How to Mine SushiSwap ($SUSHI) Tokens?

How to Mine Sushiswap Tokens

Sushiswap token ($SUSHI) is the native utility token of Sushiswap DEX. If you want to mine Sushiswap, your best bet to successfully earn is investing time into researching and pulling high-end resources together.

Hardware devices that can handle mining are usually high-end application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners. These devices are specially designed for mining operations.

To mine $SUSHI you first need to set up your PC device for mining. After that, you need to download the unMineable miner app on your PC. Then you’ll need a wallet to receive mined $SUSHI tokens. After your wallet is ready to receive Sushiswap tokens, you can customize the UnMineable app setting according to your PC capabilities and start mining.

Before delving into the specifics, let’s get to know about Sushiswap DEX, its economy, and how-tos for mining its utility token.

What is Sushiswap?

Decentralized Exchanges, as the name implies, have been an excellent source of free, open, and decentralized cryptocurrency trading. One of them is the popular Sushiswap exchange.

Sushiswap is a decentralized platform. Created by Uniswap, Sushiswap is a fork from the open-source code of its parent DEX.

The exchange has modified and additional useful features to better serve its users. Meanwhile, it also features easy-to-use exclusive trading tools that have attracted several millions of users.

Although Uniswap is based on the Ethereum blockchain only, Sushiswap works with 13 blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and others.

The exchange aims to extend an improved and modified Uniswap to all essential blockchain platforms. This will further aid decentralized trading and transparency among existing and upcoming blockchains.

Sushiswap Economy

Sushiswap’s economy is powered by an ERC-20 utility token, $SUSHI, that is primarily awarded to liquidity providers on Sushiswap.

Although the token has a maximum supply of 250 million tokens, its circulating supply depends on the block rate of mining operations.

SUSHI is important for making DAO decisions within the exchange’s protocol. It gives power to its users to build a community-driven decentralized ecosystem.

Mining Sushiswap Token

Mining Sushiswap is simple with mining pools. All you have to do is download the unMineable miner app, join a pool and start mining SUSHI.

unMineable is a mining app for Windows PC devices. It allows users to mine a wide range of crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Sushiswap, and even Shiba Inu.

The app uses the graphic processor unit or CPU of a PC device to initiate and conduct mining operations.

Profitability of mining operation with unMineable depends on your PC’s capabilities. While CPU processors can handle simple mining operations, it only generates lower crypto output when compared to GPU processors.

The reason is simple. Mining is a mathematical operation, and GPUs are better at solving and processing math problems from mining operations.

For one, the processors play an important role. Your PC’s specs are another important factor to consider before starting to mine cryptocurrencies with unMineable.

Usually, basic mining algorithms like Ethash and Etchash have different hardware requirements. For Ethash, a minimum of 6GB VRAM is perfect for mining.

However, the requirements for Etchash are usually lower. In fact, a VRAM of 3GB is sufficient to start mining operations.

Steps to Mine Sushiswap

To start mining Sushiswap on your Windows PC, you must ensure your PC can handle the task. Also, set up your PC before downloading and using the unMineable app.

Here’s how to mine Sushiswap:

  1. Set up your PC device
  2. Download unMineable miner
  3. Set up Metamask wallet
  4. Set up mining app
  5. Customize mining operations and start mining

1. Set up your PC device

Before downloading the unMineable crypto mining app on your PC, you need to set up the PC so that you can start mining hassle-free.

To get started, go to File Explorer and create a new folder named ‘MINER’ under Downloads. You are free to name the folder anything as long as you can easily recognize the folder.

Set up your PC device for mining Sushiswap tokens

After creating the new folder, tap the Windows button on your keyboard and search for Windows Security Settings.

In your Windows Security Settings, navigate to Virus and Threat Protection > Manage Settings.

Windows Security Settings

Scroll down in the Virus and Protection settings and look for ‘Add and Remove Exclusions.’

Click on Add Exclusions and add the folder you created under Downloads in your File Explorer. To do this, tap Add Exclusions > Folder to open your File Explorer. Go to Downloads and select the MINER folder.

2. Download unMineable miner

Download unMineable Miner

After setting up your PC device, navigate to and download the unMineable miner app for your Windows PC device.

On the download page, you can download any of the Beta versions. Once the download prompt pops up, choose the folder you created under Download as the preferred download destination.

Choose Download > Miner and save the settings to begin downloading.

Once the download is completed, go to File Explorer > Downloads > Miner to locate the miner file you just downloaded.

Open the folder and extract the file within the folder. If you’re using 7-zip or WinRar, just right-click for options and choose ‘Extract Here.’

3. Set up a Metamask wallet

After downloading the app, you will need an Ethereum-based wallet address like Metamask to receive your mined cryptocurrencies.

Go back to Google Chrome and navigate to the Extension Store at

Search for Metamask wallet and tap on Metamask from the result.

On the Metamask page, click ADD TO CHROME and confirm the installation.

Once your Metamask is installed, open it from your Chrome browser navigation bar.

set up your Metamask wallet

On the Metamask setup page, click GET STARTED > Create a New Wallet to open a new Metamask wallet. If you have an existing wallet, you can easily IMPORT WALLET with your 12-word seed phrase.

If you’re a new user, proceed by creating a strong password. Next, backup and secure your 12-word recovery phrase.

The seed phrase is useful to regain access to your wallet if you lose access to it.

After backing up your phrases, verify the wallet with the seed phrase before gaining access to your wallet.

Import SushiSwap token to Metamask

Once you are logged in you need to import $SUSHI tokens to your MetaMask wallet so that you can check the balance. For that, you need to go to coinmarketcap and search for SushiSwap. Click here to directly go to the SushiSwap page on Coinmarketcap. Now copy the contract address as shown in the picture above.

Import Custom Tokens in Metamask

After copying the SushiSwap contract address, go back to the Metamask wallet and click on ‘Import Tokens’. Then click on ‘Custom Token’ and paste the address in the field ‘Token Contract Address.’

Import Sushi Tokens

It’ll automatically show the token name as SUSHI. Now proceed ahead by clicking ‘Add Custom Token’ and then finally click on ‘Import Tokens’ and you’ve successfully added the SUSHI token to your MetaMask wallet.

Copy your deposit address

Now, copy the wallet address under ACCOUNT 1.

4. Set up the mining app

Set up unMineable miner

After extracting the file, you can install and set up the app for mining operations.

Set up unMineable miner 2

Open the file. On the miner setup page, click CONTINUE and select your mining hardware (GPU or CPU).

As mentioned earlier, if you have a powerful gaming PC with a high-end graphics card, use GPU for maximum mining performance. Otherwise, choose CPU.

Mining Sushi on unMineable miner

Next, select the token you want to mine as Sushiswap and paste your Metamask wallet address.

Input a referral code if you have any. Meanwhile, it is optional. Finally, click START and tap ALLOW ACCESS from the popup.

5. Customize mining operations and start mining

Customize unMineable App

In your unMineable miner, you can tweak a few settings to maximize your mining efficiency according to your PC’s capabilities.

In the app, tap the Settings icon in the lower part of the app.

You can change mining intensity from LOW to HIGH and vice versa.

You can also change mining algorithms from ETCHASH and ETHASH.

For PCs with VRAM exceeding 6GB, your PC can handle ETHASH. However, if it is less than 4GB, you should go for ETCHASH.

Click SAVE & RESTART to save settings and restart the mining app.


Is mining SUSHI tokens profitable?

Mining Sushi tokens is a good investment and a passive way to earn extra tokens. Although its price is generally unpredictable, mining the token is worth it since you’re practically not investing a lot.

Getting started, it is important to take note of the cost of the PC device you need to start mining SUSHI tokens. Meanwhile, since the cost is limited on the PC device and there is no technical setup for rigs and electricity, the cost of mining SUSHI is still bearable.

Meanwhile, owning SUSHI allows you to participate in Sushiswap’s governance system.

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