How to Bridge to Base Network? (5 Ways)

How to Bridge to Base Network

Despite being a newcomer in the game, Coinbase’s layer-two network, Base, has garnered significant attention in the crypto community with its innovative scalability technology.

Launched in August 2023, Base is a decentralized layer two blockchain developed by Coinbase. Backed by Optimism’s open-source stack, Base features cutting-edge scaling solutions to improve scalable, efficient, and seamless dApp, DeFi, and smart contract deployment and development.

As Base’s ecosystem continues to grow and diversify, the need to connect disparate networks and enable seamless communication with other EVM-compatible chains becomes paramount. This way, developers can enjoy its secure, low-cost, and user-friendly perks.

Fortunately, transferring your assets to and from the Base chain is straightforward. Therefore, whether you’re a blockchain enthusiast, developer, or simply curious about the future of decentralized systems, this guide will take you through how to bridge the Base network and unlock the full potential of its revolutionary technology.

Base Network: The Revolutionary OP-Stack Chain

As mentioned earlier, Base is an open-source, MIT-licensed, layer-two Ethereum scaling solution incubated within Coinbase. A key feature of Base is its focus on solving the lingering blockchain trilemma with the best-in-class scalability technology powered by OP Stack.

As known with Coinbase, Base boasts unbeatable security, offering a reliable and reputable platform for dApp development and smart contract deployment.

Meanwhile, its EVM compatibility makes it flexible and interoperable with layer-one and other layer-two Ethereum chains. Hence, Base paves the way for developers to tap into a plethora of opportunities within and outside the chain.

Base aims to build an envisioned Superchain and an invincible decentralized ecosystem with access to Coinbase’s multitude of users and over $80 billion in assets. Today, Base is ranked the 4th most valuable chain, peaking at $411 million in TVL within 30 days of release.

Bridging to the Base Network

Bridging to the Base network is easy and secure if you use an audited and reputable cross-chain bridge. Fortunately, there are numerous platforms to bridge your assets to and from Base Network.

You can use the official Base bridge or via the Base portal proxy contract. Alternatively, you can use third-party multichain bridges like Orbiter Finance, LayerSwap, or Across Bridge.

However, before bridging on the Base network, you need to add Base mainnet to your crypto wallet (e.g., Metamask). You can easily do this by adding Base RPC from Chainlist or adding custom Base RPC manually. Afterward, you can head to any of the bridges mentioned earlier and transfer your assets. To add the Base network to your Metamask:

  • To add a Base network to your Metamask, visit on your web browser.

Connect Wallet on Chainlist

  • From the top left corner, click on the CONNECT WALLET button to link your wallet. Approve the connection prompt that pops up in your wallet to confirm the action.

Add BASE to metamask on chainlist

  • Once you’re connected, search for the BASE network using the filter bar in the top navigation bar. From the result, look for BASE NETWORK and click ADD TO METAMASK.
  • This will require you to approve the process and sign a wallet message. Confirm adding the BASE network from the prompt that pops up.

Alternatively, you can manually add the BASE network with its RPC details within your Metamask wallet. To do this:

Log into MetaMask extension

  • Open your Metamask wallet extension from your Chrome browser extension list. On the login page, input your wallet password and tap UNLOCK.

Metamask Networks

  • Once you’re in, open the wallet menu by clicking the three dots in the top right corner. From the menu, go to SETTINGS > NETWORKS.

Add a Network on Metamask

  • In the bottom navigation bar, tap ADD NETWORK to add a new network with its RPC details. Find the “ADD A NETWORK MANUALLY” below the network list and add the following details.
  • Network Name: Base Mainnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 8453
  • Currency Symbol: ETH
  • Block Explorer URL:

Steps to Bridge to Base via Official Base Bridge

One of the most recommended bridges to transfer your assets to and from the Base is the official Base bridge. With the bridge, users can seamlessly transfer many stablecoins as well as popular cryptocurrencies.

However, Base Bridge supports transferring assets between Ethereum and Base chains only. To deposit your asset on Base with Base bridge:

Connect Wallet on BASE

  • Go to On the home screen, click on CONNECT WALLET from the top right corner and approve the wallet prompt that appears afterward.

Bridge Network from Ethereum to Base

  • Continue by selecting the asset you’d like to bridge to Base and input the transfer amount.
  • Finally, click DEPOSIT and confirm the transaction in your connected wallet.
  • Once the transaction has been completed on-chain, you’ll see your bridged asset on Base.

However, if you’d like to bridge your asset out of the Base network:

  • Open your Metamask wallet and switch your network to Base. Then, go to and connect your wallet using the CONNECT WALLET button from the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Alternatively, you can simply switch to the WITHDRAW tab of the bridge. Select the cryptocurrency you’d like to bridge and input the withdrawal amount.
  • Once you’re done, review the transaction summary and click on WITHDRAW.

Unlike Deposits, which are usually instantaneous, Withdrawals from the Base network take seven days. This seven-day bridge withdrawal duration is set in place as a security measure to prevent malicious asset bridging out of Base.

However, if you’re uncomfortable with the seven-day withdrawal waiting period, you can use third-party bridges like Orbiter Finance, LayerSwap or Across Bridge. After the waiting period, your bridged assets will reflect in the Ethereum chain.

Steps to Bridge to Base with Base Portal Proxy Contract

Another way to bridge assets into the Base network is by transferring your asset to the Base’s Portal Proxy Contract address, released during the developer access period post-launch.

However, you can only send ETH using this method. Sending any other asset via the Portal Proxy Contract can result in irrecoverable asset loss. Additionally, you can only send from a crypto wallet.

To use the Portal Proxy Contract:

Open your Metamask wallet and sign in with your wallet password.

From the dashboard, click on ETH > SEND. In the SEND page, input the Portal Proxy Contract address: This Contract address

Send ETH from Metamask

Continue by specifying the amount of ETH you’d like to bridge. Review the transaction before taping NEXT > CONFIRM.

Once the transaction has been completed, you will receive an equivalent amount of ETH in the Base chain, and that’s all.

Steps to Bridge to Base with Orbiter Finance

Orbiter Finance is a multichain cross-rollup transaction bridge for Ethereum and Ethereum native chains and assets. The bridge is powered by a zk-based Ethereum acceleration engine that allows the seamless and efficient transfer of value between L1 and L2 Ethereum chains.

To bridge your asset from other networks to Base using Orbiter Finance:

Connect Wallet on Orbiter Finance

  • On your web browser, go to Link your wallet by clicking the CONNECT WALLET button from the top right corner of the homepage.
  • In the bridge, select the asset you want to bridge. Then, specify the network you’re sending from and the network you’re sending to as BASE.

Bridge Ethereum to Base on Orbiter Finance

  • Input the amount of cryptocurrency you want to bridge and click on SEND. Confirm the transaction in the wallet prompt that pops up.

To bridge your asset from Base to other networks:

  • Simply select the asset you want to bridge and choose BASE as the network you’re sending from. Select the destination network and input the amount of assets you want to bridge.
  • Finally, click SEND and approve the transaction in your wallet.

Steps to Bridge on Base with LayerSwap

LayerSwap is a one-of-a-kind and first-of-its-kind bridge for moving assets and values between chains, fiat banks, centralized exchanges and layer two chains.

LayerSwap features over 18 crypto exchanges, 24 blockchain networks, fiat on-ramps, and cross-chain asset transfer compatibility.

To bridge your crypto asset to Base via LayerSwap:

Bridge on LayerSwap

Navigate to From the bridge, click on the wallet icon and choose your Metamask wallet from the options available.

Sign in to the bridge by approving the wallet prompt that pops up. Once you’re in, choose the chain you’re bridging from and select BASE as your destination chain.

Bridge Ethereum to Base on LayerSwap

In the next field, select the asset you want to bridge to the Base network and input the amount. Finally, select your wallet address as the destination wallet where you want the asset deposited.

You can also transfer bridged assets to a third-party Base wallet address by pasting the address in the box provided.

Review the transaction and click on SWAP NOW to confirm the transaction in the wallet prompt that pops up.

Steps to Bridge to Base with Across Bridge

Across is another cross-chain bridge where you can bundle cryptocurrencies to and from many L1 and L2 networks, including Base, Ethereum, Polygon etc. It features a UMA-optimistic oracle that provides efficiency and no slippage asset transfer.

To use Across Bridge:

Connect Wallet with Across

Go to on your web browser. Link your Metamask wallet to the bridge by clicking on CONNECT from the top right corner of the homepage.

Once you’re in, select the asset you want to bridge and input the amount.

If you’re bridging to the Base network, select the source chain or the chain you’re bridging from. Then, select BASE as the destination chain.

Bridge Ethereum to Base with Across Bridge

If you’re bridging from Base to another chain, select BASE as the source chain and pick your preferred destination chain from available options.

Once you’re done, click on approve to activate token approval from the source chain. This is necessary if you’re using the bridge for the first time.

Afterward, review the details of the transaction and associated fees. Finally, confirm the transaction by clicking on SEND.

Approve the transaction in the wallet prompt that pops up. After the transaction has been confirmed, you can review the transaction’s progress in your Across dashboard.


Coinbase’s Base layer-two network is undoubtedly a revolutionary force for blockchain’s scalability. Its OP-Stack-backed cutting-edge scalability technology and EVM compatibility make it one of the best L2 chains for developers.

For those looking to bridge their assets to and from the Base network, this guide has provided valuable insights and step-by-step instructions.

Whether you choose the official Base bridge, the Base Portal Proxy Contract, or opt for third-party solutions like Orbiter Finance, LayerSwap, or Across Bridge, the process is straightforward and secure.

The flexibility, interoperability, and security that Base offers present exciting opportunities for developers and crypto enthusiasts alike. By following the instructions provided in this guide, you can unlock the full potential of Base’s innovative technology and participate in the decentralized future it envisions. With Base, the possibilities are vast, and the journey is just beginning.

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