How to Bridge USDC from Avalanche (AVAX) to Fantom (FTM)?

How to Bridge USDC from Avalanche (AVAX) to Fantom (FTM)

The introduction of blockchain networks like Avalanche and Fantom has been a huge success in the development of Decentralized Finance.

Although DeFi and smart contracts are the major use cases and applications of the Ethereum network, it has lots of shortcomings, especially with its huge gas fee and low transaction processing speed.

Although several people still prefer using Ethereum for executing their smart contracts or building projects, newer networks like Avalanche and Fantom provide extremely fast and low-cost transactions.

In contrast to Ethereum’s carbon-emitting feature, these networks provide an eco-friendly way to transact.

Avalanche utilizes the excellent scaling features of the Avalanche Consensus Protocol that can process 4,500 TPS, compared to Ethereum’s 14 TPS.

Even though Avalanche went live mainnet in 2020, it has become one of the largest blockchains with the highest TVL value.

AVAX, the native token of the Avalanche network, is also one of the highest-ranking tokens by market cap. It is useful for staking, executing transactions in subnets of Avalanche, and as an exchange asset,

Fantom is also an important blockchain for executing DeFi projects and smart contracts. It is a decentralized Directed Acyclic Graph-based platform for DApps.

Like Avalanche, it is highly scalable, boasting of a huge 10,000 TPS. Both of these networks were created to provide solutions to the incapabilities of the Ethereum blockchain.

Considering their huge benefits, it is understandable to see people moving their assets in and out of these blockchains.

To move your assets from Avalanche to Fantom, you need a compatible bridge. Otherwise known as a cross-chain DEX, these bridges allow you to move your assets from different chains.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at how to bridge your USDC tokens from AVAX to the Fantom blockchain.

Ways to Bridge USDC From AVAX to Fantom

There are several ways to bridge USDC tokens from AVAX to Fantom blockchain. However, you need to carefully choose the one that will cost you a low gas fee. Here are four different ways to bridge USDC from Avax to Fantom blockchain.

  1. Using Synapse Protocol
  2. Using Multichain bridge
  3. Using Spookyswap bridge
  4. Using Connext (formerly xPollinate) bridge

The best way and most simple way to bridge your USDC is via cross-chain DEXes, including Synapse Protocol, Multiswap, or Spookyswap.

Binance Convert offers you the cheapest way to bridge AVAX to Fantom. However, the low fee comes with a cost; it is complicated.

If you’re using Binance Convert, you must finally use a Fantom-based DEX like Spookyswap to convert the FTM to USDC.

Before bridging your assets, it’s important that you set up your Metamask wallets for both networks.

Here’s how to set up your Metamask wallets for both networks:

To set up your Metamask wallets for both networks, open and login into your Metamask.

Click the dropdown for network and tap ADD NETWORK.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Networks and add a new network or custom RPC from there.

In the fields provided, enter the following details for your new AVAX and Fantom networks:

Add Fantom network in Metamask

For Fantom

Add Avalanche Network To MetaMask

For Avalanche C Chain

Once you’re done, click SAVE.

Here’s how to use different cross-chain DEXes to bridge your USDC from Avalanche C Chain to Fantom network.

1. Using Synapse Protocol

Synapse Protocol is a multichain DEX that offers staking, swapping, and bridging services. To use Synapse Protocol, go to

Synapse Protocol

On the bridge’s homepage, choose AVALANCHE as blockchain in the first field. This should prompt your wallet to connect to Avalanche.

Choose Fantom in the second field as the blockchain you’re bridging your USDC to.

Finally, choose USDC as the token asset you are bridging and click BRIDGE TOKEN.

Once you confirm the transaction in your Metamask wallet, it should be completed within two minutes.

2. Using Multichain bridge

Multichain bridge

Multichain, formerly known as Anyswap, is a platform that allows users to bridge their cryptocurrency assets across different chains through liquidity pools or pegged tokens.

To bridge USDC from AVAX to Fantom with Multichain bridge, visit On the homepage, click ENTER APP from the top navigation bar.

Choose AVALANCHE for the network you’re bridging from and FANTOM as the destination chain.

Also, choose USDC as the asset you want to bridge and tap SWAP.

Approve the swap in your Metamask wallet to complete the transaction.

3. Using Spookyswap bridge

Spookyswap bridge

Spookyswap is a DEX native to the Fantom blockchain. It offers different services, including staking, farming, providing liquidity, bridging, and swapping. It also has a marketplace for Fantom-based NFTs.

Using Spookyswap bridge is only possible if you’re bridging to or from Fantom.

To use Spookyswap bridge, go to in your web browser.

Connect your Avalanche-ready wallet to the bridge. Choose AVALANCHE as the network for ‘From Chain’ and FANTOM as the network for ‘To Chain.’

​Select USDC as ‘Token to Bridge’ and input the amount of USDC you want to bridge.

​Tap BRIDGE TOKEN and approve the transaction in your Metamask wallet.

Bridging with Spookyswap can take up from 10 minutes to hours. The speed generally depends on the amount of token you’re bridging.

The minimum bridgeable token is 12 USDC, while the maximum is 20,000,000 USDC.

4. Using Connext (formerly xPollinate) bridge

Connext Bridge

Another way to easily swap your USDC between Avalanche and Fantom blockchain is via Connext, formerly known as xPollinate bridge.

The bridge provides a simple way to bridge stablecoins, including USDC, across different blockchains.

To use Connext, go to on your browser.

Tap CONNECT from the top right corner of the bridge to link your wallet.

Metamask users can choose WalletConnect > Metamask.

Once your wallet has been connected, choose the chain you’re bridging from as Avalanche. Then choose token as USDC.

For the destination chain, choose Fantom and tap SWAP.

Approve Metamask prompt to complete the swap.

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