How to Buy Land in Axie Infinity?

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 lockdown wreaked unrecoverable havoc on the global economy. In fact, at the time, over 114 billion people lost their jobs in 2020 alone.

Fortunately, during this time, several millions of people in Southern Asia, especially the Philippines, resorted to exploring play to earn games, especially Axie Infinity at the time.

For gaming enthusiasts, P2E titles like Axie Infinity are an efficient way of earning while having fun indoors. Since its introduction, Axie Infinity has paved the way for the growth of multitudes of P2E titles.

The game provides myriad ways for gamers, non-gamers, and collectors to earn while participating in gaming activities or passively by investing in an asset.

One of the ways to earn within Axie Infinity is by investing in its virtual real estate economy, i.e., buying land. Buying Land in Axie Infinity is key to unlocking more attractive revenue streams within Axie Infinity and its Lunacia metaverse.

In this article, you’ll learn more about Axie Infinity’s real estate system, buying land, and unlocking more rewards with your land.

What is Axie Infinity?

Developed by Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired blockchain game set in the fictional fantasy world of Lunacia. In the game, players must explore their world to collect, breed, and battle with Pokemon-Esque monsters called Axies.

One of the most amazing features of Axie Infinity is the presence of a player-first ecosystem that blends online gaming and blockchain-based rewards. The game is built on an Ethereum sidechain network, Ronin, that gives it scalability, speed, and low-fee transactions.

The game is designed to foster free and open asset ownership, incentivizing gameplay and participation from players.

Getting started with Axie Infinity is easy. However, players must own at least 3 Axie before they can start battling and winning rewards. Usually, Axie Infinity rewards new users with three Axies of basic traits and characteristics.

Once new users follow the onboarding guide and connect their wallets, they can buy new Axies in the Axie Infinity marketplace. Although the prices of these Axies fluctuate from time to time, they usually depend on each Axie’s rarity, attribute, class, and experience.

Basic Axies cost as low as $3. These floor price Axies are usually weak and unsuitable for battle. If you’re looking to create a formidable team of Axies, you might consider investing hugely in your team.


Axie Infinity Virtual Real Estate System: Lunacia

Axie Infinity Lunacia

Lunacia is the fictional fantasy home of the Axies. This virtual world makes up the real estate system of Axie Infinity. It comprises plots of land that house the Axies. Users can improve their land by building various structures or upgrading the land with in-game resources.

There are 90,601 plots of Land on Lunacia. Each plot represents a uniquely generated ERC721 Non-fungible token that players can freely own or trade. Meanwhile, Lands in Lunacia are further divided into 7 types. They include:

  1. Savannah – 22042
  2. Forest – 22025
  3. Arctic – 16537
  4. Mystic – 8264
  5. Genesis – 220
  6. Lunas Landing (Center) – 3501
  7. Map (water, roads, resource nodes) – 18012

The Axie Infinity Land constitutes an important part of the Land gameplay. This includes:

  • Resources Gathering and Crafting: This gives exclusive access for landowners to explore their land and earn resources to upgrade their land and Axies. Landowners will have total rights to every resource they find on their land.
  • PvE Battles: This will allow land owners to fight terrorizing monsters called Chimera infesting their world. They will earn resources and items to upgrade their land after each Chimera’s death.
  • Upgrading building
  • Unlocking more in-game content.

Steps to Buy Land in Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity’s land and real estate system is one of the most popular among play-to-earn games. The land gameplay houses thousands of landowners, making it even more valuable among creators, gamers, and collectors.

Land in Axie Infinity

You can buy Axie Infinity land from the Axie marketplace and start monetizing your plots. Each of these plots of land has gameplay that rewards landowners for participating in gaming activities.

Meanwhile, it is also a profitable investment for collectors who want to earn passive income from its increasing value.

Axie Infinity allows its users to buy only one-third of the maximum land supply in the game. In the initial sale, users can buy land plots in a general auction.

Meanwhile, since the sale is over, users interested in buying land can get them at the PURCHASE LAND section of the marketplace. Here, they can explore different types and sizes of lands available for sale.

To buy land, log in to your Axie Infinity and go to the land marketplace. Meanwhile, ensure you fund your wallet with enough ETH coins to buy the land.

In the marketplace, select the land you want to buy and complete the transaction.

Here’s how to buy land on Axie Infinity and unlock amazing earning opportunities:

  1. Log in to Axie Infinity
  2. Go to the land marketplace
  3. Explore available land listings
  4. Click on BUY NOW and complete the payment

1. Log in to Axie Infinity

Lands are listed with ETH in the marketplace. Therefore, before you get started with buying land on Axie Infinity, ensure you fund your wallet with enough Ether tokens.

You can easily fund your Ethereum-based wallet like Metamask with ETH from any Centralised Exchange like Binance. Alternatively, you can swap any of your ERC-20 tokens for ETH on Decentralized Exchanges.

Log in to Axie Infinity

After funding your wallet, navigate to Axie Infinity at On the homepage, click the LOGIN button from the bottom left corner.

Axie Infinity App

On the login page, tap LOGIN WITH EMAIL & PASSWORD to sign in to Axie Infinity with your email address and password.

You can also log in with a Ronin wallet if that is your registration details.

To do this, click on LOGIN WITH RONIN WALLET. Accept the login prompt in your Ronin wallet to complete signing in.

2. Go to the land marketplace

Axie Infinity Land Marketplace

Once you’re in, expand the side menu and click on MARKETPLACE > LANDS.

This will enable you to view land items within the marketplace.

Plots in Axie Infinity Land Marketplace

Browse the list of available lands for sale. You can also use filter options to sort out the type environment you want your land.

You can also filter land by price if you have a specific budget for the land.

3. Explore available land listings

Land for sale in Axie Infinity

After exploring available listings, select any LAND you want.

4. Click on BUY NOW and complete the payment

Buy Plot in Axie Infinity

On the land page, click on BUY NOW after reviewing the price. Complete the token approval prompt and approve the payment to complete your transaction.

That’s it! You’re proudly a new landowner within the great Axie Infinity’s virtual world of Lunacia.

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