How To Buy Sweet SOL ($SSOL Token)? (6 Steps)

How To Buy Sweet SOL (SSOL)

If you want to buy sweet SOL, you will need to buy a cryptocurrency (such as Ethereum, Binance Coin, or Bitcoin) from a crypto exchange platform like Binance. Then, you swap that cryptocurrency for $SSOL tokens on PancakeSwap.

Before trading on Binance, you must have an account and verify your profile.

If your Binance exchange profile is complete, you need a MetaMask wallet.

This wallet will allow you to store your crypto after purchasing them on Binance.

Thereafter, you connect your MetaMask wallet to PancakeSwap.

The PancakeSwap will then calculate the amount you want to buy and convert your crypto’s equivalent into $SSOL tokens.

Here are the steps to buying Sweet SOL tokens:

  1. Have a Metamask wallet.
  2. Register and verify your profile on the Binance exchange platform.
  3. Buy Binance coin (BNB) on the Binance marketplace using your preferred FIAT currency.
  4. Transfer your Binance coin (BNB) to your Metamask wallet.
  5. Connect your Metamask wallet to the PancakeSwap platform.
  6. Swap your Binance coin (BNB) in your wallet to buy Sweet SOL (SSOL).


1. Have a Metamask Account

On your PC, you can search for “Metamask extension” on the intended browser you want to use (there are extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera browsers available).

If you want to play it safe, go through the Metamask website: Then, click on the download button.

For this step-by-step guide, we will use the Metamask wallet extension on Google Chrome.

Download Metamask

After installation, you can either create a wallet or import a wallet.

Setup metamask wallet

If you are a new user, click on “create a wallet.” Create a strong password that you will remember.

After this, you’ll be given a “12 Words Secret Recovery phrase.” You can write these 12 words in your diary or save them securely on your computer. It is a recommended option to secure your wallet better.

Upon completion of these steps, you now have a MetaMask account. You can copy your unique wallet address to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Please be aware of scams. Do not share your 12-words recovery phrase with anyone!

On the other hand, if you already have an account, click “import your existing wallet.” You will be required to submit your recovery phrase and password. After successful verification, you can use your account to buy sweet SOL tokens.


2. Register and Get Verified on Binance

To access the Binance marketplace, use the correct website:

REGISTER a new account by filling in your details and information.

Be sure you are on the correct Binance platform (See Image Below). There are many phishing websites out there.

Register on Binance

You need to provide a working email address that you can access easily.

Providing valid details is also essential. This valid information will speed up the verification of your Binance profile. It is important to note that to further prove your authenticity, you must upload the required identification documents.

You must use a strong password on your account to improve security.

To secure your Binance profile further, you can opt for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This process will allow you to input a unique code when you log in using your email address and password.

You can get the code via an SMS sent to your registered mobile number or by having the Google Authenticator App on your mobile phone.


3. Buy BNB on the Binance Marketplace Using FIAT Currency

Binance has a built-in wallet on your profile to store any asset you buy on the Binance exchange platform.

Binance offers Fiat-to-Crypto exchange. You can use your fiat currency to purchase crypto coins or tokens. Click on “Buy Crypto.” There is a list of options you can choose. (See Image Below).

It is advisable not to store your crypto assets on these exchanges.

Buy Crypto on Binance

Credit/Debit Card deposits are faster. When you click on that “deposit” option, you have a pop window of “Buy” and “Sell.”

You can choose your preferred FIAT (USD, EUR, or GBP) and then select the cryptocurrency you want to buy. In this instance, select Binance coin (BNB) as the cryptocurrency you intend to buy.

Fill in your card details and the amount of fiat currency you want to spend to buy BNB.

You will be required to submit your One-time Password (OTP) to approve your transaction purchase.

If the transaction is successful, your BNB gets transferred to your Binance wallet in a short while.


4. Transfer Your BNB Coin to Your Metamask Wallet

On your Binance profile, click on “withdraw,” search for BNB and see your purchased BNB.

To Transfer to your Metamask wallet, carefully copy your Metamask BNB wallet address, and paste it to the receiving address in your BNB window. Confirm the necessary information and transaction costs.

It will reflect in your Metamask wallet within a short while. How Sweet!

For your ease, here is a video explaining how to transfer your BNB coins to your MetaMask wallet:


5. Connect Your Metamask to PancakeSwap

Now that you have your BNB coin in your Metamask wallet, search “Pancakeswap” on your browser’s search engine or type in your browser’s search bar. On the website, you will see “Connect Wallet.”

Connect Pancakeswap Wallet With Metamask

Select the Metamask account that holds your BNB coin. You are now connected!

This connection enables you to purchase any desired token using the Binance Coin (BNB). Pancakeswap will recognize BNB in your wallet. The platform will allow you to access the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. You’ll need to approve the network.

Approve to Connect PancakeSwap with Metamask

If there are any connection issues you may encounter, check the Pancakeswap guide for a quick bailout.

You are just one final step away from your destination – your Sweet SOL token.


6. Swap the BNB in Your Wallet to Buy Sweet SOL

Once you are connected, it is time to swap BNB for SSOL. On the Pancakeswap homepage, click on “Trade” and select “Swap.”

This new window shows the tokens you wish to swap. You can calculate the amount of token you want to swap. The system calculates the amount of swapped tokens for you.

You can select max amount, which will also provide the maximum amount of swapped tokens you will receive.

Swap on Pancakeswap

In the receiving arrow (where we have the CAKE token), select the dropdown icon and search for SSOL.

Search SSOL on Pancakeswap

You will notice the word “Import.” This means that you need to import the contact address of Sweet SOL to Pancakeswap before you can commence swapping.

When you click on “import,” there is a disclaimer. After reading the disclaimer, check the “I understand” box and import the token.

Import SSOL on PancakeSwap

When that is complete, you will realize that the chart reads “BNB/SSOL.” You can calculate the $SSOL token you need, and the system will let you know the amount of BNB required for the swap.

Swap BNB with SSOL on PancakeSwap

If all the information is satisfactory, click on the “Swap” button. In an instant, you now have your Sweet SOL tokens in your Metamask wallet!

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