How to Add Metamask to CoinTracker?

How to Add Metamask to CoinTracker

For crypto traders and avid investors, monitoring and managing assets with a cryptocurrency tracker is an essential part of risk and asset management.

Cryptocurrency trackers are usually integrated with crypto exchanges and wallets. With this, they can provide real-time, accurate, timely information about the crypto assets available in your wallet.

Although the operation mode may differ with each tracker, the essence of trackers like CoinTracker is simply to monitor portfolio performance. In this article, you’ll learn more about CoinTracke, its features, and how to connect the platform to your Metamask wallet.


What is CoinTracker?

Launched in 2017, CoinTracker is a California-based crypto tracker app that works as a portfolio and tax manager for cryptocurrencies. You can track your investment and tax on gains with the app.

With CoinTracker, crypto traders can easily monitor their assets from an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with myriads of excellent features. It also helps generate tax forms for traders to comply effectively with tax regulations.

Another exciting feature of CoinTracker is that it automatically arranges transactions and portfolio activities orderly. Therefore, you do not need to waste time trying to arrange transactions when filing for tax.

Other important features include Auto Wallet Synchronisation, which updates portfolio value with the real-time price of crypto assets available in the wallet. Also, it provides support for five different accounting methods for generating tax forms.

You can enjoy CoinTracker for free with limited options. Meanwhile, there are subscriptions for full access. The pricing plans for CoinTracker are as follows:

  • Free – $0
  • Hobbyist – $53
  • Premium – $179
  • Unlimited – Priced Individually


Using CoinTracker

CoinTracker provides a convenient way of managing your crypto portfolio and generating tax forms. Fortunately, the app supports more than 300 wallets and crypto exchange platforms.

All you have to do is select your preferred wallet or exchange from your dashboard and connect to the platform.

CoinTracker supports more than 2500 cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you can easily add major cryptocurrencies, altcoins, and tokens of different standards.

In addition, Cointracker has a special dashboard where you can track Non-fungible tokens and associated tax on the gains they incur. It automatically detects NFT purchases and tracks gains and losses in real-time.

Once you connect your wallet to CoinTracker, it automatically syncs and updates your data. Select the accounting method and specify where the crypto assets are coming from.


How To Add Metamask To CoinTracker?

Metamask is a popular non-custodial wallet for EVM-compatible chains. Meanwhile, if you want to track the growth of your crypto portfolio, simply connect CoinTracker since it is easier and better.

You only need your public wallet address when adding CoinTracker to non-custodial wallets like Metamask.

Once you get your wallet address, log in to CoinTracker and add a new wallet with the address. Choose the assets you want to track and add your wallet to start tracking.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add Metamask to CoinTracker:

  • Copy public wallet address from Metamask
  • Log in to CoinTracker
  • Add wallet

1. Copy public wallet address from Metamask

Log into MetaMask extension

Open your Metamask wallet extension from the Chrome browser navigation bar and log in with your wallet password.

Copy Metamask ERC20 Wallet Address

Once you’ve unlocked your wallet, click on your wallet address from the upper part of the Metamask dashboard to copy the address.

Metamask Mobile Wallet

For mobile Metamask on Android or iOS devices, launch the Metamask wallet app from your app menu.

Receive Crypto on Metamask Mobile

Unlock the wallet with your password and click on RECEIVE. Then tap COPY beside your wallet address to copy the deposit address.

2. Log in to CoinTracker

Log in to CoinTracker

After copying your deposit address, navigate to CoinTracker at

Click on SIGN IN from the top right corner on the homepage to access your CoinTracker account.

Type your email and password in the field provided. Complete CAPTCHA verification to prove you’re not a bot. Then click on LOG IN.

However, if you sign up with your Gmail or Coinbase account, simply click on CONTINUE WITH COINBASE or CONTINUE WITH GMAIL to complete login with either of these accounts.

3. Add wallet

Once you’re in, it’s time to add your Metamask wallet to your CoinTracker account.

Add wallet in CoinTracker

On your CoinTracker dashboard, tap + ADD WALLET.

New Wallet in CoinTracker

On the NEW WALLET page, choose WALLET ADDRESS under the field provided for wallet type.

Continue by choosing the type of cryptocurrency your wallet to track.

Then, paste the deposit address you copied from your Metamask wallet in the third field provided for ADDRESS.

Finally, click ADD WALLET to start tracking your ETH portfolio in your Metamask wallet.

You can also add other cryptocurrencies with your deposit address this way.

Is CoinTracker Safe?

When adding your wallet to CoinTracker, the app only asks for view permission. Therefore, it does not have any token approval or access to your private keys.

Meanwhile, CoinTracker will not ask for your Metamask details, including password or recovery phrase, at any time. Therefore, adding your wallet or exchanges to the platform is safe.

CoinTracker only has access to your public keys, which enables the app to view and track your transaction via APIs since blockchain is a public distributed ledger.

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