SMS Wallet

Coinapult SMS number: (603)509-2102

Coinapult allows mobile users in the US and Canada to access their funds via SMS messages. In this way, you can send and receive Bitcoin from your phone, even if you are in an area with no data service.

Command Description
help me prints available commands
send (person) (amount) Sends (amount) to (person). (person) can be a phone number, email or btc address.
bal Shows your Bitcoin balance.
txs Shows a list of your last 5 transactions.
addr Shows a new Bitcoin address with which you receive funds.
yes (code) Confirm a send request.
help Reserved for unsubscribe requests.


You: send 7773334444 1.2345
Coinapult: Send 1.2345btc to 7773334444? Respond 'yes 1q2hj4' to confirm.
You: yes 1q2hj4
Coinapult: Funds sent. Balance: 3.52btc

All Bitcoin sent to your phone number is accessible through these commands by default. Each time you receive funds, it will still give you the recovery URL, if you prefer to use the website.