How to Check the Rarity of NFT? Quick Guide

Over the years, NFTs have grown so vast in popularity beyond an investment asset alone. Today, NFTs are useful for many things. Its use cases and real-world applications continue to grow wider. However, all NFTs in a collection are not created equally; some are more valuable than others due to their rarity.

Rarity is an important part of any asset, digital or physical. They are important metrics that quantify and qualify the uniqueness of an NFT asset within a collection.

Undoubtedly, every NFT is unique. However, their uniqueness is a combination of different traits. Some traits can appear many times in a collection and are therefore referred to as common. Some other traits may appear as one of one, i.e., they appear once and, thus, rare.

However, with so many traits within a collection and thousands of possible combinations, it can be difficult to determine the actual rarity of an NFT by looking at its traits. Since the rarity of an NFT also directly impacts its value, you need to know the rarity of an NFT before you buy it.

In this article, you’ll learn a step-by-step guide on how to check the rarity of NFTs of different chains. However, before that, let’s look at the basics of NFT rarity.

NFT Rarity

NFT rarity is simply the measure of how rare a non-fungible token is. As mentioned earlier, NFTs are unique, comprising different combinations of traits.

However, one trait can be in many NFTs in a collection, while some traits can be in only one NFT. The more uncommon the trait or combination of traits, the higher the rarity and the higher their value.

Before the rarity score of an NFT is determined, a score is assigned to how common a trait is within an NFT collection. The aggregate of these scores amounts to the rarity score, which determines the rarity rank of an NFT within its collection.

The main importance of rarity in an NFT collection is profitability. While rare NFTs are expensive, they are more profitable in the long run. Aside from this, it makes collectors appreciate what truly makes up an NFT.

With so many dozen traits in a collection, it can be difficult to manually calculate how unique or rare an NFT is. This is why you need to check its rarity. Fortunately, all NFT rarity checkers are open and permissionless. Therefore, you don’t have to own an NFT before you can check its rarity.

How to Check The Rarity of an NFT

Checking the rarity of an NFT is easy, especially with secondary marketplaces like Opensea and Magic Eden. While none of these marketplaces have a built-in rarity checker, they have integrated third-party rarity checks from reliable NFT rarity score providers.

All you have to do is navigate to the secondary marketplace, search for the NFT, and navigate through each NFT’s rarity ranking. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to check NFT rarity with secondary marketplaces:

Navigate to any secondary NFT marketplace like Opensea ( or Magic Eden (

Magic Eden

On the homepage, look for the NFT Collection using the search bar located in the top navigation bar.

NFT Name

Within the collection, filter out the particular NFT with its number using the in-collection filter bar.

NFT Rarity Rank

Alternatively, you can link your wallet using the CONNECT WALLET option and view the rarity of your NFT.

Connect Phantom Wallet

However, these marketplaces may still not specify your NFT rarity. This can be due to glitches from their provider or update issues. If you’re having issues checking your NFT rarity on NFT marketplaces, here are some rarity tools you can use: is an NFT rarity tool that automatically ranks the rarity of any NFT collection. The website is a top-notch and reliable rarity tool for multi-chain NFT collections.

One of the unique features of is its approach to calculating rarity scores and ranking NFTs. Each calculation is specific to each NFT, so it accurately calculates the rarity scores of NFTs in any collection.

Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper is another amazing NFT rarity tool. Aside from having a fully functional website, Rarity Sniper is also active on Discord. This way, they provide swift, accurate, and reliable NFT calculations for anyone.

With Rarity Sniper, you can check the rarity of an NFT on the website or via the rarity-check channel on Discord.

In contrast to, Rarity Sniper uses a unique Trait Normalisation to calculate the rarity of NFTs in a collection. This entails using rare traits to calculate the rarity of common ones. Meanwhile, the opinion of the creator is also taken into account.

Trait Sniper

Trait Sniper is another rarity tool that gives up-to-date information about newly created and existing NFT projects. It has free and easy plans. However, with the free plan, you can find comprehensive information about new projects and their rarity scores.

Trait Sniper also provides more info like marketplace prices, offers, and so much more. You can try the paid plan if you want more, especially with notifications and premium services.

After choosing a preferred NFT ranking tool, you can simply check for the rarity score of your preferred NFT using the search filter. To check an NFT rarity with rarity tools:

On your web browser, visit any preferred NFT rarity tool website.

Once you’re in, search for any collection you want using the filter button. Here’s an example using the Lazy Lions NFT Collection.

Lazy Lions NFT Rarity

Click on the result to view the collection. In the collection, you can see details about the NFT collection.

Lazy Lions NFT Rarity Score

This includes the traits, percentage of NFTs minted in the collection, amount, and availability on the secondary marketplace. You can also see the full rarity rank here.

However, if you want to check the rank for a specific NFT, input the token ID in the NFT collection filter.

For instance, if you want to check for Lazy Lions NFT #6401, input 6401, the space provided for the NFT ID filter, and that’s all.

To view the rarity score for an NFT in your wallet, you must use the CONNECT WALLET option. This way, you can view the rarity of your NFT from the dashboard.

Why is Rarity Important for NFTs?

NFT has grown in mainstream adoption and popularity because its use case and application transcends mere investments. For many, NFTs are an expression of uniqueness reflected in their rarity.

Understanding NFT rarity gives a deeper insight into the intricacies of what makes an NFT exceptional. Rarity is a spark that sets NFT apart from the ordinary – elevating its status and value beyond the digital form.

As the article mentions, NFT rarity is the sum of quantifiable scores. Thanks to open and permissionless rarity checkers like, Trait Sniper, and other secondary market rarity tools, anyone can embark on the quest to unveil the rarity of their NFTs.

Therefore, as you venture into the NFT universe, armed with the knowledge of rarity, remember that behind every pixel lies a unique value waiting to be explored.

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