How To Get Free Bitcoin? (8 Proven Methods)

How To Get Free Bitcoin

Launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, its pseudo-anonymous creator(s), Bitcoin has become the most popular cryptocurrency worldwide.

Since its introduction, it has become the most traded crypto asset across all exchanges. In fact, it is almost impossible to talk about cryptocurrencies without talking about Bitcoin.

Despite its popularity, earning Bitcoin for free sounds impossible, especially since it is the most valuable cryptocurrency. However, there are many ways to earn Bitcoin for free.

This article will walk you through some of the easiest ways to earn Bitcoin for free without any initial investment. Let’s get to it.

8 Ways to Get Bitcoin for Free

As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to earn Bitcoin for free. Although earning Bitcoin for free will not get you anywhere close to getting rich, it is a great way to start exploring the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Here are some ways you can earn free Bitcoin without any investment:

1. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin works on the proof of work consensus mechanism. The consensus mechanism is a way by which network participants agree to a single data value.

Since blockchain is decentralized, each user is responsible for maintaining and updating a network with accurate data. For Bitcoin, validating transactions and adding them to blocks is done by miners.

Mining in proof of work is a process by which validators solve mathematical puzzles encrypted in transactions. However, before any miner is assigned to add a new block, they must have enough computational power as a prerequisite.

Choosing a validator to verify a transaction and add a new block is always based on a competitive race. The first validator that guesses the mathematical puzzle right reserves the right to add a new transaction to a block and earn a reward.

Once a block is fully mined every 10 minutes, 6.25 BTC is shared as BLOCK REWARD among all miners who participated in validating transactions. This is usually a small part of the transaction amount, which is the GAS FEE.

Therefore, when using a blockchain network, the gas fee from your crypto transaction is rewarded to validators that verify transactions due to the computational power they expend.

Becoming a miner is quite expensive due to the large computational power a miner needs to validate transactions and add blocks.

Fortunately, there are mining pools where interested miners pool their resources together to share the reward for validating a transaction. Although these mining pools usually require interested miners to pay money, some mining pools allow you to mine Bitcoin for free.

Some of the most popular free Bitcoin mining pools include:

  • unMineable
  • EasyMiner
  • BTCMiner
  • CGMiner

To use a mining website, you must create a verified account on the pool’s website to start earning free Bitcoin. Meanwhile, mining Bitcoin is more profitable on your PC device since it has more processing ability than mobile devices.

Here’s how to mine Bitcoin for free with unMineable and other free Bitcoin mining software:

  • Download unMineable
  • Set up the unMineable app
  • Start mining Bitcoin

Step 1: Download unMineable

unMineable Software

Mining is an energy-consuming process. Even though you’re joining a mining pool, your PC device must be capable of handling its quota of mining.

Usually, PCs with high-end processing hardware, preferably a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), are preferred.

Although the processor requirements are optional, they directly influence how much you will make from mining Bitcoin. Therefore, the higher you invest in your PC device, the more attractive your earnings will be.

To start mining Bitcoin on your PC, go to the unMineable download page at

Select any preferred app version from the available options.

Step 2: Set up the unMineable app

The unMineable app is always downloaded as a .zip file extension. Therefore, you need a zip file extractor like 7-zip or WinRar.

To install the file, open your File Explorer > Downloads. Double-click the unMineable app file to extract the installation files, then install the app.

unMineable app

Once installation is complete, start setting up the app in preparation for mining.

unMineable app settings

On the setup page, choose your mining hardware device between GPU and CPU.

Proceed to the next page and select Bitcoin as the coin you want to mine. Input your Bitcoin deposit address in the field provided if you want to withdraw your earnings.

Step 3: Start mining Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin via unMineable

Once you’re done setting the app, click on START and click on ALLOW ACCESS to authorize your PC to start mining.

Meanwhile, you can use the app’s setting to increase or decrease mining intensity and set the algorithm.

To do this, click on the SETTINGS icon in the lower part of the app.

In the settings, set mining intensity as LOW or HIGH, depending on your PC’s capabilities.

The mining algorithms solely depend on your device’s VRAM storage. If your VRAM is above 6GB, your PC can handle ETHASH. However, if it is less than 4GB, it’s advisable to go for ETCHASH.

Click on SAVE & RESTART to confirm the changes after tuning the app setting to your preference, and that’s all! You’re now a miner.


2. Play to earn Games

Play-to-earn games are blockchain games that reward players for participating in gaming activities. P2E games are an important evolution of traditional games because they feature a blend of blockchain-based rewards with fun gaming.

There are many games that you can play and earn cryptocurrencies for free. However, most of these games have their native currencies. Nonetheless, some survey apps like Cointiply allow you to play games and earn coins that can be exchanged for Bitcoin.

To earn Bitcoin by playing games, look for a suitable website or software that pays for playing games. Register an account with your email and preferred password, and start participating in gaming activities.

Here’s how to earn Bitcoin by playing a game on Cointiply:

  • Register an account
  • Download a game
  • Redeem your coin

Step 1: Register an account

Playing games on survey apps like Cointiply is a fun way to make an extra buck from the comfort of your home.

Cointiply app

To start earning with Cointiply, visit the website at Click on SIGN UP from the top right corner of the homepage to register a new account.

Create account on Cointiply

On the sign-up page, input your full name, email address, and a strong password in the fields provided.

Agree to the platform’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then click on SIGN UP NOW.

Verify your email address to complete the sign-up. Once you’re done, you can start using your account.

Step 2: Download a game

Earn Bitcoin on Cointiply

In your Cointiply account, click on EARN COINS and choose PLAY GAMES from the options provided.

With Cointiply, you can earn 20 coins to choose from myriads of games across different genres.

Once you choose a game, download the game on your device and earn coins while playing them. You can also earn interest in special activities.

Step 3: Redeem your coin

Redeem Bitcoin on Cointiply

After accumulating coins, you can withdraw them by redeeming them for Bitcoin and transferring the balance to your wallet.

Go to your ACTIVITY & PAYMENTS > WITHDRAW COINS to withdraw coins. You have the option to withdraw in Bitcoin, DOGE, DASH, or LTC.

On the withdrawal page, input your Bitcoin wallet address and specify the number of coins you want to redeem. Once you’re done, click on WITHDRAW.

Your payment will be processed, and the withdrawal will be completed in your wallet.


3. Paid Surveys

Completing surveys and tests is also an effective way to earn passively. In fact, it is a common way of earning among students, parents, or anyone looking for extra bucks while doing almost nothing.

However, most survey apps support traditional e-payment methods for withdrawal. Are there survey apps that pay you in Bitcoin? Yes!

Many reputable survey apps pay their users in cryptocurrency for completing survey tasks, searching the web, or scanning receipts. Most of them also offer gift cards and PayPal withdrawals in addition to cryptocurrencies.

Some of the best crypto survey apps include:

  • Swagbucks
  • Cointiply
  • GrabPoints
  • TimeBucks
  • MySoapBox
  • FreeSkins
  • Idle Empire

Here’s how to earn free Bitcoin with any survey app:

  • Register for an account
  • Start participating in available surveys

Step 1: Register for an account

Register on FreeCash App

Using a survey app is almost similar to playing games on Cointiply. Although Cointiply is also a server app, there are several other survey platforms that you can explore simultaneously.

Once you choose a preferred survey platform, visit the platform and register for an account.

Usually, registering on survey apps requires you to submit basic personal details like your full name, email address, and a strong password.

However, it is very unlikely to see a survey platform ask for any identity documents for extra verification.

Step 2: Start participating in available surveys

Surveys on FreeCash App

Once you’ve completed email verification with a survey app, you must complete your profile by submitting additional information about yourself. This may include your race, income, family, work, etc.

Basic low-paying surveys are always available in the EARN section for most platforms. This way, you can participate in available surveys immediately after you finish registration.

However, some high-quality surveys are strictly by invitation. Therefore, if your profile information fits the demographic requirements needed for participants, you’ll be invited via email.

Cashout Bitcoin on FreeCash

Once you’ve participated in the survey and earned enough points, you can redeem your survey points for Bitcoin.


4. Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos are becoming a preferred go-to spot where punters wager their assets. Understandably, the security that Bitcoin and blockchain technology provides for punter’s assets is unrivaled.

Bitcoin Casinos, as the name implies, are casinos where Bitcoin is used for gaming. These online casinos are backed by blockchain technology and its important features.

Using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in Casinos gives gamblers total control over their assets. It also enhances anonymity, security, and privacy, especially if gamblers want to keep their deals from centralized government bodies.

Besides, blockchain technology improves transparency with games and promotes provably-fair gaming.

However, the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in gambling is relatively new. Therefore, many casinos offer Bitcoin bonuses and allow gamers to familiarize themselves with the new system without risking their money.

No deposit bonuses are an important type of bonus among casinos. These bonuses are offered to registered and verified gamblers before making any Bitcoin deposits.

Most Bitcoin no deposit bonuses work like real money. However, they can only play games with them. Additionally, there are terms and conditions set to each bonus to prevent hit-and-run punters from winning high and running away.

For instance, there are wagering requirements for all bonuses. There is also a limit to winning that a person can withdraw. Unlike real money, no deposit bonuses can expire, and they only work on some selected games.

Nonetheless, it is a great way to test some casino games and earn some Bitcoin.

Some of the most popular types of no deposit bonuses include:

  • Free cash
  • Free spins
  • Free play
  • Mobile exclusive bonus
  • Free spins and cash
  • Cash back bonus

Here’s how to earn Bitcoin from Bitcoin Casinos No Deposit Bonus:

  • Find a no-deposit Bitcoin Casino
  • Register an account with the casino
  • Claim your no deposit bonus

Step 1: Find a no-deposit Bitcoin Casino

Choosing an excellent Bitcoin Casino is a no-brainer. If it is too good to be true, it’s probably not true.

Before choosing a Bitcoin Casino that offers no deposit bonus or offer, it’s important to check if the casino is worthy of your time. Ensure the casino have:

  • A license
  • Good track record
  • No deposit bonus
  • Swift deposit and payment
  • Good selection of game
  • Availability on multiple platforms
  • Excellent customer service

For newbies, it may be difficult to see all these things. However, you can check the casino’s reviews on Trustpilot to get a picture of what you’re getting into.

Some of the best Bitcoin casinos that offer no deposit bonuses include:

  • BitStarz
  • 7Bit Casino
  • CloudBet
  • Wild Casino
  • mBit Casino
  • Ignition Casino
  • Casino

Step 2: Register an account with the casino


Getting a no-deposit bonus is easy. However, you must be a verified member of the Bitcoin casino platform.

Once you choose a preferred Bitcoin Casino that offers no deposit bonus, navigate to the website and sign up for an account with your name, email address, and password.

Verify your email address with the instructions sent to your inbox.

Step 3: Claim your no deposit bonus

Claim no deposit bonus on BitStarz

No deposit bonuses are automatically deposited in your account immediately after finishing registration.

However, there is an option to reject a bonus if you’re not interested.

Meanwhile, some Bitcoin Casinos require new customers to complete identity verification before issuing the no-deposit bonus.


5. Affiliate Programs affiliate program

Affiliate programs, also known as referral programs, are a method by which you can earn freely by inviting people to join a program with your referral link.

However, in this case, a crypto affiliate program offers a way to earn cryptocurrencies by referring people to join a crypto exchange with your referral tag or link. The main aim is to motivate existing users to bring in new users.

Bitcoin affiliate programs are a lucrative way to earn Bitcoin without doing anything. All you need to do is share your referral link, and that’s all.

To participate in these programs:

  • Get your unique referral link
  • Share the link to friends, families, and social media followers
  • Once someone clicks your link and registers on the crypto exchange, you earn a reward.

With Bitcoin affiliate programs, there is no limit to what you can earn. Meanwhile, the bigger your referral, the higher your earnings.

Some of the most reliable crypto affiliate programs include:

  • Paxful
  • LocalBitcoins
  • Changelly
  • Coinmama
  • Binance
  • Coinbase


6. Bitcoin Faucets

Crypto faucets work similarly with survey apps. However, the difference is that faucets are dedicated to blockchain users.

Faucets allow you to earn a small amount of a crypto asset for completing some tasks. Although crypto faucet tasks are simple, the reward is always low.

Bitcoin faucets were started as early as 2010 by Gavin Andersen, a lead developer for Bitcoin. The main aim was to educate users about the Bitcoin network while rewarding them for contributing to the growth of the network.

Bitcoin faucets are usually easy to use. All you need to do is register an account by connecting your wallet. Some faucets may ask for additional personal details, including verification documents.

Once you finish registration, you will be asked to complete simple tasks like watching videos, taking quizzes, completing surveys, reading articles, or watching ads. Meanwhile, the complexity of tasks is random.

Here’s how to earn free Bitcoin on Bitcoin faucets:

  • Register with a faucet
  • Get promo code
  • Complete task
  • Redeem earning

Step 1: Register with a faucet

There are few legit Bitcoin faucets out there. However, if you’re just starting, you can use

FreeBitcoin works like every other Bitcoin faucet. However, you need promo codes before you can complete tasks. faucet

To start earning free Bitcoin with a faucet, go to on your web browser. Click on REGISTER from the top right corner of the homepage.

On the registration page, input your email address and password. Complete CAPTCHA and email verification to finish signing up.

Step 2: Get promo code

After signing up for an account, you can spin a wheel powered by a random number generator. However, after registration, you have only one spin chance.

After using your first roll, you can get additional ones using a promo code or by visiting specified links to earn more chances.

Promo codes are usually given out for free on the website’s Twitter page. To copy the promo code, click on CHECK OUR TWITTER.

Here, you can copy the latest promo codes and use them to get free rolls before they expire.

Step 3: Complete task rewards

The most basic task on is rolling the wheel. You can earn as low as $0.0006 to $300 worth of BTC here.

Apart from this, you can get more tasks on the EARN MORE page. Here, you’ll be assigned tasks, including surveys from various providers, social media engagement, puzzle games, and many more.

Step 4: Redeem earning

Redeem earning on

Once you’ve accrued enough earnings, you can withdraw your Bitcoin through the EARN MORE page.

Click on REDEEM TOKENS TO BTC. To redeem earned tokens, input the number of tokens you want to redeem for BTC.

Click on REDEEM and input your wallet address on the withdrawal page.


7. Crypto Exchange Sign-Up Bonus

Sign-up bonuses are another mouthwatering program from crypto exchanges. With the sign-up bonus, you can passively earn Bitcoin rewards for simply signing up on a crypto exchange.

On the bright side, they are a good source of passive income. Meanwhile, you can trade and earn more with sign-up bonuses without risking your money.

However, some sign-up bonuses come with strict withdrawal rules. Still, it’s worth the shot since you’re not risking anything.

Some of the best sign-up bonuses from top crypto exchange platforms include

  • BlockFi – $250
  • TradeStation – $10 No Deposit Bonus and $150 Welcome Bonus
  • Nexo – $100
  • Gemini – $10
  • eToro – $10
  • ZenGo – $10


8. With CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab is an internet browser with innovative Bitcoin mining capability. The app allows its users to earn Bitcoin while browsing.

At its core, CryptoTab is a user-friendly browser with excellent features. The presence of exciting features to aid your Bitcoin earnings makes it preferable to another browser. Therefore, while you surf the web, you earn money.

Apart from earning Bitcoin, CryptoTab provides an affiliate program where users can build a referral network and earn passively by inviting friends and families.

CryptoTab browser is available on mobile app stores for Android and iOS users. It is also available for all PC devices, including Windows and macOS.

  • To download the app, simply visit your app store and look for CryptoTab via your search filter.

CryptoTab Browser

  • After installation is complete, open the app from your app list. In the app, click on LOG IN to register a new account or log in to an existing one.
  • On the log-in page, click SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE. If you’re a new user, this will prompt you to create an account with your email address. Complete sign up with your password and tap NEXT.
  • After setting up an account, you will start earning Bitcoin while using the app.
  • If you want to withdraw your Bitcoin, click on the three horizontal lines to expand the app menu.
  • Here, tap WITHDRAW BTC to transfer your earnings to a crypto wallet. On the withdrawal page, specify the amount of BTC you want to withdraw and input your deposit address.
  • Withdrawal can take up to 24 hours due to the volume of withdrawal requests.



As you can see, earning Bitcoin for free is possible. Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier, it can only give you a little return. However, methods that are worth the effort include affiliate, no deposit bonus, or sign-up bonus. You can try multiple survey platforms to compound your earnings if you think surveys are better.

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