Trust Wallet Not Showing Transaction History (Quick Fix)

Trust Wallet Not Showing Transaction History

Transaction history lets you keep track of your crypto-related activities and transactions in the Trust Wallet. It shows all the sent and received assets in your wallet. However, there are cases where Trust Wallet does not display transaction history in your wallet.

Although the issue rarely arises, it can arise from using an outdated wallet app or a bug within the app. Therefore, it is necessary to update your wallet app periodically. Meanwhile, you can also contact the Trust Wallet support team by opening a support ticket within the app.


The Reason why Transaction History is not Showing on Trust Wallet

Trust wallet history not showing can be a result of a bug within the app itself. In case a wallet version has bugs, a newer version is rolled out after the bug has been fixed.

Therefore, if you’re using an outdated Trust wallet version, you’re much more likely to encounter the error.

Trust Wallet Transactions

However, one way to fix the issue is by updating your Trust Wallet app on your mobile app store.

Trust Wallet App

To do this, open your mobile app store and search for Trust Wallet. On the app page, tap UPDATE to install the latest version on your phone.

Trust Wallet Transactions History

Once the update is completed, open your Trust Wallet app and check if the issue persists.


Contacting Support Team

The most effective solution to transaction history not showing in Trust Wallet is by using the Trust Wallet Help Forum or by contacting Support.

If the issue still persists after updating your app, you can report the issue in the Help Forum and get help from community experts.

To do this, open your Trust Wallet app and go to SETTINGS in the lower right corner of the screen.

Trust Wallet Help Center

Click on HELP CENTER to go to the support forum.

Trust Wallet Support Forum

In the forum, click on the search button on the top navigation bar to search for any issue you’re facing.

Login Trust Wallet Support Forum

If you cannot find a question relevant to the issue you’re facing, click on the LOG IN button and tap CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT.

Create Trust Wallet Forum Account

Create a new forum account and put out your problem to the community. Then wait for an expert or an experienced community member to answer your question.

However, if you prefer talking to the support team directly, you can contact Trust wallet support via the in-app support button provided.

Trust Wallet App Settings

To contact support, open your Trust Wallet app. Go to SETTINGS by tapping the settings icon in the lower right corner of your dashboard.

Trust Wallet Support

Scroll down and click ABOUT > SUPPORT. This should redirect you to a page where you can open a support ticket.

Input your contact email address. Provide the subject of the issue you are facing. Under ISSUE TYPE, select TRANSACTION to report everything pertaining to transaction issues.

TrustWallet Submit a Ticket

Describe the issue you’re facing in detail. You can also attach screenshots or any other file to support your description and give the support team a clear picture of the whole issue.

Finally, complete CAPTCHA verification and tap SUBMIT.