How to Sell Gods Unchained Cards?

How to Sell Gods Unchained Cards

Gods Unchained is one of the groundbreaking play-to-earn titles that has revolutionized blockchain gaming. It is a free-to-play Ethereum-based collectible card game.

Gods Unchained is one the most popular play to earn games. The game boasts itself as an innovative trading card game that pays its players for their participation. In fact, it is one of the forerunner titles that shook the traditional gaming industry.

Unlike regular games where players buy in-game assets but never own them, Gods Unchained gives total immutability to its players. Therefore, they can freely own and trade assets.

In addition, it has a play-to-earn model that allows players to earn its native in-game token ($GODS) for participating in various gaming activities.

Since its launch in 2019, Gods Unchained has recorded more than $25 million in asset sales among users – indicating huge adoption among mainstream gamers.

If you’re a Gods Unchained player, exchanging your card for money may look confusing sometimes. Fortunately, this article will guide you on successfully selling your Gods Unchained card.

However, before we delve into that, let’s take a quick look at the Gods Unchained P2E game, especially for newbies.

Gods Unchained P2E Game

Gods Unchained is an Ethereum-based free-to-play P2E tactical trading card game (TCG). Since the introduction and success of Acie Infinity, games like Gods Unchained have been on the frontline for promoting the play-to-earn concept and blockchain-based rewards.

Your main ticket to playing in Gods Unchained is buying and owning NFT cards. This way, you can easily compete with other players for the prestigious and attractive prize pool.

Getting started with the game is easy for new and experienced TCG gamers. Cards are minted and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. However, players do not need to interact with the blockchain while playing the game.

How to Get Started with Gods Unchained?

To start playing the game, visit to create a gaming account with your email and password. Once you’re done, you will receive free gaming cards that you can use to square out with other players.

Each welcome pack comes with 140 gaming cards – 70 cards with two copies for each of them. While Gods Unchained needs no investment before you can enjoy gaming experiences, it is important to note that you will only earn a little reward compared to nuyimg high-value cards.

You need to download the game client. Log in to the game with your gaming account. You can visit the LEARN TO PLAY page to get accustomed to the gameplay.

There are various game modes, including solo modes, PVP, and PVE modes, where you can invite your friends or play with the computer. There is also the constructive mode, where you can square off with other players.

Anytime you win a PVP mode, especially the constructive mode, you will gain a new level and unlock the common core newer card packs. Aside from winning packs, you will also earn FLUX, a crafting material for forging newer common core cards.

In summary, here’s how to play Gods Unchained if you’re a beginner:

  1. Choose your deck of cards. Ensure you edit and shuffle to select the best loadout.
  2. Select the God Power you want to use in the game. Ensure you choose your God Power wisely, as they serve as your in-game advantage and can only be used once per turn.
  3. Recheck your loadout and change unwanted cards
  4. Square off against enemies and deploy your gods
  5. Win battle rewards and level up

Gods Unchained Ingame Economy: $GODS and GODS NFTs

The most integral part of Gods Unchained P2E mechanism is its economy powered by the ERC-20 $GODS token. It is the native, in-game, and governance currency of the game.

It is useful for various in-game utilities like purchasing items in the marketplace and fusing and evolving cards. Holders can also stake their $GODS token for yield rewards and participate in governance.

Gods Unchained NFTs

The NFTs make up the other part of Gods Unchained economy. They are uniquely generated non fungible assets that are mainly in-game characters.

The free, core, common starter pack given to new players after signing up cannot be sold anywhere. However, as you play around with that card and earn rewards, players can mint rare, tradable cards from FLUX.

At the moment, only Meteorite and higher card levels can be sold. Meanwhile, new cards always undergo a balancing phase before selling them in secondary marketplaces.

Steps to sell NFTs from Gods Unchained

As mentioned earlier, you can only sell Meteorite or cards with higher Card Qualities. This includes Shadow, Gold, and Diamond.

Selling your Gods Unchained card is easy with the Immutable X NFT marketplace. Immutable X is a layer two scaling solution for minting and trading NFTs.

Immutable X was created to halt Ethereum’s expensive gas fees in the gaming sphere. Imagine the gas fees you’d be spending to interact directly with Ethereum Layer 1 when minting, buying, or deploying your cards.

The platform uses revolutionizing scaling tech called ZK-Rollup from StarkWare. Today, Immutable X’s NFT marketplace is the largest NFT marketplace by TVL on Layer 2.

To sell your cards, you must navigate to the Immutable X NFT marketplace, connect your wallet, and pick the card you want to sell from your inventory.

Since Gods Unchained gives total control of assets to players, players can earn Royalty fees on newly created cards they sell. Therefore, if you forge a new card, you will earn Royalties if you sell the card.

The earnable royalty fee depends on the Card’s quality. Card quality and earnable royalty include:

  • Meteorite – 5%
  • Shadow – 4%
  • Gold – 3%
  • Diamond – 1%

Here a detailed instructions on how to sell your Gods Unchained Card:

  1. Connect your wallet to the Immutable X NFT marketplace
  2. List card for sale

1. Connect your wallet to the Immutable X NFT marketplace

You can start using the Immutable X NFT marketplace by connecting your Gods Unchained crypto wallet to the platform. This way, you will be able to easily view your inventory.

Immutable X NFT marketplace

Go to on your internet-enabled web browser. On the homepage, click on CONNECT WALLET from the top right corner.

A new window where you can select various wallet options will pop up. You can connect with your Metamask wallet, Gamestop account, or email address.

In this case, connect the wallet holding your Gods Unchained cards. Sign the prompt that pops up in your wallet to approve the connection.

2. List card for sale

Once you’re in, switch the side menu from marketplace to inventory to view the Gods Unchained card in your wallet.

Immutable X inventory

From your inventory, click on the card you want to sell. On the listing page, input the amount you’d like to sell the card in the field provided for the price.

List Gods Unchained Card for sale on ImmutableX

Click on LIST FOR SALE. Ensure you sign the transaction, and that’s all. You’ve successfully listed your Gods Unchained card for sale.



Play-to-earn games like Gods Unchained are truly disrupting the gaming landscape, and we’re not ready for all the power-packed changes it aims to offer.

Players can now own their in-game assets and even trade them off for profit. As you progress within the game, you will square off enemies, win new cards and forge them.

Selling your cards on Immutable X is simple, as discussed above. Since the marketplace is a layer two solution, you do not have to pay gas fees.

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