How to Stake UBX?

How to Stake UBX

UBIX is the first DAG blockchain hybrid built on NodeJs. Within its ecosystem, there is an exchange integrated within Ubikiri.

Apart from this, there is a staking platform, UbiStake, that allows users to earn rewards by staking their UBX tokens, the native token of UBIX.

UbiStake is a decentralized staking platform that allows UBIX users to lock up and stake their UBX token for yield rewards.

Built on Angular, the staking platform has an attractive appearance with an easy-to-use interface for seamlessly staking UBX tokens.

The staking platform has an inbuilt portfolio and revenue explorer for real-time staking reports. Meanwhile, there’s also a staking reward calculator where stakers can keep track of their rewards.

Other components of UBIX include:

♦ SilentNotary, a notary service on UBIX Network.

♦ Ubikiri, the most important part of the network. It features a wallet, exchange platform, social network, and different interconnected dApps.

♦ CrowdFeeding, Wallet-fund, DeFiGate, SignItNow, SmartKeeper, and many others.


Steps to stake UBX on Ubistake

Staking UBX on Ubistake is simple and straightforward. For one, the platform is easy to use and simple to navigate.

To stake your UBX tokens on Ubistake, Ubikiri’s staking platform, you just need to deposit your tokens to Ubistake from your Ubikiri wallet. And Ubistake will automatically start earning yield rewards on your UBX funds.

Here’s how to stake UBX tokens:

  1. Log in to Ubistake and copy the Ubistake deposit address
  2. Login to your wallet
  3. Transfer UBX to Ubistake and start earning yield returns

1. Log in to Ubistake and copy the Ubistake deposit address

Stake UBX on Ubistake

To get started with staking your UBX on Ubistake, go to On the top navigation bar, expand the ‘TRADE & STAKE’ option and select ‘STAKE UBX on UBISTAKE’.

This should redirect you to Ubikiri’s staking platform on Ubistake.

Ubistake Deposits and Earnings

In Ubistake, click on DEPOSIT from the top navigation bar to dedicate your UBX tokens.

UBX Deposit address of Ubistake

On the deposit and earning page, tap DEPOSIT UBX and copy the UBX deposit address.

2. Login to your Ubikiri wallet

Ubikiri Wallet

Once you’ve copied the UBX deposit address, go back to the UNIX Network homepage at

From the top navigation bar, expand the Main Resources and click on UBIKIRI SUPER-APP under Main Resources.

Log in to the Ubikiri app with your UBIX login details.

3. Transfer UBX to Ubistake and start earning yield returns

Send UBX from Ubikiri

In your Ubikiri wallet, select the UBX wallet you want to send your tokens from and click SEND.

On the transfer page that pops up, specify the amount of UBX tokens you want to send.

Note that the minimum deposit on Ubistake is 50,000 UBX. Therefore, you can only stake a minimum of 50,000 UBX tokens.

Send UBX from Ubikiri to Ubistake

Paste your Ubistake wallet address in the field provided for ‘RECEIVER ADDRESS’. Proceed by clicking on ‘CONTINUE’.

Finally, sign and confirm the transaction by submitting your private keys. You can also approve the transaction by uploading your Keystore File and wallet password.

Once your transfer has been completed on Ubistake, you will start earning yield returns on your UBX investment.



Staking UBX tokens on Ubikiri’s staking platform, Ubistake attracts a whopping 24.82% return on your investment.

Although the staking platform is still in development, there are plans to integrate further enhancements and more secure multi-factor authentication methods.

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