What are Bitcoins?
Bitcoins are an international decentralized digital currency. They are revolutionizing the world of finance and trade, and you ought to learn all that you can about them. Start here: WeUseCoins.com

What is the Coinapult?
The Coinapult is a fun way for you to send Bitcoins to someone's email address or mobile phone number (US and Canada only, for now). Normally, to send Bitcoins you need to send them to a special Bitcoin account address. But with Coinapult, you can launch them to anyone! The recipient will be notified, and they can come obtain their coins at their leisure.

Coinapult is also the first and only system we're aware of in the whole world that can launch $10,000,000 of value to someone's email inbox halfway across the world. Should we contact Guiness World Records? Hmmmmm...

What's the cost? Do I need an account?
It's free, and no. Just do it.

When I send the Bitcoins to Coinapult, does it wait for six confirmations?
No. The Bitcoins are sent to your recipient immediately - no waiting for confirmations.

Does the recipient need a Bitcoin account?
No, the recipient only needs an email address or mobile phone number. If the recipient wishes to claim their new Bitcoins, they'll need a Bitcoin address to send them to, but this can be done by them at any point. Launch a Bitcoin over to your grandmother and see what happens!

Is the Coinapult safe?
Yes. Unless you stand too close to the gears. Women with long hair should be especially careful - we don't want a repeat of the January 2nd Incident.

No really, is this a safe way to send money?
Coinapult is as safe as the security of the email inbox or mobile phone of the recipient. If a cracker accessed your grandmother's email and saw the Coinapult message in there, then the cracker could go get the coins. So the answer is, it's pretty safe, just don't send stupid amounts of money.

What happens if the Bitcoins go unclaimed?
If you send coins to someone's email or mobile phone, and they are unclaimed for 30 days, a message will be sent to you and you are then able to claim them. Note: this message can only be sent to you if you enter your email address on the launch page.

I'm a company that would love to send Bitcoins automatically via email or SMS, can I use a Coinapult API?
Yes! We've got an API system built for you, to let you send Bitcoins automatically. There are a million creative ways to use this technology for the clever entrepreneur! Contact us about this.


What is Coinapult's SMS wallet phone number?
Please send all SMS requests to (603)509-2102.

Can I send to any phone number?
Coinapult works with any U.S. or Canadian phone number that can accept text messages. We're working on expanding support internationally.

Can I keep a balance in my SMS wallet? Is it secure?
Yes, you can keep a balance. Each send must be verified to ensure that your phone sent the request. Anyone who has your phone will have access to your funds, so be careful to secure your phone itself.

I received the message "Confirmation code not found." Why?
Either you entered the wrong confirmation code, or you waited too long to respond. You can send the message again.

I didn't get a response after sending a text.
Sometimes a response takes a little while. If you don't receive a response, try a different command. If it still doesn't work, please contact us.

Can I see transaction history?
Yes! Simply text 'txs' to Coinapult (603)509-2102.