Once you’ve logged in to your account, click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of your Metamask wallet to open the side menu.

Metamask Mobile App Lock

Scroll down and tap LOCK/LOG OUT.

Metamask Mobile Wallet Logout

Approve the confirmation dialogue that pops up. This will log you out of your account.

The auto lock timer is always active by default in Metamask mobile. However, if your auto lock timer is not working, you can easily activate it in your Metamask settings.

Metamask Security & Privacy

Expand the side menu and click on SETTINGS > SECURITY & PRIVACY.

Scroll down and go to AUTO-LOCK.

Metamask Mobile Auto Lock

Choose the amount of time before the app automatically logs you out from the options provided, and that’s it.

You can log in with your password or any other biometric settings, including fingerprint or faceID.



Metamask is a non-custodial wallet, so its security can only be managed by you and you alone.

Non-custodial wallet hack is one of the most common ways scammers and hackers can drain your wallet. Meanwhile, unauthorized users may also be able to gain access if your wallet is not properly secured.

Logging out of your wallet when not in use goes a long way in saving your asset from malicious and unauthorized access.

When your wallet is locked, you have potentially denied other people from accessing your wallet without your permission. In addition to your 12-word mnemonic phrase, this will also add a layer of security to your asset.

Meanwhile, it is still always better to use cold wallet storage options to store your funds. Ledger Nano series and Trezor hardware wallets are generally more secure since they’re not connected to the internet. Therefore, no one can access them online.

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