How to Delete Profile Banner from Opensea?

How to Delete Profile Banner from Opensea

Opensea is a vast NFT marketplace, a marquis NFT platform where traders and collectors meet to trade NFT items. However, since Opensea is an open marketplace, supply gradually ousts demand.

Making your profile and collection stand out on Opensea requires a professional touch to make you stay on top of the game amidst the heavy competition.

Using a suitable profile banner is one way to make this happen. The profile banner is essentially a pictorial representation of your collection and profile.

The banner usually spreads across the width of your Opensea profile, so it is probably the first thing a potential buyer or viewer will see. Therefore, it is best to make it as perfect as possible.

The recommended size for an Opensea banner varies. However, to make things look more perfect, you should consider optimizing the size of your banner for your audience or profile viewer.

Typically, the official recommended size for the banner is 1400 x 1400 pixels. However, this site doesn’t especially work for all devices. Although it may be perfect for some devices, it may look cropped or off-center on others.

A better size that can fit all devices can be 2800 x 1000 pixels. For one, most Opensea users trade NFTs from their desktop devices. Meanwhile, Opensea will optimize the image for mobile phone users, so it’s a win-win.

You can easily resize your banner image using online image resizer tools.

If you feel your Opensea profile banner needs a change, you can easily log in to your profile and delete it before replacing it with a befitting one.

To delete your profile banner on Opensea, all you have to do is connect your wallet to log in to your Opensea profile. Then click on the banner. It’ll give you the option to delete the current banner and upload another.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to delete and replace your Opensea banner:

  1. Log in to Opensea
  2. Go to profile
  3. Click on the banner and replace it

1. Log in to Opensea

Login to Opensea

Navigate to the Opensea marketplace at on your web browser.

On the top right corner of the homepage, click on the wallet icon to log in to your profile with your wallet.

Choose the preferred wallet. Sign the connection in the wallet prompt that pops up to link your wallet.

2. Go to Profile

Once you’re in, click on the profile icon in the top right corner of the marketplace.

From the options, click on PROFILE to go to your Opensea profile.

3. Click on the Banner and Replace it

Opensea banner picture

In the upper part of your profile, click on the banner picture to open your File Explorer so that you can delete and replace the existing banner image.

Replace Opensea Profile Banner

In your File Explorer, navigate and select the new banner picture. Once you’ve selected the new banner, click on OPEN to load up the banner in your profile.

Opensea Banner is Updated

After the new banner has been uploaded to your profile, it will replace the deleted one.

Opensea Profile Banner

Alternatively, you can delete and change your banner from your Opensea profile account settings.

Deleting and changing your banner to a more appropriate one will not only make your profile stand out but also make it convenient for users to see a good representation of your profile from any device.

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