How to Get BNB on Metamask Without Binance?

How to Get BNB on Metamask Without Binance

BNB is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. It is also one of the largest cryptocurrencies, with more than $48 billion in market cap valuation.

Due to its popularity, BNB is listed on the vast majority of trading exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. Using a DEX or CEX to buy BNB coins requires users to complete extensive KYC verifications. On top of this, these exchanges may have geolocation and payment method restrictions.

However, do you know you can buy BNB coins directly from your Metamask wallet? Metamask wallet features multiple crypto payment services that allow Metamask users to easily buy crypto assets with their preferred payment options.

All you have to do is download a Metamask wallet, add the BNB Chain network to your Metamask and buy BNB with your preferred crypto payment service.

Prerequisite for Buying BNB with Metamask

Metamask is a popular crypto wallet that provides a secure, anonymous, and non-custodial way of storing crypto assets, including fungible and non-fungible tokens.

Apart from this, Metamask users can easily send and receive any crypto assets with the wallet. It is especially easy to use and accessible on all devices for mobile and PC users.

The wallet’s simplicity makes it more suitable for new and experienced crypto traders. Meanwhile, setting up is straightforward; download, set up a new wallet, and save your private keys.

Metamask allows users to buy popular crypto assets, including BNB, within the wallet. However, before you can buy BNB with Metamask, you must set up your wallet and add the BNB Chain network.

To do this,

  1. Download Metamask on your device
  2. Set up BNB Chain network

1. Download Metamask on your device

Metamask is readily available to download on both desktop and mobile. All you have to do is visit your mobile app store and search for Metamask wallet. Tap INSTALL or GET to start downloading the app on your mobile phone.

Once the download is complete, open the app and click on GET STARTED. Then tap CREATE A NEW WALLET if you’re a new user. Alternatively, you can import an existing wallet by tapping IMPORT USING SECRET RECOVERY PHRASE.

Continue by creating and confirming a new password. Once you’re done, complete the setup by backing up your 12-word mnemonic phrases.

2. Set up BNB Chain network

Set up BNB Chain Network on Metamask

After setting up your wallet, the default network on your Metamask account is Ethereum Mainnet. Since BNB is on the BNB Chain, you must add the network to your Metamask.

To do this, tap on ETHEREUM MAIN NETWORK in the upper part of your Metamask dashboard. Click ADD NETWORK and choose BNB Smart Chain from the list of popular networks.

Add BNB Smart Chain Network To Metamask

You can manually add the BNB Chain network by switching to the CUSTOM NETWORKS section.

Add Custom Network on Metamask

Then fill in the following information in the appropriate fields:

Once you’re done, tap ADD and switch to the network.


Buying BNB with Metamask

After setting up your wallet, you can now buy BNB coins by tapping the BUY button in your wallet.

Select your country of residence and choose the preferred payment method. Finally, input the amount of BNB you want to buy and choose a suitable crypto payment service.

Here’s how to buy BNB on Metamask:

  1. Choose Country of Residence
  2. Complete Payment Preferences
  3. Choose Crypto Payment Service

1. Choose your Country of Residence

Navigate to your mobile Metamask app and log in with your password.

Buy BNB on Metamask

In your wallet, click on BNB from your token list and tap BUY from the options in the upper navigation bar.

Select your Country of Residence. It is important to note that some states in the United States and some countries do not support crypto trading.

Select your region to buy crypto

Meanwhile, supported crypto payment services available in Metamask will determine if BNB trading is available in your region.

2. Complete Payment Preferences

Preferred Payment Method to buy Crypto

On the next page, choose the preferred payment method from the available options provided.

Credit/debit card option is available for instant payment. However, some countries, including the US and UK, support payment with a Bank Account. However, they may take up to 1-5 business days to complete.

Apple Pay is also available for iOS users. This lets them instantaneously complete one-click payments with the preferred crypto payment service.

Instant Bank Transfer is also supported in some countries.

3. Choose Crypto Payment Service

Get Quotes for buying Crypto

After choosing your preferred payment method, input the amount of BNB you want to buy and tap GET QUOTES to load up the best available crypto payment service. Usually, available crypto payment services include MoonPay and Transak.


Ways To Buy BNB on Metamask

1. Using MoonPay

MoonPay is a popular crypto payment service allowing users to seamlessly buy or sell cryptocurrencies using various fiat payment methods.

It provides an On-ramp service for exchanging fiat currency for cryptographic assets, including NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Buy Crypto Using MoonPay

If you’d like to complete your payment with MoonPay, tap BUY WITH MOONPAY to buy BNB with MoonPay in Metamask.

Buy Crypto with Moonpay

On the checkout page, input your email address. Verify your email address by inputting the verification code sent to your inbox in the box provided. Tap CONTINUE to proceed with the payment.

Enter Basic Details Moonpay

To finalize your payment, submit personal details, including Name, Date of Birth, and Nationality in their respective fields.

NOTE: You may need to verify your identity depending on your payment method and nationality.

Finally, input your payment details and complete all 2FA verifications.

2. Using Transak

Transak is another crypto payment service with a developer integration service for trading cryptocurrencies via fiat payment methods.

Buy Crypto Using Transak

To choose Transak, tap BUY WITH TRANSAK. This will redirect you to Transak’s BNB purchase page, where you can review the transaction fees and recipient address. Click on BUY BNB to continue.

Buy BNB using Transak

Input your email address and continue by confirming your email with the 4-digit verification code sent to your email inbox.

Enter Personal Details on Transak

Complete the KYC process by submitting basic information, including your name, date of birth, and address.

Finally, submit proof of ID and a selfie to completely set up your Transak account.

Once you’re done, input your payment details to complete the transaction.



BNB is the native cryptocurrency of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance. Therefore, it is easy to see why many traders are looking for different ways to buy this coin.

Although BNB was issued on the Ethereum blockchain, it has grown vast in trading volume and market cap since its migration to its native blockchain network on Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain). We discussed how you can get BNB on Metamask without buying it on Binance.

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